March 26th, 2009

Has anyone ever used the stealth method of parenting? Dances With Shrapnel still holds this one against me:

witchypoo: Time for bed.

DWS: But I’m not tired.

witchypoo: It’s DARK out. (It was winter, dark came at 5:00pm)


witchypoo: Eat your corn.

DWS: I don’t like it.

witchypoo? Are you kidding? Did you know if you eat lots of corn, you can see it in your poop the next day?

DWS: Really? (wide eyes as he contemplates the thrill of seeing corn in his poop)

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12 Responses to “Stealth Parenting”

MidLifeMama Says:

My mother told my brother that the steak he was refusing to eat was monkey meat, turtle meat, or some other exotic variation regularly. She also had him convinced he was from Mars, and I would help in this deception by telling him I could totally see the antennea sprouting from his head. Not sure what that accomplished in the long run, but it was entertaining. Especially when he would tell other people he was from Mars, see, you can see my antennea!

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lceel Says:

Hah! My #2 son discovered that a LONG time before I did. He used to call it “Poop with sprinkles.”

lceels last blog post..100 Word Challenge – Myself – and a Photo

iamthediva Says:

::taking notes::
got it! thanks for the tips!

iamthedivas last blog post..UPDATE::::

teeni Says:

You definitely deserve the parenting of the year award! Love it! LOL.

teenis last blog post..Spring Blurbs

Angella Says:

We totally tell the boys about corn poop. Boys are all about the potty talk…

Angellas last blog post..You’re The One True Thing Know I Can Believe In

Krissa Says:

Heh! He’s just pissed cause the little dumb-ass bought it.

Krissas last blog post..Not toooo random…just varied.

Ree Says:

Ah yes. Sons that refuse to eat their veggies.

Rees last blog post..Strange Things #287,634

Spot Says:

I’m trying to think of when I’ve used a NON-stealth method of parenting.

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Dean Saliba Says:

Us boys are so dumb. :D

Dean Salibas last blog post..Blogitive – Nice To Add To Your Collection

Judi Says:

What ever works is my motto. You gotta always be one step ahead to out smart them little suckers.

Judis last blog post..Sweet Chicken Clucker

Evey Says:

LOL… Way to mess with the kid! I can’t wait until The Boy is old enough to really embarrass in front of his friends. I am looking forward to that. Kids are fun to mess with.

Hyphen Mama Says:

I’m stealing that second one. With any luck my neighbors will get to see the beauty of the corn in the poop.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Completely Embarrassing Parenting Moment #94654