December 1st, 2009

Every once in awhile, my inner pimp emerges, and I arrange for two people to meet, although my inner pimp demands no money. I know. I’d get kicked out of the pimp club if only they knew. (But I continue to send in my membership fees.)

Once the connection is initiated, I step back and figure that grown people can navigate without my help. Excellent policy, if I do say so myself. Besides, I’m hardly nosey. I know A LOT of people’s secrets. And a lot of them, I just don’t care to know, but that’s why they call it work, heh.

I had a conversation with one of the participants of said connection, and I secured permission to share with you. That’s because I love you THAT MUCH, and it’s sometimes fun to share.

witchy says :
i knew her place would be spotless
First Date Guy says :
I figured it would be too
witchy says :
you didn’t take a dump in her place didja?
First Date Guy says :
witchy says :
hahahaha bad first date move
witchy says :
still howling
First Date Guy says :
exactly and I have a nervous stomach
witchy says :
First Date Guy says :
stopped at TIMS (note: this is a place that serves STRONG coffee) before I got there
witchy says :
good move!
First Date Guy says :
farting is a bad first date move too
witchy says :
oh, is it? probably yes
First Date Guy says :
I am pretty sure it is a sign of things to come LOL
like Grammy farting and saying OOOPS>>>>
witchy says :
hah! this part of the convo would make a good blog post!
First Date Guy says :
yes things to NOT do on a first date

There were more, but then we were getting into identifying information. Discretion is my middle name. Really.

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13 Responses to “Not on the first date”

Krissa Says:

Well, shit! So are they now planning a wedding or not?
Serusly, did they hit it off? Cuz I’m thinking your “don’t fart” advise was right on the money. You should get paid for this stuff!
Krissa´s last blog ..There just is no good title for this. I mean what on earth would you call it? My ComLuv Profile

Nan Says:

Hey *I* farted on our first date!

Sean brings it up all the time in polite company.
Nan´s last blog ..Trini Christmas in Surrey, in November….. My ComLuv Profile

Ree Says:

Bright guy!
Ree´s last blog ..This is not about India My ComLuv Profile

talina Says:

Watching a guy get the crap beat out of him was our first date fun… I wonder what that is a sign of.
talina´s last blog ..Tween gremlins, missing gifts, brain cell lackaged and a puzzle in a pear tree. My ComLuv Profile

Priscilla Says:

Oh that’s funny! I’m a gassy gal myself. It’s my #1 fear when meeting new ‘important’ people.

New banner!! NICE! ! !

I’m in sad need of a Christmas banner idea.
Priscilla´s last blog ..BLISS My ComLuv Profile

LiLu Says:

Inner pimp… I love it!!!
LiLu´s last blog ..This is Seriously How We Spend Our Time My ComLuv Profile

lceel Says:

Farting isn’t all that cool after you’re married, either – or in Karate class. I’m just sayin’.
lceel´s last blog ..100 word Challenge – Kaleidoscope My ComLuv Profile

Eric | Eden Journal Says:

I beg to differ with Iceel. Farting is very cool after you are married. It’s always good for a laugh.
Eric | Eden Journal´s last blog ..The Post Movie High – That good feeling you get after watching a great movie. My ComLuv Profile

warriorwoman Says:

and they say you can’t teach a man anything.
warriorwoman´s last blog ..freedom My ComLuv Profile

mepsipax Says:

That is some awesome stuff. Coffee before a date will certainly stir things up. And make an interesting blog post.
mepsipax´s last blog ..Taken Tuesday My ComLuv Profile

teeni Says:

LOL!!!!! I’m glad I don’t have to worry about all these dating rules anymore! I forgot about all the pressure to present such a good image. It’s good to be an old married couple and get to let it all hang out. When we’re alone anyway. ;)
teeni´s last blog ..Holy Crap – It’s Almost 2010! My ComLuv Profile

Fragrant Liar Says:

Oh, the PRESSURE that builds around a good first date…
Fragrant Liar´s last blog ..I Have a New Baby My ComLuv Profile

WP Robot Says:

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