December 16th, 2008

What did I have for supper Sunday evening?

Strawberry Twizzlers.

They’re cheap, very filling, and require no cooking.

I’m kind of in a twizzler blogging mode.

Even a visit from Warrior Woman (bearing wine) elicited no bloggable stories this time. Or maybe the wine made me forget them.

After a few hours, I felt guilty that I hadn’t fed her. (She brought wine, people!) so called for takeout from a nearby establishment.

That was the extent of my cooking ambition.

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19 Responses to “Supper At My Place”

christy c Says:

When you’re having a gourmet dinner like Twizzlers, you need another course of “salty”….maybe Cheetos???

Bon appetit!

christy cs last blog post..Christmas for travelling nurses with sheep

Memarie Lane Says:

I was wondering where you’d disappeared to, I was starting to get worried!

Memarie Lanes last blog post..ConsuMarie Ports: 40 Servings, My Ass!

mommyknows Says:

I can’t even smell red twizzlers without my stomach doing a flip flop — YUCK! I once ate too many on a long car trip. Same for wine!

You had my dinner from hell! Glad you’re back though :)

mommyknowss last blog post..Are Green Toys Going to the Dogs? (You’ve been tagged)

Hilly Says:

That’s a menu that I would love, to be honest. Mmmm, Twizzlers.


Hillys last blog post..Staring So Long At These Pictures Of You…

Theresa Says:

*jealous* they don’t sell twizzlers here in Elbonia :-S

Krissa Says:

Twizzlers are my all-time favorite candy. I am the only one in my family that likes them and it is divine to get a bag of them simply because I don’t have to share with any of the other freeloaders.
Now, you’ve got me planning supper tonight… ;-)

Krissas last blog post..Unconscious Mutterings, Fun, Free Ecards and Award!

Nan Says:

What, you wouldn’t even share your Twizzlers with her?

Nans last blog post..A Cool and Snuggly Evening

iamthediva Says:

sometimes Cooking is SO HIGHLY overrated. Well done. Strawberry twizzlers sound fantastic right about now.

iamthedivas last blog post..Giveaway: Secret obsessions…. oh yeah, the good stuff

old knudsen Says:

well you won’t be seeing me over for dinner.

Not that I had been invited or anything but still.

old knudsens last blog post..Why Do I Not See Flags Flying?

Jess Says:

I ate packages of those during the the week of the U.S. election – nothing says democracy like strawberry ropes?

When I was little we used to use them as straws and drink our cream soda through them.

Jesss last blog post..early morning wildlife

Coast Rat Says:

Strawberry twizzlers? What kind of wine was it? Did they fit well together?


Karen Says:

i’ve been having a blog block, too, as I find Phoenix to be a boring crappy place and don’t think anyone would really want to know what’s going on here.

Karens last blog post..A Palpable Mass, Part II

lceel Says:

I luvz me sum Twizzlers.

lceels last blog post..In answer to the question

teeni Says:

Well, everyone knows that the strawberry Twizzlers are the only good kind but I think too many of them wouldn’t sit well in my tummy. Oh, wait, the wine must have helped counteract the sugar-stomach thing. ;) I’m glad you got takeout. I think you needed a break even if it didn’t give you a blog story.

Jenny Says:

OMG twizzlers in that HUGE bag (or bucket!)….and wine, sounds like the PERFECT meal. You can use a twizzler as a straw to make the wine flow faster.

I seriously cannot believe how jealous of you I am right this minute.

Jennys last blog post..Mr Hyphen is Comedian

yani Says:

Those are perfectly acceptable as a meal. Now if I could just give my 2 y/o a ketchup bottle with a straw, it would be perfect!!! No fight at dinner time. There is not enought hard liquor to survive the terrible twos !!!

Cat Says:

Now I don’t feel so bad about my dinner of sweet tarts and almonds.

Cats last blog post..Thankfully, The Turds Stayed Put

warriorwoman Says:

twizzlers are good, chicken is better, I’ve been well fed.

no worries.

warriorwomans last blog post..priorities

Talina Says:

Mmm! I love twizzlers so much! Red vines are yummy also but I suspect they wouldn’t provide much nutrition to Tater Tot. :-(

Talinas last blog post..Exploring more birthing options, The Farm in Summertown, TN