January 17th, 2010

I was on a lengthy phone call last night with one of my twin cousins. At one point in the convo,she told me that her twin sister was playing with the Ouija Board, and had a message for me.

The message? Was from my first puppy love boyfriend, Horny McSlutty The content of the message was that he was sorry for the way he had treated me.

Twin cuz was a bit startled by my response. Because I totally cracked up.

She only got the funny when I described the picture in my head of the long line of women that this boy had to contact from the spirit realm to apologize to. I just figured he’d be wicked busy for quite some time.

I did an obit search and didn’t find his death announcement. Frankly, there’s a few other people I would like to get an apology from for the way they have treated me. This one? It’s a non-issue. I’m so over it.

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8 Responses to “Ouija Remorse”

Shawn Phillips Says:

This is hilarious! Thanks for the morning laugh.
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Nan Says:

The convent school near to my school was ALWAYS being haunted by Ouija ghosts. Or hysterical girls. But no Ouija board has ever worked around me.
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Krissa Says:

You need to make up a list and call your cousins and see about getting them to do a run down for you.
“Er, yeah… Just wondering if you would care to apologize to Witchypoo for obvious past transgressions?”
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iamthediva Says:

that IS a funny image. haha

Angella Says:

This? Is awesome.
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Edward Says:

That’s funny. I could think if a few people I wish I could talk to through a Ouija board. My first girlfriends would not be on the list.

Funeral Potatoes | Psychicgeek Says:

[...] guess who was one of the first non-family members that showed up for the viewing? Horny McSlutty! Bonus. We thought he might be dead [...]

Hyphen Mama Says:

I agree with Krissa…. you need a list for the twins to reference.