May 26th, 2009

Oh. Hi! Remember me? I’ve been one big sweaty ball of pain for the last six months or so. Which might account for my minimal posting. Or not. But I have finally got me a diagnosis, and with that, a plan. Plans are good. They give me confidence. Confidence that I can manage this pain without killing my liver any deader by using anti-inflammatories and wine in combination. Well, dead is dead, of course. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. I have a diagnosis for the pain in my neck and shoulders and arms and OH GOD I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE. Did I shout that? I’m sorry. Put your eyeplugs away now. It basically is a degenerative condition involving my C4 vertebra, which is odd, because you all know my aversion to bras, and I wish I had been kinder to this one. The good news is that I can take steps to really slow down or even stop the degeneration, and that is why I am excited about the plan.

Today, I saw my physiotherapist, Selda, who is totally not a sadist, so score! Over ten years of pretty steady computer usage (remember I went to geek school? I totally did.) and being unaware of my posture actually causes damage. Who knew? They should entirely cover how to sit so you don’t kill your liver in geek school. The geeks would be so grateful. Well, maybe just the older-than-the-instructors geeks.

Anyway, Selda was totally patient as she explained what was going on, and how I could benefit from the exercises. She told me what the goal of each exercise was, and how to modify the way I had been doing them the past week. And why. Why is important. I committed to 100% compliance to the schedule of exercises between last week and this week, and hot diggity, I saw some results! Small results, but it gives me hope. And my liver is gasping in exhaustion, but proud of me. Besides, I’ve been taking a product that is similar to glucosamine without the pesky side effects, and I’m convinced that I can keep this thing from getting worse.

So now that I have hope and all, I also have a plan to dig myself out of the financial hole the pain put me in. Well, that and that pesky trip to visit Skinny Bitch and get together with my father’s side of the family, including Grammie! We all love us some Grammie. It won’t take me long. I can do this. Shut up, I can. Ass Burger Boy is helping tremendously. On all fronts. I’m so proud of him.

And the pain in the butt? Has a name. Herman. (Thanks, Krissa.) We’ll address Herman when he is screaming for attention again. You’re welcome.

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20 Responses to “Pain in The Neck and Butt”

Krissa Says:

You’re welcome. You so funny! I love you!

Judi Says:

Do you have a plan…Everyone needs a plan… Name that movie…

Glad you got a diagnosis and more importantly some relief in sight. I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back and can sympathize with your pain. They said two if my vertebrae have calcified and the disc between is gone, (an accident when I was younger seems to be the culprit) so that cant be good. Some days are worse, but the exercises do help, SO keep them up.

Dean Saliba Says:

Glad to hear you have found out what the problem is. Now kick it’s ass! :)

Dean Salibas last blog post..Follow Me On Twitter

Ree Says:

I’m glad it’s nothing more serious AND that the exercises will help. Hey, exercise = more wine right?

Rees last blog post..I remember 3rd grade. I got past it.

lceel Says:

Good that exercises help. And as long as we’re doing exercises – don’t forget your kegels. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

lceels last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Warbird

iamthediva Says:

What is this glucosamine like substance? (I can’t take it right now, cuz i’m still nursing, and also allergic to shell fish – i know that there’s a non-shell fish version of glucosamine but i wanna know what you’re taking?) is it good for sore joints and for tennis elbow like pain?

iamthedivas last blog post..A few words on Vomit and Poop

iamthediva Says:

also, i’m glad to hear that there’s some kind of relief for your pain!

teeni Says:

Hey stranger (I should talk)! I’m so glad you at least got a diagnosis. It sounds like you are doing all the right things to take care of yourself the best way possible. I’m so relieved and I had no idea about posture affecting your kidneys but I am actually starting to learn a lot about that right now. I wish I had known more about it when I was younger. Anyway, I hope all of what you are doing and learning is helping with the pain. Hugs to you!

teenis last blog post..Busy, Busy, Busy

Coast Rat Says:

So glad that you have finally discovered the causes for your pain and despair, and are in a program to remedy things. So very, VERY HAPPY FOR YOU, WITCHY!


Coast Rats last blog post..From Blue Birds, Family, Katrina, to CIVIL WAR BUFF

Witchypoo Says:

The worst thing about the whole nightmare… The bra.

Witchypoos last blog post..Pain in The Neck and Butt

Krissa Says:

Oops! Wait a minute! That was me just now… I was channeling Witchypoo! (But, I don’t think it was anything she didn’t want any of you to know!)

Krissas last blog post..Let the torture continue…

Cat Says:

I’m so glad you figured out what is going on and you KNOW I love a good plan…

Here’s to reversing degenerative vertebrae conditions!

Cats last blog post..In Memory of Lisa

Angella Says:

Glad you’re on the mend!

Angellas last blog post..Bookish

talina Says:

Herman the hemorrhoid? I am still waiting for mine to come in. Everyone says the preggo’s get them. :-P

I am so glad you’ve got some answers and a plan for the pain! Hopefully you’ve begun to feel better, the exercises will help you a ton in strengthening your back to keep the “good posture” going.

It seems like you are doing better, so glad for you.

talinas last blog post..Trust & Intuition Vs. Uncertainty & Lack of Experience: Childbirth and Labor

talina Says:

Yeah, how does the bra help again? You must have some giant boobs lady! Smash them down with a good sports bra. That is all I am wearing these days.

talinas last blog post..Trust & Intuition Vs. Uncertainty & Lack of Experience: Childbirth and Labor

Nan Says:

SO glad you have a plan! Do those exercises, and get well soon.

Nans last blog post..Beauty And The Droop

warriorwoman Says:

i leave for a few weeks and when i come back you’re talking in code.

i can’t wait until this pig flu is gone cause i need it all deciphered.


Hyphen Mama Says:

Lemme get this straight; you have a problem with your back and now you have to wear a bra???? I’d have thought the opposite, but that’s just me. I’ve been on “sports bra only” phase for about a year.

I’m glad you have a plan.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Hitch up the team, Ethel! We’re headin’ to Grandma’s house!!

Old Knudsen Says:

Imagine getting ill by slouching, next you’ll say you have square eyes from too much telly or strong teeth cos you eat yer bread crusts, well I’m off to shave the palms of my hands if I can find me glasses as I’m blind without them.

FreedomFirst Says:

Good luck with all that. I’m waiting for my MedicAid to kick in so I can see a chiropractor. I just hope they cover one who isn’t a total quack.

My posture’s been atrocious ever since I found out I was growing breasts. Which at the time I felt was the worst thing that could happen to me. Add a whiplash injury and two grueling pregnancies onto that, plus a birth that left my pelvis seriously out of whack and several months of nursing two VERY heavy boys, and, well, it’s not pretty.

Hopefully your troubles will ebb away blissfully with the therapy.

FreedomFirsts last blog post..Interesting….