March 11th, 2008

When I see what search terms people use to find my site, I always copy them into a separate document, so you can all enjoy them too. It seems scatological topics dominate this time. I blame this post. Here are a few of the gems I came across.

sick ass farts: Would this be opposed to say, healthy ass farts? What exactly is a sick ass fart?
my fart wont last: All good things come to an end my dear. Move on now.
girl fart smellers: Is this person trying to find a girl fart smeller? Or trying to smell girly farts? They’re so vague in their terms.
fart thinker: This must be for the intellectual fart seekers.
how to see a fart: Ask the fart to appear to you. Don’t expect too much. They’re bashful about being seen.
girl fart in movie: I must have missed this one at the theatre.
i get horny when i fart: Lucky you. I bet it has a different effect on others.
fart initiation: Into what?? Adolescence?
fart inhaler: If you have asthma, I doubt you need this brand of inhaler.
girls farting right on guys: Are you the same guy that gets horny when you fart?
can farts make u money: Maybe girl farts in movies do?

fart bubbles: For those times when soap bubbles just won’t do.
people who can really fart: I’m sick and tired of all those bogus farters too. Posers!
fart punishment: How does one punish a fart? Bad fart! Go to the naughty chair.

toilets with poop in them : It’s not like you were expecting candy in toilets is it?
poop that u can see: As opposed to that pesky invisible poop?

how can i make him horny without touchin: Apparently from these search terms, there are many and surprising ways.


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20 Responses to “Scatological Search Terms”

Calamity Says:

ummm ok. LOL You get some interesting ones!!

Calamity’s last blog post..some good news’some stupid news?.

Kristabella Says:

Awesome! I guess I don’t feel as weird about my “free sexity movie” because that’s a LOT of fart search terms.

I’m still trying to understand the “poop you can see” one.

Kristabella’s last blog post..My Body Isn’t Quite Sure Of The Time

The Over-Thinker Says:

Well, I hope my name helped contribute to the “Fart Thinker” results…

I love your editorial response to “People who can really fart”–you’re so freakin’ funny.

The Over-Thinker’s last blog post..Bed-Wetting II….Electric Boogaloo (No Joke)

Myst Says:

There’s definitely a fart theme happening there!


Myst’s last blog post..Blah Blah blah

witchypoo Says:

I think all the fart terms came from this post. People sure are weird.

TX Poppet Says:

I’d type something, but I can’t stop laughing.

TX Poppet’s last blog post..A Tale of Two Ti++ies

Andy Bailey Says:

lol, you are a fart fetishist blog. haha, that should up your fart SERPs :-)

Andy Bailey’s last blog post..OMG I just formatted my server!

warriorwoman Says:

sounds like a shitty situation

warriorwoman’s last blog big fat white ass

teeni Says:

These were a riot. I am so glad you posted them. They gave me a good laugh and I’m glad to see that not all the sickos come to my site – because you seem to get quite a few yourself! LOL

teeni’s last blog post..Fourth Occasional Teeni Awards

Jenny Says:

Really, we should all try to work in some more crazy words into your comments… so you can get better hits. Hmmm, sodomy? Prostitutes? Great big nipple hair?

Old Knudsen should be good for some really juicy niblets of search candy. I have much faith.

Jenny’s last blog post..Step Back People….Mama’s Goin’ to Camp

kaylee Says:


kaylee’s last blog post..Real Post

mommyknows Says:

Hahaha … like I said before, “I didn’t find you via a search! REALLY!”

You get some real winners hangin’ around, eh?

mommyknows’s last blog post..I Hope He Gets This in Time …

Old Knudsen Says:

No Warrior Woman that would be a ‘Shituation’ I wondered who would mention my name in the comments. I must admit I am sick of getting yer post everytime I do a search. Do gurls with nice arses do nice farts? I’d love to smell that Sophia Loren’s farts, hubba hubba.

Old Knudsen’s last blog post..Women Get More Kebab Than They Had Expected

nan Says:

It amazes me how many people have so little to DO!! Couldn’t we find them something to do? Imagine searching stuff like that! Come to think of it, shouldn’t I be working?

nan’s last blog post..dear Small and Beans,

Ree Says:


Ree’s last blog post..For LOLCats Fans

witchypoo Says:

I’m expecting most of the folk who did the searches are drive-bys, looking for their specific things. How disappointed they must be.
Oh, and thanks heaps, Jenny, for the nuggets you left in my comments. Comments do get indexed. I do one lousy post about seeing your farts, and this is what I get. Thankfully, the shart post doesn’t get searched much anymore.

josey Says:

LOL!!! now that we’ve all said FART a million more times, i’m sure your scatalogical search terms will increase 10-fold! LOL!!

i’m gonna have to do a little post about search terms for my blog. i have a few hilarious ones…but not quite as funny as fart stuff. i mean come on, what’s funnier than green butt dust? LMAO…

josey’s last blog post..2 lovely friends :)

zoe Says:

lmao. see what happens when you write about sharting??? why do people keep searching m site for dog porn???? what kind of world is this???

zoe’s last blog post..Duh….

talina Says:

green butt dust???

… I almost sprayed pomegranate juice out my nose reading that one. Nope, didn’t shart myself though, thank goodness!

A fart fetish? You wouldn’t think people were in to that sort of thing but based on your search results I don’t know anymore.

talina’s last blog post..Our zebra finches are persistant & stubborn!

2ThePoint Says:

That is hilarious! My favourite is Fart Initiation!

2ThePoint’s last blog post..The Brad Pitt Fund…