March 10th, 2009

Here we go. This shows you just how scintillating my life is. I got out of the house last Saturday. Took the whole day off.

I bought curtains.

Photographers? Close your eyes. I know it’s blurry. It’s a limited camera, and my eyes are blurry as well. I didn’t want to use flash because of the sunlight from the side window showing up the guitar

Just so you know, I didn’t buy all three on the big day. No, only the side panels, which were on two for the price of one. The middle panel has been up since I moved in. It’s a sheet. I bought the clip on hardware so I could convert any fabric into curtains. I figured in winter, I could grab the quilt from the loveseat and slap it on the window for insulation. I like the simplicity, and umm…frugality of the concept.

Bite me. I don’t get out much.

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19 Responses to “My Big Day”

Hyphen Mama Says:

Oh, that IS a big day out!

Do you order groceries online? That’s my new fantasy, that would complete my never-leave-home plan.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Mr Hyphen’s Fantasy Comes True

Jenn FL Says:

I do almost the same thing. I buy meters of fabric and fancy curtain rods, then I fold the fabric so you don’t see the cut sides, throw it over the rod and call it a valence.

I am so lazy.

Jenn FLs last blog post..Lunch

Cat Says:

I’m just glad you didn’t go nuts and buy anything crazy like new sheets. You’re a lesson in fiscal restraint, my dear.

Cats last blog post..On Hotel Stationary

Dean Says:

I just painted the windows black after all my confederate flags faded…..

MidLifeMama Says:

I swear I have that same exact comforter/quilt on my couch. And buying curtains IS a big day!

MidLifeMamas last blog post..Fathers vs. Mothers

Torch Says:

Okay – that’s it … I’m coming into the City and hijacking you for a day or two!!!!!

Judi Says:

Man, you are living dangerously these days…BOGO curtains and a whole day out…hoot!

I like the way the sun hits the guitar.

Judis last blog post..Giving Up Lent

iamthediva Says:

that’s a great shot!

iamthedivas last blog post..GREEN!!

Nan Says:

So, who’s the guitarist? Glad you got out. Is it still freezing cold? When the sun comes out will you go out? I miss you by the way, I think I will have to buy a new Blackberry when I get to the UK, so I can be up-to-the-minute on my friends.

Nans last blog post..Don’t Panic!

evey Says:

I have lived in my house for over 9 years and still have not progressed to the point of purchasing *anything* to go over the main window. You are now my inspiration!

Karen Says:

I think it looks very nice~ And I love that photo, it looks very arty, like you meant it to look like that.

I don’t get out much these days, either. I need a fun diversion!

Karens last blog post..Workamper News

Angella Says:

Did you need a nap after all of that activity? ;)

Angellas last blog post..Mad At Dad?

lceel Says:

That’s actually a really nice photo. I love hte way the guitar is a) sitting there and b) lit.

lceels last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Soon … Very Soon

Talina Says:

I envy your window! Windows are pretty important to me, I love natural light.

That is a nice big room too. Now did you enjoy your day out of the house? What is scheduled for the next outing?

Talinas last blog post..The final chapter of the crappy evansville landlord drama.

Ree Says:

That is a great window! The curtains are very pretty, too.

Rees last blog post..Real time posting

Krissa Says:

The sheet in the middle looks just like the curtains on the sides in the picture. And the rings with the clips are my favorite way to hang curtains since they slide open and closed so easily. I think the whole look is a winner!
Who plays guitar?

Krissas last blog post..Can you hear it? Can you hear it? I think it’s a chorus of angels singing…

Coast Rat Says:

Neat image! Good for you for getting out!

Coast Rats last blog post..2009 – Week #1: Mississippi Gulf Coast Blue Bird Trail Update

Theresa Says:

Lucky you! I still have paper stuck on my windows… and we moved in 6 months ago.

Theresas last blog post..I am blessed

Linda Says:

The curtains are nice. Even the sheet looks great. You can’t tell at all.

I love the picture of the sunlight on the guitar. And the quilt! Is it handmade or factory? It’s lovely.

Lindas last blog post..Salton Sea