May 7th, 2009

Krissa felt sorry for my sorry arse (which we have named Herman) because I was posting so little, and she done went and memed me. This exercise is a little bit harder than Grace In Small Things, because you only have to name five that you are thankful for. But seven things I love?

  • The smell of a wood fire
  • The garden
  • A clean house
  • Puppies, oh, I loves me some puppies.
  • My offspring
  • Tulips
  • Quilts

I’m not tagging anyone on this, but would love to read your list.

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23 Responses to “Seven Things I Love”

Nan Says:

Puppies! Awwwwww. I love puppies too. Anyone who doesn’t is a sicko.

I might love a clean house around here, but I would have to see it first to try it out. Other people’s clean houses mean nothing to me. Some are TOO clean, you know? “Do not put your feet on the sofa!” clean. Or worse yet, the kind of tidy where you can’t even put your Herman on the sofa because of the cunning throw-cushions there.

Clean is seriously overrated.

Nan Says:

I was first!! I am de weeeener!

Coast Rat Says:

Herman, huh…?

I’ll have to work on a list.

Coast Rats last blog post..2009 – Week #9 Mississippi Gulf Coast Blue Bird Trail Update

Krystal Says:

I too love the smell of a clean house. Well, more like freshly cleaned floors.

The way my little boys smell when they wake up in the morning.

The sound of my husband breathing at night.

Long hot showers in the winter.

Nice cool showers in the summer.

My Moms home made sugar cookies.

Clean sheets and a good book!

Krystals last blog post..BMD= Awesome Night With Husband

Judi Says:

The first hour after the housekeeper comes
Time alone at home with nothing that HAS to be done
Playing in my yard (gardening)
My spouse/children

Judis last blog post..To Make You Feel Special

Ree Says:

I love everything on that list, too!

Rees last blog post..The Aftermath

lceel Says:

Well. That seriously puts me off. How am I supposed to fantasize about something called “Herman”? EEEWWWWWW. How about Hermione? That, after all, IS a girls name.

lceels last blog post..Friday Haiku – Coming Attractions

Torch Says:

How did “LOBSTER” (hot from the pot … dripping in garlic chive butter) miss the list … and for that matter, what about “COCONUT RUM”????? Scratching my head here!

zelzee Says:

Hard to stop at only 7 once you get going, right?

zelzees last blog post..But I heard………….

iamthediva Says:

1. dancing in a downpour on a summer night
2. chewie and the b-rad
3. farmer sausage and pirogies with schmot fat (cream gravy)… and the smell of it cooking
4. sleeping in
5. singing
6. reminiscing
7. orgasms


<3 U

iamthedivas last blog post..a meme of a different (off)colour

iamthediva Says:

oh, and that list was TOTALLY not in any particular order…

iamthedivas last blog post..a meme of a different (off)colour

Krissa Says:

Huh. I can easily see loving all of those things. And you? The lovable person? Easy too!
Tell Herman to behave.

Krissas last blog post..Ongoing developments.

talina Says:

I love kitties better than puppies…

talinas last blog post..Mad-lib birth announcement game & vlog. Join the fun!

Old Knudsen Says:

Its difficult to think about things you love while at death’s door but I don’t hold a grudge to the pig that gave me the flu as I still love bacon.

Old Knudsens last blog post..Man Doon

teeni Says:

Awesome list. Hmmm – let’s see:
1. Getting into a turned down bed after a long day.
2. Kittens and puppies (nobody said I had to choose right? – so I’ll take mine together, please!)
3. The feeling of belonging.
4. Warm dry clothes after a swim or getting caught in a downpour.
5. Raspberries.
6. My husband (good thing I didn’t post this on my site or he might get upset that raspberries, kittens and puppies came before him on this list). But they are NOT in order!
7. The rush of being able to move, whether it be dancing, rollerblading, whatever.

Oh, and I totally love you and your blog – your comments are always fun to read too!

teenis last blog post..The Name Is

Linda Says:


Except for the tulips. I like tulips fine. Love?

Oh what the heck, I can love tulips too!


Lindas last blog post..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Linda Says:

Oh look! I never saw the tulips in your crystal ball before! Have they always been there?


Lindas last blog post..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Evey Says:

(I actually scrolled back to the top to see the tulips.)
~ Sunlight
~ Love
~ Laughing
~ Sex
~ My child
~ Furry critters
~ Technology

Joie Says:

Happy Mothers Day to you and Herman! You have bling here.

Karen Says:

7 things I love?:

1. Fabgrandpa
2. my children
3. my grandchildren
4. I love quilts, too.
5. a nice warm shower
6. Lemon Cake
7. sleeping late on my day off

Karens last blog post..Who Are You?

LiLu Says:

You named your heiny Herman? Love it. My HS bff named her boobs Bo and Fred, and her vag Michael Jackson.

That last one was probably a mistake, in hindsight.

LiLus last blog post..A Perfectly Scrumptious (Cough, Cough) Weekend

Cat Says:

Great list! Mine goes something like this:


Cats last blog post..Heavy

Hyphen Mama Says:

Wine didn’t make the list?

I’d be willing to bet I’d LOOOVE a clean house, were I given the chance.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Forcing myself to focus on the things I love…. for just a minute or two