August 29th, 2008

Warrior Woman came to my house last evening. I was expecting to feed her, and was starving when I got the call that she had already eaten.

Ass Burger Boy and I dove into my jazzed up rice and sun dried tomato sausage, with a side of garlicy yellow beans. We was hungry puppies.

I had saved the wine bottles from her previous five visits. We wanted to start a collection. They stood on the living room floor, where I had left them. She took pictures with her new camera. We set her up on our network.I didn’t take a picture of her and ABB on the sofa, each with their laptop. Since both she and I blog anonymously, the pictures would reveal too much. I did mention parallel play.

She’s having a contest at her site. You really should go over and see the prizes. She wants you to blog drunk. Since I generally blog in the morning or early afternoon, I don’t believe that I will win. Bonus! You don’t actually have to be drunk. She’s all kinds of awesome that way.

Extra bonus: She took a picture of me in my natural habitat, wearing my all-time favourite polar fleece jammies. I took the other pictures with her new camera. There’s one of her in there, incognito, of course. Go see.

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9 Responses to “Pimping the Contest”

warriorwoman Says:

Thank you,

and you are now my pimp.

Memarie Lane Says:

If only I could blog drunk!!! I’ll be so there in like a year! :(

Theresa Says:

As soon as I stop booby-feeding, promise!

Theresas last blog post..Guidance needed

Theresa Says:

I just read your Synchronicity post (where you gave WW the Peep thingy). Gosh, if only I had read that years ago… yeah, i know it wasn’t written yet, but still.

Have you seen Zeitgeist?

Theresas last blog post..Guidance needed

Jacki Says:

I have never drunk-blogged but I have left my sister a drunk myspace comment.

Jackis last blog post..It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby

Nan Says:

I have drunk-blogged, with questionable success. But this week, I had better stay sober on the internet. I am too stressed, mad and fed right up.

Nans last blog post..No, we haven’t been swept away by floods!

The Over-Thinker Says:

I love those jammies!! I have a version of that fleece for my nightshirt. Go figure, my husband doesn’t find it sexy. Dammit, why can’t fleece be sexy? I think I need to write a letter.

P.S. Your piggy polish is awesome!

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Figuratively Mark Your Figurative Calendars!

Jenny Says:

hahahaha… piggy polish! Very good eye, she has.

I like to tell myself that a bottle of wine is ONLY a FEW glasses. Like 2 glasses per person… and really, that’s NOT MUCH.

witchypoo Says:

Jenny: It is. I use the *really* big glasses. Skinny Bitch put me up to it.