November 11th, 2008

I come from a military family. I grew up on air force bases, and we moved a lot. Fourteen or fifteen different schools before college. My father was military, two brothers are in the air force, and I married a navy man who with me begat an army son, Dances With Shrapnel.

Dances With Shrapnel is deployed in Afghanistan, serving our country, which has NATO obligations to fulfil. That may include cleaning up the mess left by the Bush administration when they barrelled into the illegal war in Iraq. My son does not voice dissenting opinions. He knows what he signed up for. This is his second tour there.

The heat alone over there would do me in. To suffer heat in such danger? All of these men and women who serve are heroes to me. These youngsters look so tired, they suffer such discomforts, and face incredible danger with confidence born of their pride and amazing training.

I cannot bear to watch the news. When the dead and wounded are identified, the relief I feel that it isn’t my son is immediately tempered by sorrow for the families.

To all who served, and are serving in our armed forces, thank you. It’s a dirty and dangerous career, and I get weepy when I think of your sacrifices. Not just on November 11, but every day.

No matter what the dillweeds in power have decided, you have sworn to serve. You are my heroes.

Thank you.

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15 Responses to “Remember Them”

Jenn FL Says:

While I did not grow up in a military family, I made my own. Both DH’s and I were military. I give my children credit for learning at such a young age, what it meant to serve your country. Hopefully it gave them a little extra sense of appreciation for the lengths to which those who enlist go through for the everyday freedoms that tend to get taken for granted.

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Talina Says:

Well, you last sentence really does wrap it all up very nicely… They are a brave bunch especially because of those dillweeds.

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Cat Says:

Thanks for the great reminder!

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Talina Says:

Okay, I looked it up on the web since that one site wouldn’t load. I think I was successful at disabling the feedburner redirect… Lets see if it works!

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Larry Says:

My dad served in WWII — he wrote regularly to his sister (my aunt) for 6 years. She kept all those letters neatly bundled in her basement. My Dad passed away when I was quite young and so I really didn’t know him.
It wasn’t until my aunt passed away a few years ago that my Dad’s letters to her were given to us. Reading all that correspondence was emotional to say the least.
Thanks for your reminder about all those who serve in the military.

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Krissa Says:

How well put. I agree completely. I, also, grew up in a military family and have a brother stationed over seas. (At this point I must point out that he’s in Italy living about two blocks from the Med. Sea., but he put in his time in Saudi Arabia)
It is unbelievable how much the human body can endure and hearing about the conditions these men and women go through day after day, month after month is equally amazing.

Talina Says:

Testing 123… fixed or no dice?

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Natasha Says:

Well said! Both of my parents are veterans, and I’ve got a handful of family members and friends serving in Iraq (none in Afghanistan.. yet), and my heart breaks to watch those death tolls rise just about every day. God bless those like your son and the countless others who continually sign back on to help end the wars. I also hope Canada treats their vets better than America has treated ours.

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Nan Says:

Today was the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War. It was celebrated in France, Near to the “killing fields” of Flanders. Prime Minister Sarkozy made a great speech, which you can probably find on the BBC.

Not as good as yours, though!

BTW I am beaming to you direct from my NEW laptop! Much gloating to come!

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Spookygirl Says:

Great post!!

And yep, I think I got it all sorted out..

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lceel Says:

I pray for your son. I pray for you. I know what it was like to be in war – and I know what my mom went through while I was over there. All of those things I would spare you and yours if I could.

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Ree Says:

Very well said honey.

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old knudsen Says:

War is hell on the follicles so bless them all. I did my bit and while I wouldn’t want to do it again I’m glad I did it.

old knudsens last blog post..A Walk Doon Mammary Lane

rummuser Says:

Witchypoo, thanks for stopping by at my blog. My blog today will bring a chuckle to you. I come to this conclusion after reading your “cleaning up the mess left by the Bush administration “.

This post is also something that gets me all warm and gooey gooey. If you go back somewhat in my archives, you will see that I have blogged about the raw deal that our own armed forces were getting.

The armed forces wherever they are, I salute them for being just what they are.

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