November 25th, 2009

Ever since all of this swine flu bidness, I’ve been staying much closer to home, and washing hands and surfaces that others have touched.

I have no sick days. If I’m too sick to work, why, I just don’t work. (Or get paid) As if that isn’t bad enough, the week following an absence is sparse, because people find other favourites if their first choice isn’t available on their regular schedule.

Last week, I had problems with my telephone line after a nor’easter, which around here, means a big, cold windy storm. I lost a week’s pay. Not the best time of year for it, either. Now I’m working to wow new callers so they will be loyal to me. (To replace the clients that were wowed by other psychics when I wasn’t available) I still have the persistent cough from over six weeks ago.

So, all you people who are making fun of my germophobia?

Bite me.

From afar. I don’t want your germs, thankyouverymuch.

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12 Responses to “Oink”

Ree Says:

psssst. I know where you can get a typhoid shot. Not a flu shot, but…y’know. ;-)
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Cat Says:

Dude, the more doorknobs you like, the more different germs you’re IMMUNE to. It’s like they don’t teach you anything up there in Canada.
Cat´s last blog ..False Alarm, Except Alarm Implies "Bad" and This Would Have Been Good. Ish. Right? My ComLuv Profile

warriorwitch Says:

You’re that sick person that no one feels sorry for.
What’s wrong with you?
People from all over looooove my germs.

I miss u

lceel Says:

Just where would you like me to bite you?
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Linda Says:

Glad you’re feeling better. I was getting a little worried about you there for a minute.

GERMS!! I’m a lot more germ aware than ever before.
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Eric | Eden Journal Says:

We’ve leaned towards the germaphobic side lately too. Every time we go to the mall, play ground, and Disney World (we have anual passes,) we bust out the hand sanitizer and wash our hands often. The scariest one for me is when entering Disney, you have to do a finger print scan; we sanitize right away after that one.
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Krissa Says:

I am wowed by you on an ongoing basis…
Does that help any? ;-)
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Nan Says:

Everywhere in London, there are people with masks on. So you’re not alone! So glad we’re near the sea, where the breeze blows our germs away. Be well!
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Angella Says:

Do what you need to do to stay healthy. I’m self-employed too, and can’t afford to get sick.
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jojo Says:

I have a supressed immune system due to M.S. so I get ya there. I’ve been lurking for a while, but I thought I would say hello and send fellow blessings your way to defeat the germs.

Fragrant Liar Says:

Yeah, our entire house has been infucted with H1N1 and bronchitis plus some strange unidentified crapola. Happy oinking holidays, eh?
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Kaja Says:

I gots me some of that germ-a-phobia too. I went into 7 eleven a few weeks ago and heard a women tell someone she had the flu.. I straight up left without buying anything.

I ain’t catchin that junk