December 28th, 2009

This holiday season, I did most of my shopping without going into an actual store. Most. Stocking stuffers require one to hold actual merchandise and pay for it with cash type of money or debit.

I have a friend in Maine, and she agreed to allow my orders to ship (free!) to her, and she would ship those orders on to me. I would pay the postage from Maine to here.

She’s also a twitter friend, and when I opened my twitter feed one day in November, found an excited tweet from her. Seems it was her birthday, and some secret admirer has sent her a copy of the The Pioneer Woman Cooks as a birthday surprise.

I had ordered the book for a local foodie friend for Christmas, because although she has gluten and dairy issues, she loves herself a cookbook. In fact, she has many of them, and now adapts her recipes.

I couldn’t yank her birthday surprise out from under her, because why would I even do that? So I looked to a local artist to order a replacement gift. Only, guess what? The replacement gift didn’t arrive in time. The lovely artist, Shelagh Duffet, offered one of her prints (free!) so I would have something to present on the big day.

I agreed, with the proviso that she sign the print thusly: “Shelagh Duffet, Famous International Artist Who Lives Nearby”, which she agreed to do. I armed myself with a boatload of hand sanitizer to meet up with her in a newly opened cafe, where we had a lovely chat and sampled the goodies from the cafe. The lemon scones made me all happy in my mouth. The conversation made me happy in the brain, and all was right with the world.

When I presented my friend with her prezzie, I told her the story, and she agreed, it was pretty funny.

But? There’s still a space on her kitchen bookshelf where a certain cookbook needs to reside. And? It’s on sale at a ridiculous price now.

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12 Responses to “Online Christmas”

lceel Says:

That’s what I like – a little Warmly Witchypoo.
lceel´s last blog ..Monday Meanders 12-28 My ComLuv Profile

Ree Says:

Happy in the mouth is a good thing to be!
Ree´s last blog ..Grace in Small Things: 52/365 My ComLuv Profile

Nan Says:

Yay for internet shopping! Yay for cookbooks! And yay for you! Happy New Year, from Jolly Olde England.
Nan´s last blog ..Highlights Of The Season… My ComLuv Profile

iamthediva Says:

i ordered a few things this year online, but the stress of wondering whether or not they’d arrive in time damn near did me in! maybe i’ll just order sooner next year.

Krissa Says:

Pioneer Woman is an amazing cook, you could have done a lot worse, and it’s the thought that counts, anyway.
So which one of her prints did Shelagh Duffet give you for her? She has some awesome ones on her site.
Krissa´s last blog ..I am sure we are outwitting the German spies. My ComLuv Profile

shelagh Says:

Great story and I benefited from it:)Thanks!
Yes, that cafe is a must do again sometime although next time I will stick to one sweet:)
shelagh´s last blog ..quiet afternoon My ComLuv Profile

Palabuzz Says:

I haven’t tried online shopping but I do agree that it the best way to shop this Christmas since more and more bad guys are roaming the streets in this season.

talina Says:

I got that book from N this year. Love it and am addicted to those Cinnamon Rolls in there.
talina´s last blog ..I need to get all this crap from point A to point B… without paying a ton! My ComLuv Profile

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

Well I am mighty glad that my postmistress wasn’t interested in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or I would have had a very irate little boy on Christmas morning!

This story made me gaffaw. Cause it was so well told AND it didn’t happen to me.

Hyphen Mama Says:

You pulled that off nicely! I’d probably have ordered a second book and been all “hey, since you liked the book so much, I figured my other friend would, too, and ordered another one.” But I’m all kinds of not creative like you.

I keep seeing the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and assume it’ll be all gluteny and I’m not one who alters recipes with much luck. Glad to hear that others have done so with positive results.

Happy New Year!!
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warriorwoman Says:

you rock.

and i can’t wait to get the print framed.
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gochi Says:

Great job of not telling that friend in Maine that the cookbook wasn’t intended for her. :) Although, if you had already discussed the process of sending stuff you’ve ordered to her and she sends it to you, why didn’t she first think that it was something you ordered instead of something from a “secret admirer”?

Anyway, hope you had a happy holidays and that you find a copy of that cookbook soon.