December 11th, 2008

I had a great conversation with a client about her egomaniacal ex-husband yesterday. I’ll call him Donald.

witchypoo: “You have a daughter.”

client: “Yes. Donalda.”

witchypoo: (starting to lose it) “Don’t tell me. Your son’s name is Donald.”

client: “Yes.”

witchypoo: “I can top that. I once had a boyfriend (Eric) who had sons named Tommy and Eric. After I kicked his sorry behind to the curb, he married a woman and had more children. The boy was Eric, and the girl was Erica. I can only imagine poor Tommy, introducing himself and his half-siblings (as in an old tv show, Newhart) ‘Hi. I’m Tommy.This is my brother Eric, and this is my other brother Eric. And this here is my sister Erica.’ .”

At this point, we were both helpless with laughter. She admitted that she was pretty embarrassed when he insisted on naming their daughter after him, in addition to the son. She was starting to get some perspective on the situation.

witchypoo: “Please ask in your divorce agreement that he not traumatize your children by naming any more offspring after himself.”

The reason it was a great conversation is that it totally underlined to her what a dillweed her ex really is, and how much better off she is to move on without him.

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19 Responses to “Remember Newhart?”

Ree Says:

witchypoo – doing good with subtlety and laughter.

One of the Darryls played the Sheriff in True Blood on HBO. When I told Mr. Hot “That’s one of the Darryls!” he gave me this really strange look and I had to explain the whole thing.


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lceel Says:

Witchy, you are the best. That was hilarious and, oh, so on the money.

lceels last blog post..I can’t believe i forget to title this

rummuser Says:

Wichypoo, you have surpassed yourself. The benchmark height has just been raised a few notches and you will find it difficult to over take this one.

rummusers last blog post..Susan Squire, Author And Person Of Her Word.

Angella Says:

I TOTALLY remember Newhart!

My Brother-in-law used to date a girl named Linda. Her twin sister’s name was…wait for it…Lynn.


Angellas last blog post..Bodies In Motivation

Jenny Says:

Hey, George Foreman named every one of his kids after himself. To me that means he’s COOL. ugh

I loved Newhart… and have actually caught a couple of episodes on TVLand a few weeks ago.

Jennys last blog post..Dear Mr Hyphen, Yer Gonna Laugh. Someday.

Karen Says:

My hub has a daughter named Rebecca Ann. My daughters are Rebecca Jean and Emily Ann. Emily used to introduce her sisters “this is my sister Rebecca, and my other sister Rebecca.” hahahaha

Karens last blog post..A Breathing Treatment For The Truck

Krissa Says:

Newhart was a classic! And you nailed the conversation. Isn’t it neat when you can pass on good advise without even pointing out what is obvious to you?

Krissas last blog post..Let it snow, let it snow… you know the rest!

warriorwoman Says:

You know I had hoped you would enjoy your new job – it would appear I worried for nothing.

warriorwomans last blog post..I lied

Talina Says:

Sounds like you were a great support to her and you were able to do it in a non depressing way. Go you!

Talinas last blog post..Lets take back our birthing rights!

teeni Says:

Oh, Witchypoo – you are awesome on so many levels. This gets stumbled.

Heather Says:

This is too much!
Like the other commenter, I caught a couple of episodes of Newhart a few weeks ago. They just don’t make quality TV anymore.

Heathers last blog post..The general suckitude of yesterday

Coast Rat Says:

You DO have some amazing client experiences, and it is good that you have laughter while doing it.

Coast Rats last blog post..BEER CAN BUCK & NOT ENOUGH BULLETS

old knudsen Says:

I remember those brothers and never thought anyone could be that retarded and backwards until I came here. Everyone should be called Old Knudsen.

old knudsens last blog post..I Won’t Pay Anymore Than $5 For A Hummer

Memarie Lane Says:

Brad really wanted Max to be a junior, but I put my foot down. And when we found out Odessa was a girl, since we knew this would be our last child, he tried (jokingly) to get me to name her junior, or Claytonia (his first name is actually Clayton).

Memarie Lanes last blog post..The Living Room Yogi

iamthediva Says:

Priceless. That is awesome.

iamthedivas last blog post..365 days of Grace – Part the Fourth

Cat Says:

Only way this story would be better is if she had divorced him BEFORE he named their daughter Donalda. What.the.hell.????

Psychic Says:

It would be more disappointing for the kids too having their half-siblings named the same as they were reminding them they have a broken family. It’s a really sad situation if they’ll go together.

Psychics last blog post..Get your full 2008 Horoscope today!

Tom Smith Says:

Wow, naming a son after yourself is enough, but a daughter too? Talk about confusing.

Tom Smiths last blog post..Coco Bidet – 6035R

kailani Says:

Wait, he had 2 sons named Eric? How did they know which one they were referring to? Eric 1 and Eric 2?