May 18th, 2009

I just got home from a gathering of the clan. The first leg of the trip was planned so I would meet up with my brother, Dizzee, at Skinny Bitch’s house. I didn’t quite know how it would go with the family (these things can vary, since I’m a Tool of Satan and all), so I felt it would be good to start things off well.

Skinny Bitch wanted to be sure I felt welcome, since I arrived while she was still at work. My brother arrived later.

(She calls me Gracie) It made my heart glad.

Somehow, with all the cameras present (but not mine) I only got a few images captured in time to share with you. The first thing I saw when I came in the door was a sign she displayed in the entryway: “Crazy doesn’t live here.” That sign summed it up. SB had created her own haven of peace that totally reflected who she was. Bliss.

She was so relaxed living by herself in her own home that her OCD was not in full force. The place mats on her dining room table did not line up precisely, and this did not bother her enough to correct it.

Who knew?

The house was beautiful. It could totally have been a bed and breakfast inn if it weren’t for the pesky cooking thing. Oh, yeah, and guests who would mess her house up. She doesn’t much care for that.

She had bought a bed so I would have a place to sleep, but it was so pretty, and the bedding and pillows so crisp, I was afraid to sleep in it and drool on the pillows. Instead, I slept on the far side of her king-sized bed, just far enough away that she couldn’t reach to kick me if I snored. It was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. Bar none. From her bed, we could watch the firemen across the street in their workout room. I know! The way she makes me suffer!

The only thing that struck me as out of place was this:

I had to ask. The explanation did not disappoint. These are new shoes, not to mix with the others in the shoe museum. (How I wish I had that image to share with you!) She wants them to feel special, at least until she has worn them outside. She puts them on top of the tv so she can admire them while she is relaxing. Then, and only then, will they take their place alongside the pedestrian (HAH!) shoes in the shoe museum.

There has been so much drama in my life lately that I needed at least one evening of gut-splitting laughter. Skinny Bitch is a healing balm in my life. We left after she had gone to work the next day.

I left her a message that I knew she wouldn’t completely understand, because she is so not computery. But I wanted to share it with you, too.

And you? Are all computery.

We’ll see if I blog about the family reunion. It went well.

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15 Responses to “SB Bed And Breakfast Sort Of”

MidLifeMama Says:

I don’t know why, but the new design of you page with the divider down the middle is cutting off the very right edge of your text, and while it did not make it impossible to infer what was being said, it was annoying. But it might be me. Glad mercury didn’t muck up your plans and you had a good time!

MidLifeMamas last blog post..Class of 2009

witchypoo Says:

I believe it was an image sizing issue. I just resized them. Sorry for the aggro.

Krissa Says:

Well, of course we all expected you to have a wonderful time at SB’s house. And the firemen gazing cinched it.
Sigh of relief that the family reunion went well, too! I can stop praying about that now… ;-)
Oh, and I really like the red sandals, too!

Krissas last blog post..Other O development Os?

talina Says:

You really didn’t sleep in the new bed? Oh and the shoe thing is too fun. I want to see the shoe museum too…

talinas last blog post..Critters in my back yard: Rabbits, snakes, spiders, frogs and more.

Cat Says:

I love the chalk greetings! What a great idea for when company comes a’callin’! Will be stealing that idea.

I’m glad you made it back in one piece.

Andy Bailey Says:

Oh family reunions, the only chalk I’d have left for me is a homicide body outline ! :-)

Andy Baileys last blog post..A quick first peek at the new ComLuv site

Ree Says:

Yay! It’s fixed!!!

Glad you had a good time. ;-)

Rees last blog post..For My Curious Kittens Readers

Coast Rat Says:

Sounds like a nice visit! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Coast Rats last blog post..2009 – Week #11 Mississippi Gulf Coast Blue Bird Trail Update

Old Knudsen Says:

Do I need to say it? yes my own OCD demands it. Putting shoes on a table is bad luck.

Linda Says:

aaahhh shoes. . . However my enormous shoes will not fit so nicely on the TV.

Lindas last blog post..EWW!

Evey Says:

So many wonderful things in one tiny little post!

Shoes (red ones to boot!)
Fluffy pillows
Precious and fun chalk greetings
More shoes!


Theresa Says:

That took me a while. I thought ”I less-than-3-you???”. hahaha. cute :)

FreedomFirst Says:

You know, my husband’s ex-best-friend thinks I’m a tool of Satan too. It’s nice to know I’m in good company. :D

FreedomFirsts last blog post..The moment

teeni Says:

I LOVE the slate being used for messages coming and going. How cool is that? And it totally sounds like SB to do that with her shoes from what I’ve learned about her from you. So nice to hear that she is settling in to her own place and that the OCD isn’t taking over her life. :) I can’t wait to find out more about Herman.

teenis last blog post..Busy, Busy, Busy

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