October 13th, 2009

Okay, so it turns out I have pneumonia. Don’t worry. At least, I think it’s pneumonia, because of the symptoms, all pneumonia-like and all, but I snuck a peek at my xray, and about a quarter of my left lung showed a shadow. More like a pool of snot, but shadow works for the queasy.

Yet my doctor was all freaked out that I lost 25 pounds without trying, so he says if the xray doesn’t show cancer, we are going for a cat scan. WE??? Yeah, doc, get in that machine for me, because it fah-reeks me out.

I prefer the weight loss theory that Cat espouses, a tapeworm. She is all obsessed with the tapeworms, and when she discovered she didn’t actually have one, she had to foist it off on me. Makes perfect sense, lose 25 pounds, you have a tapeworm.

I am a big believer that knowledge is power, and I refuse to get my knickers in a twist until I am sure I have something to fret about. (Did you notice how I refrained from saying “panties”? Because, apparently,some internet folks really hate the word panties.)

Lately, and I apologize to my best bloggy friends for this, but I have been so ignoring my blog and only updating when I get a polite notice from BlogHer. It’s just that life has been interfering with the online stuff. But really, Twitter has been more absorbing to me lately.

I’m sorry, bloggy friends. I will try to do better after I resolve the health issues.

And all these thirty somethings saying “I’m old”? Old hurts. Physically. Don’t delude yourselves.

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21 Responses to “Old Hurts”

Coast Rat Says:

Whatever you have or don’t have, it’s good to hear from you, Witchy! I, too, have been a teeny bit lax in posting lately; have stuff going on, and am adjusting to changing lives… Take care!
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Chibi Jeebs Says:

Keeping you in my thoughts. <3
Chibi Jeebs´s last blog ..Life My ComLuv Profile

daysgoby Says:

Sending you healing thoughts – and I’m so happy to see you posting!
daysgoby´s last blog ..the dread crew – stories that stick My ComLuv Profile

Ree Says:

Well, fuck a duck girlfriend. Good thoughts to you. XXOO
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Nan Says:

He’s just jealous you look so svelte in those jammies, that Doc. Wants to torture you with Scans.

Hope that life is taking you away from your blog in a good way! I might have to get on Twitter just to keep in touch!

shelagh Says:

Sheesh. You must feel awful. I had pneumonia once and I was so tired and wheezy I could hardly do anything. I hope that that is all it is and I hear ya on the knowledge is power. Don’t fret until there is something to fret about. No news is good news.My dad was a big believer in not worrying until there is something to worry about and then don’t worry, take action!
Oh, and it is knickers in a knot and panties in a twist:)
Get better soon!!!

Hyphen Mama Says:

Yeah, the bloggy blahs are going around. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s ONLY pneumonia. You wearing your purple disk? I swear I tucked one in my knickers last week after my surgery and laughed the whole time at how ridiculous it seemed and that it didn’t matter because nobody would know.

Old? If it’s this bad in my late 30’s… I’m so effing screwed when I’m 60.

Old Knudsen Says:

Sorry to hear about the lack of tapeworm, have you ruled out a baby snake? Lets hope they find and cure what ails you and you get big and sassy soon. Oh I loveeeee the word panties but knickers in a twist the the correct expression.
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Angella Says:

Feel better soon, sweet Witchypoo!
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Krissa Says:

YOU AIN’T OLD, WOMAN! You da spring chicken!
Seriously, pneumonia sucks big, fat, hairy, donkey… well, you know what I’m trying to say.
I agree with the whole “There is nothing to worry about until there is something.”, philosophy. I don’t waste my time on shit like that and I’m glad you don’t either. Think the good thoughts, sweetheart!
Worried a bit about Old Knudsen’s affinity for the word “panties”….
Krissa´s last blog ..WE’RE BACK! in the damn hospital. My ComLuv Profile

josey Says:

well HEY, poopoo!! :D for some reason you have been coming to mind often lately, so i thought i’d stop by :) sadly i havent posted on my blog for months–my latest time-waster is facebook. LOL. it’ll wear off eventually ;)

sooo you got noomoanya, huh? well! be watching for some pink-fuzzy energy catapulting your way today from the good ole midwest US. i dont know why pink–maybe it’s because i imagine you in a pink fuzzy robe and slippers right now? LOL! at any rate, i’m hoping it clears up soon. was there an official diagnosis?

lots has been goin on with me this year…maybe sometime we’ll have to catch up. i’m too lazy to blog about it. LOL! be well!!! (((huggers)))

josey Says:

forgot to check the notify me box ;)

Priscilla Says:

Oh no! Here I thought you were all busy and junk and now I hear you’re sick! Goodness!!

Sending you good energy and hoping you feel better soon.
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boomerblogger Says:

Well first let me say that I hope you get better real soon but when I read “knickers” in your post I thought maybe you are a golfing psychic. If this is true this is truly great news, someone with some credibility in this field! Even if you are not a golfer maybe we could cross promote each others sites, http://www.pargazer.com could definitely use a female perspective. Check it out and see if you like the site and maybe we could have a witches “corner” or instead of a witches brew, it could be a witches TEE, anyway if this would be of interest I could use your perspective, most of my readers, believe it or not are women and I have been slapped around by them a few times for not having more info directed at the lady golfers.

boomerblogger Says:

By the way, I forgot to mention that Pargazer is a site that offers free golf horoscopes.

talina Says:

Tape worm sounds like a possibility to me, snot in your lungs? Yikes. Take it easy woman.

Thinking of you, and I am so hooked on twitter these days too.

Gilz Says:

Get better soon.
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lceel Says:

I am not offended in the least little bit by the word ‘panties’. As a matter of fact – it’s probably right up there on my list of favorite words. Yup. It is.
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iamthediva Says:

oh my, i hope everything turns out okay. Hugs to you, take care of yourself!!

The Girl from the Ghetto Says:

Pneumonia is never fun. Don’t worry about blogging, living and recovering is always more important.

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

And YOU have been worrying about ME?

Seriously chick, talk to me, I have a double helping of the worry gene.