June 11th, 2008

Overheard, years ago in hallway. Two young boys playing.

“Lets play Batman.”


“You can be Batman.”


“F*ck you, Batman!”

I snuck away before they discovered I overheard them.

And? At least they weren’t fighting.


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21 Responses to “Not Parallel Play”

Talina Says:

Sounds exactly how I used to play with my brothers…

You know my youngest brothers 2nd word was damn-it, he! We were a fun family!

Oh and woot I am first!

Talinas last blog post..So much chaos and uncertainty in the USA right now *sigh*

Dirty Laundry Diva Says:

Now that is my kind of playtime!

Dirty Laundry Divas last blog post..Mr. NewscasterHottie and Guest

Old Knudsen Says:

I don’t like batman either, those rich types think they can do what they like.

Old Knudsens last blog post..No Sex Please We’re Kmart Shoppers

warriorwoman Says:

I love batman, all that tight synthetic leather stretched over an even tighter bod.
I’m with the kid – I’d love to fuck batman

warriorwomans last blog post..out of my way old man

Christy Says:

Batman would be selfish in bed….now Robin…..he’s a giver.

(I think I’m a Hulk woman, though…..)

Christys last blog post..Rubs me the right way

Mylifeasmomma Says:

Hmmm. I have thought about Batman with that same word….but in a totally different context.

mp Says:

That is funny…OMG how do you sneek away upright..I think I would have busted a gut right there!!

mps last blog post..Selective Partying

warriorwoman Says:

Alright, thanks You. All I could think about today was a mysterious man in a black leather suit with a cape.

Cold showers aren’t very comfortable.

warriorwomans last blog post..“mom, I’m a witch”

Angella Says:

I can’t beat the above comments. I’m going to quit while I’m behind.

Angellas last blog post..My Sweetie Girl*

Coast Rat Says:

Holy Bat-cuss! I don’t have anything brilliant to contribute here, Witchy, but I did go over and vote for you!

Coast Rats last blog post..ANOTHER YEAR GONE – BIRTHDAY TIME!

kailani Says:

Oh, poor Batman.

kailanis last blog post..Giveaway: BOCA BETH

Posh Totty Says:


Posh Tottys last blog post..Weight Loss

lceel Says:

We used to call that ‘getting suckerpunched’.

lceels last blog post..Wordless Wednesday (with p.s.)

Jenny Says:

I’m with warriorwoman. She says what I was thinking.

Jennys last blog post..Dear Mother Nature

witchypoo Says:

You’re all evil. I like you.

Jenn Says:

Were you at my house?? Listening to my boys?? That sounds like them!

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zoe Says:

um. have you been spying on my boys?

zoes last blog post..Fat Ass Friday: Free at last

Minnesota Matron Says:

That sounds like my boys! Funny.

Minnesota Matrons last blog post..Stage Mother

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