April 11th, 2008

Big day today! My buddies Torch and the Big V are on their way to my house this morning.

We were inseparable about thirty years ago. Went on many road trips, had lots of really funny moments, and laughed ourselves sick.

Life kind of nudged us here and there, and we flitted in and out of each other’s lives from time to time.

Last summer, I got to visit Torch at her cottage, and the Big V showed up to complete the circle. It was magical.

I only made three promises for today. I would wear a bra, I would keep my partial plate in, and I would cook them scallops, fried in butter.

Bra |ON|

Teeth |IN|

Scallops |WAITING|

Let the good times roll!

Later: They just left, and I will have to tell the tales another day or later on, I think. It was great fun!

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11 Responses to “Old Friends”

teeni Says:

Ahh – good friends and good times! Can’t wait to read your post after this little visit! :) Enjoy Witchpoo!

teeni’s last blog post..Sign Up for the Story Game

RaeJane Says:

I love scallops!
I await the stories… good friends… how wonderful.

RaeJane’s last blog post..tired

kaylee Says:


kaylee’s last blog post..HOPE LOST?

Ree Says:

Sounds like a blast!

Ree’s last blog post..I Know a Secret

frogpondsrock Says:

Yay for old friends…

frogpondsrock’s last blog post..Mystery Object # 2

Amanda(Shamelesslysassy) Says:

I’m ready for stories. Particularly if they involve people who request that one wear a bra.

Amanda(Shamelesslysassy)’s last blog post..Honey…Put Up the Gun..

Linda Says:

Bra on=good
Teeth in=good good
scallops=excellent! La la love scallops!

Linda’s last blog post..peep show

Jenny Says:

They must be good friends…to wear a bra AND teeth, all in the same day. I can’t wait to hear the stories. Did they know they’d be blog fodder?

Jenny’s last blog post..Pet Peeve Thursday–The Tax Edition

Kelley Says:

Old friends, they have your history and are not afraid to blackmail you with it. The best kind.

Fried scallops sound heavenly. Wish my biatches would make me scallops. They just break out the chocolate and request I bring the wine.

Kelley’s last blog post..Pull my finger.

Old Knudsen Says:

Teeth in, bra on, I just love the details.

Old Knudsen’s last blog post..Couple Invent Children To Collect Benefits

warriorwoman Says:

bra – teeth – food; I could rearrange those words for a completely different story – but not in a homosexual way or anything

warriorwoman’s last blog post..burn in hell you little bastard