July 5th, 2008

I know you have all been waiting for a pic of Skinny Bitch, but now you get a bonus.
Yes! SB and Will-Yummy feeling her boobies.
I do it because I love you.

I’m still having computer problems, but hope to resolve them soon. Then I will tell you the backstory of how I
got kidnapped into a camping trip.

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21 Responses to “Skinny Bitch Gets Felt Up”

Nan Says:

haaaa! too funny!

Nans last blog post..

Angella Says:

Kidnapped ON a camping trip, or INTO a camping trip?

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Jenny Says:

Will-Yummy is a LUCKY man!

Jennys last blog post..Bitter Sweet Symphony

Christy Says:

Ah, now I miss my fake boobies!

Maybe I’ll just get one back, put it in the middle as a compromise….

She’s gorgeous!

Christys last blog post..Unable to play dead long enough

Ree Says:

I’d feel her up too. ;-)

Rees last blog post..Another Day – Another Neighbor

warriorwoman Says:

you never said how beautiful skinny bitch is.

and now she has boobs – double whammy!

The Over-Thinker Says:

Holy balls (I say in a total classy manner), she is gorgeous! I think her new internet name should be Skinny Bitch with Insanely High Cheekbones and Fabulous Nails. SKWIHCAFN.

Sweecaffen. Yeah, that will totally catch on. Watch out WWJD—Sweecaffen’s in da hizzouse!

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..I have 100 Beautiful Blogs Standing Before Me but Only 5 of You Can Go on in the Hopes of Becoming…

Krissa Says:

Well, SB and Will-Yummy are both cute as a button. And look very happy to be, felt up as doing the feeling. Good for them.
Am tickled to think of you….camping? Really? Can this be a good thing?

Krissas last blog post..The Haints are backā€¦

Posh Totty Says:

Hehe great pic :o )

Posh Tottys last blog post..I predict a riot

Old Knudsen Says:

Aye she’ll do.

Old Knudsens last blog post..Such A Lady

Talina Says:

Look how pretty Skinny Bitch is! Oh and a good feeling up is never a bad thing, especially on camera! ;-)

lceel Says:

Is he actually feeling her boob or just trying to find it?

lceels last blog post..Sunday Fill – Part 3

Jacki Says:

She’s quite pretty!!

Jackis last blog post..Celebrity Sightings

HRH Says:

OMG. Seriously cute.

HRHs last blog post..Monday Potluck: back to normal?

Marti Says:

Yay you’re alive!!!

And SB is not how I pictured her. She is VERY pretty. I pictured her blond for some reason!

Dawn Says:

hee, I love how the women are falling over them (our) selves for the hotness of SB and the men are all casual…

Dawns last blog post..Red Tent Alert

Loralee Says:

Dude! She is beautiful!!!

Loralees last blog post..Sideblog: BLOG NOSH MAGAZINE

Camping Says:

[...] did locate Will-Yummy and Tenderheart, which was who we were intent on seeing anyway. These two men are roomies, not [...]

mp Says:

She IS a skinny bitch…good for her getting felt up..I wanna get felt up too..

mps last blog post..Some happenings in the Land of Blog

Melissa from Pittsburgh Says:

here I just typed a great comment and it was lost … UGHHHH …

anyway – love that SB is a brunette, imagined her as a blonde (as already mentioned by another commentor).

I now have a completely different image of SB, intelligent, funny, witty, charming, and a wonderful SMART ASS (and I mean that in the nicest complementary way).

Luv Ya too!

Melissa from Pittsburghs last blog post..Garden State Again and Again

teeni Says:

Yay – Skinny Bitch looks just the way I have thought she would have all along in my head from your stories! She IS skinny but also very pretty. Oh, and I’m so glad about your grammie’s good news. I wanted to comment on the post before this but the comments were closed. I’m done with my “project” and slowly getting back to things but your place had to be one of my first stops! :)