November 3rd, 2009

Sometimes, when psychics get together, they like to exchange stories, without naming names, of course. Some of us are mediums, which means we can connect with those who have passed on before us, and it isn’t only people that hang around after they die.

Which brought me to the whole ill-advised schtick I did about hamsters, and how they had to be the bic of pets. Cheap to obtain, very short life expectancy, and ultimately replaceable. (Well, if one would consider replacing a rodent that keeps a body up all night on that noisy danged hamster wheel.) Disposable. Could it be any other way? I thought not.

Then this medium chimes in. Now some of us have medium-istic abilities; I do myself, although I can’t refrain from replying “I’m a medium-large” when asked if I’m a medium. This guy, however, doesn’t do cards or runes, or anything else except talk to the dead. It’s his specialty.

He opens by telling us about a woman he read for. He immediately told her “I see a hamster sitting on your shoulder” whereupon the woman immediately collapsed into a noisy sobbing heap and caused quite a scene. Seems her hamster recently passed and she had trouble dealing.

I was starting to feel bad for my callous hamster remarks. People have feelings for their pets, even if they are only short-timers. I’m thinking I need to have more compassion.

Then the medium lost it. He dissolved into a gooey puddle of laughy glee that he could not contain. He was gasping as he recounted how hard it was for him to continue the reading with a straight face.

Moral: Beware of mediums if your heart has been broken by a hamster.Some of them can be real arseholes.

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12 Responses to “Pet Connections”

David Says:

I’ve had dogs nearly my whole life, and only two ventures at rodent-y critter ownership. One was when I was very young. A gerbil. At some point I tried to pick him up and only grabbed his tail. The tail became, uh, separated from the actual gerbil. Don’t know how the cause and effect worked, but the gerbil soon died. No more gerbils. Many, many years later I owned a chinchilla. Adorable as hell. Lots of personality. They’re not so big on their habitat being warm, though, and one blistering summer’s day, when i was living in a stifling 3rd floor apartment, he overheated. Heatstroke, I’m guessing, since he had a very soft, very thick fur coat. No more chinchillas. I’m reasonably sure that no medium will ever tell me that they see a 21 pound dachshund sitting on my shoulder. And I’m ok with that!
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Hyphen Mama Says:

I’d pay good money to see the “behind-the-scenes” get togethers with medium-larges and hear what they say.
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Nan Says:

Our cat, Frankie, ate our hamster. Of course, I told the kids he ran away, to avoid hamster-related trauma and the accompanying medium hysteria.
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Krissa Says:

If you ever get all gooey, touchy-feely, I will divorce you. You wouldn’t be YOU. ;-) Not by a long shot.
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Ree Says:

Shortman used to have hamsters. They did backflips off of their little half-log all the time. And then they died.

The end.
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Eric Says:

If the hamster got him going, I’d hate to see him with a goldfish! I had a hamster or two when I was a kid, but I can’t say I got very attached to them. In fact, it was probably a relief as it meant an end to the constant cleaning of his cage. Those little creatures can get stinky.
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Priscilla Says:

We raised fancy rats for years and loved it. When my sons Bluey died I thought he would too. Now when his beloved Frank the pug dies I suppose we may have to bury them together.
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ABB Says:

Now that’s some funny shit.

warriorwitch Says:

That was seriously funny.
Glad u didn’t desert us.

iamthediva Says:

LOL, that was cute.
i only ever had one hamster, her name was Billie – as in Billie Holiday – cuz she had a definite ‘tude and took no guff…

one day i arrived home from school and plopped my bags down on my bed, which was next to the bookshelf where Billie’s cage was, where Billie was sleeping soundly in her toilet paper tube…

when the bags THUNKED on the bed (they were filled with textbooks… college ones, yes my first hamster happened when i was 21) – she promptly woke up and scrambled up on top of her little crawly box, got up on two legs and, i swear to gods, shook her fists at me and said: squeeeeeee!!!!!
i guess she didn’t want to be disturbed!

ah yeah, the good times.

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

Well that seals it. I am never going to a medium again. Cause I don’t want the fish and guinea pigs bitching about me.

Rob @ Pet Pip Says:

Haha yeah that’s funny.
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