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Okay, I’m a huge slacker. My blogversary was yesterday, and I totally forgot it.

My clock stopped again, at the same freaking time it had stopped the last time. No, it wasn’t 11:11, it was 7:00. Exactly. And? My nightstand clock, which is digital, died a sudden death at the same time, but I don’t have evidence because it doesn’t display anything. I’m asking myself: “What is the significance of a clock stopping at 7:00″? Is that a signal to get a life? Shaddap, rhetorical question here.

Halloween brought no costumed cuties to my door. I did hear a whump around 8 pm, and discovered that my front window had been egged. Now I have a dirty window and masses of candy. If only my outside light worked, I might have a chance. No kids want to risk coming to the door of a 150 year old dwelling that houses an old psychic. I did not dress up as a witch. I was in my jammies. I remember last year. No kids, but no eggs, either. Dang.

My goal is to pay my rent on time, instead of half on the first and the second half on the 15th. My landlady is very kind. So far.

I now only have my computer to tell me the time. Think I’ll set up a screensaver with the time on it.

Anybody want any candy?

November 28th, 2007 | 7 Comments »

I was born very near the feeding grounds of many large whales, at a time of year just before they head there in large numbers. I have always had a deep affinity for whales, but the finback, the finback whale is really special to me.

Only the blue whale is larger. The fin isn’t the showiest when it surfaces because it is a whale that doesn’t show it’s tail. If you saw one, you so wouldn’t care about the tail. These animals have presence. They are sentient beings. They know things. And the sheer size of them is astounding.

two finbacks up close and personal

The one on the left? Fixing to dive under the boat. Thrilling.

The first whale watch I went on, I called the whale to me. We only saw a minke that day, but it surfaced right beside where I sat. Hardly anyone else saw it. I’m certain it heard my call, and came to investigate.

If you get the opportunity to go on a whale watch tour, jump on it! Best time for sailing is the earlier tours, around 10 am, before the wind and the chop comes up.

Whale has visited me in other ways as well, in the dreamtime.

Not too long ago, I lived on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. I dreamed a staircase of ice, leading from the ocean up to my bed. Swimming under the ice of the staircase was a procession of finbacks, each coming to me to share knowledge, then swimming back down. This event was another activation, an awakening of memories that I didn’t realize I had. Sort of like “I knew that. I just didn’t know I knew it until now.”

Soon after, I began to notice the clocks around me when they were at 11:11. One clock actually stopped at 11:11. I began to hook up with other healers in the early days of the internet, on IRC. We shared energy, and worked together to heal people and situations in the world, this world which suddenly became much smaller.

This dream was a precursor to the 11:11 activation, which was an initiation into the energies of the Archangel Michael. And then, all heaven broke loose.

But that is a tale for another day.

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