December 24th, 2008

The turkey is brining.

The stemware is shining.

The veg are all peeled.

Dessert is at hand.

Presents are wrapped.

I’d like to get zapped.

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11 Responses to “Preparations”

Christy Says:

Have a good holiday, dear!

(Hey, are you on FaceBook????? Friend me, if you are….)

old knudsen Says:

Hey are you on Myspace? friend me if you are I only have 3 friends ::::sniffs::::

Zapped? is that the new thing kids are doing? electric sockets can kill. huff glue or petrol something safe.

Happy exclude the 3rd world kids day!

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Krissa Says:

I wish I could say I was that far along… Glad you can say you are!
Merry Christmas, Witchypoo!

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Angella Says:

Merry Christmas!!

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Em Says:

Nap time? Have a very Merry Christmas!

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Coast Rat Says:


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Jenny Says:

The goose, wine, and pie have been consumed… now we’re just waiting for the big, fat guy to come down the chimney.

Merry Christmas, witchy!

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teeni Says:

I had two glasses of wine tonight. That about zaps me. Hope Santa is good to you tonight because I’m too tired to go kick his fat red ass if he isn’t. Merry Christmas, Witchypoo! :)

Val Says:

Merry Christmas Witchypoo! I hope the New Year brings you much happiness. Stay well. Hugs.

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Ree Says:

Hey. Why is this comment thing not keeping my info? Don’t you know I’m half blitzed? Plus, I’m waiting for my cheese/sausage/cracker dinner.

Love you.

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Cat Says:

Hope you were zapped like a bug, peace and love

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