August 28th, 2008

I have a strange family tree, which would explain the strange fruit (me) that it bears.

One oddity is my sister in law twice removed.

Above? First husband and his sister. He was missing his girlfriend, she’s just an all-round pill.

Her brother was my first husband. We divorced.

Once removed.

My brother, Mr. Trick, was her second husband. They divorced.

Twice removed.

That’s how I like her best.

Twice removed.

I prefer the first husband to her.

And that’s my bitchy story for today.

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19 Responses to “SIL Twice Removed”

moo Says:

wow, she got around, didn’t she?

I love bitchy stories. Share anytime!

moos last blog post..updates (’cause I know you guys like closure)

Jacki Says:

Nothing like keeping it in the family!

Please share more bitchy stories. Love it!

Jackis last blog post..All work and no play…

lceel Says:

Now there’s a woman with ‘Nasty Attitude’ written all over her face.

lceels last blog post..Wordy Wednesday – Tribute – One Week Gone

Karen Says:

I like all my ex-in-laws removed-period. I walk the other way when I see them when I am out in public. Ick.

Karens last blog post..Western Legends Days In Kanab

Krissa Says:

So that would make her female dog your thrice removed bitch-in-law?

Shamelessly Sassy Says:

You know, until just now I never understood the whole ’so and so fourteen times removed thing’. But now I do. Thank you. People around me use that terminology all of the time, and I’m like, what the hell? REMOVED? And I think I’m going to do a whole post about this.

Shamelessly Sassys last blog post..Vocabulary Violation

Ree Says:

But how does YOUR brother compare to her? ;-)

Rees last blog post..Purposeless is Another Word for Random…

ABB Says:

Tell the dog-fart story! Tell it! Tell it!

witchypoo Says:

ABB: I will totally tell the dog fart story. Thanks for reminding me.

Just Beachy Says:

OMG at first I thought it was my Aunt, ‘cept were not Canadian, unless of course she is and she is leading a double life or something, then we would be related, which could be as confusing as your whole ancestory post. Yeah.

Just Beachys last blog post..Very Frustrating! Very.

Monica Says:

I like the story! Great when you can remove but tough when they come back…. good thing ya removed her again!


Monicas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #4

Angella Says:

You and I could have some interesting chats about the family trees we each come from.

I need a GPS to navigate mine.

Angellas last blog post..Little Miss Me

Jenny Says:

*First husband and his sister. He was missing his girlfriend, she’s just an all-round pill.*

WHAT THE HELL??? He was your first husband AND he’s missing his girlfriend? Is there a story in that or am I just confused?

I have GOT to stop sniffing poop fumes because I’m lost.

Jennys last blog post..In Response #2

kailani Says:

It’s a good thing she’s not in the family anymore!

kailanis last blog post..Is It My Birthday . . . Again?

Talina Says:

Ha, I have some in laws I would like removed… How does one go about getting this taken care of? LOL.

Andy Bailey Says:

I just love those kind of old pictures, the style of the clothes and oh gosh, those wood paneled walls are ace! :-)

Andy Baileys last blog post..Traffic Landmark reached! over 1 million hits so far this month

warriorwoman Says:

Mother of God – Who dressed her?
She looks like she got into a fight with a table cloth and lost.
Nice face, did she steal it from a troll?

warriorwomans last blog post..what you get

teeni Says:

OMG! This one started to hurt my brain. I had to start drawing a diagram to keep track of the family tree! LOL. This sounds like the stuff movies are made of – or at least situation comedies on television. ;)

Dog Farts Says:

[...] You may remember my SIL twice removed. [...]