January 5th, 2008

Okay, show of hands, please. Raise your hand if you didn’t realize that I called my beloved younger son Ass Burger Boy as a play on words?

Because he has, you know, Asperger’s Syndrome. Say it out loud. You know it sounds like Ass Burger. I confess I was gobsmacked by the name when he was diagnosed. I immediately requested the spelling.

I bring this up because Marie confessed to not getting it for an entire month of reading my site. She wasn’t alone. Poppy said in my comments:

It took me a loooong while to find out why you call your son ABB. My cousin was standing over my shoulder, reading your blog and then she burst out laughing. I asked her why was she laughing so hard and she made me read Asperger and ABB shortly after. Now I feel slow, because it took a couple of tries for it to sink in.

This called for some action, and I have risen to the challenge. I have edited my About page to explain. Oh, what other crises can I avert?

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27 Responses to “Sounds like”

ALF Says:

Found your site from dooce’s – just stopped by to say hi!

That is too funny about Ass Burger.

ALF’s last blog post..My New Year’s Resolution Is To Take More Pictures Of All Of Us

Marie Says:

(raises hand)

I did find the whole Ass Burger thing to be rather shocking. Felt like such a tard when I figured it out!

Marie’s last blog post..The Curious Incident of the Dildo in the Night-time.

Ree Says:

Hey, you already averted my crisis. But I have to admit, Marie solved the ABB question for me, too. ;-)

Ree’s last blog post..Shortman’s Day

Tasha Says:

Wow, I feel pretty dense at the moment. At least I’m not alone, i guess!

Tasha’s last blog post..A Little Light Lends to Petrification

Manuel Says:

I got it, and I’m only new here….sent by Knudsen..well not sent but you know what I mean…..it’s not as if he ordered me……

Manuel’s last blog post..Someone’s boring me. I think it’s me.

teeni Says:

Hmm. I wonder if your nickname for him is what got me going on the bad baby name game? Subconsciously, you know. Ithink your sense of humor and ABB’s sense of humor and the fact you can joke like that just makes your relationship so much more fun and enjoyable and special. :)

teeni’s last blog post..Why Don’t My Pictures Look Like These?

witchypoo Says:

Now I’m wondering how many people were shocked at ABB’s blogname. And wondering just what pictures were in their head when they read it. Remind me to explain where the nick witchypoo came from.
Manuel: welcome aboard! Knudsen ordered you. Fear him.
*collapses in a big gooey puddle of giggles*

Peter M. Says:

That IS funny… it was a good time for a laugh. Ass Burger, indeed.

Peter M.’s last blog post..Cleaning my Desk: HSPs, Perfectionism and Procrastination

B.E. Earl Says:

I have a nephew with Asbergers and my family is constantly making Ass Burger jokes.

“Can I get some fries with that Ass Burger?”

We can be kinda stupid.

B.E. Earl’s last blog post..Movie Quote Meme

josey Says:

LOL!! strangely enough, for gullible, somewhat disoriented me, i actually DID know the ABB joke. teehee! maybe i’ve been a reader long enough? or…maybe i just got lucky. LOL.

but hey, at least the air now is cleared and witchyp–your reputation is back up and glowing. ROTFL!! ;)

i remember one of your other readers said she called her son(?) ass BOOGER boy. or something like that. which definitely gives me strange (and funny!) mental images as well. HA!

josey’s last blog post..copycats! LOL :)

witchypoo Says:

@Josey: I believe it was RaeJane’s daughter, the one who counts wine bottles obsessively.
Big welcome to Peter M and B.E Earl. I do appreciate comments. And stumbles. And votes for freakiest blogger. Some other freakiest blogger is tied with me for first, and he may be pulling ahead. Also, alphabetically, he comes before me in the listing, and that is just wrong I tell you.
I gonna shaddap now.

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kim Says:

hehehehe I was lucky the first page of yours that I read was about ass burger boy and the skinny bitch… Where you mentioned that ass burger= asperger..

cheers Kim xx

zoe Says:

well…we already know i’m a bit slow to catch on…i think you had to tell me..

zoe’s last blog post..On a wing and a prayer

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