June 18th, 2008

You people crack me up. I feel guilty that the comments are often better than the actual post, but I love it! And? It’s often really hard to decide how many to include. My laziness often makes that decision for me.

From Not Parallel Play


I don’t like batman either, those rich types think they can do what they like.

From June Peep


Hey, I can relate to all poop stories, as living with an 86 year old, constipated, invalid, woman has taught me that EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND THE POOP. By the way, you keep me in stitches…even with all the, ahem, shit going on over here. (pardon the pun)


Mylifeasmomma says . “I hear when you get old that the highlight of your day is when you go poop.” Are you kidding? The highlight to MY day is when I poop!!! When I’m 86 having a bm will probably move me to complete enlightenment. And I hear eating baked apples has a similar affect.

From Ask Witchypoo


Is everybody naked?

Memarie Lane

Well you certainly read my uterus.

From Sattiday in Maine

The Overthinker

I just typed a long comment and then my computer froze and I lost it. And let me tell you Witchy, it was pure genius. High-caliber humor. Funniness to the 10th power. You’re just going to have to trust me on this, it was going to be the best comment ever. Peep-tastic, if you will. Or, maybe I’m lying and all I did was post my time of 2:05.

From Just Lazy


I have blog-arrhea. Every time I do anything it seems blog-worthy. Then I READ it, and it’s like cyber-anesthesia. Oh Jesus. Now I want to blog about my blog bulemia…. HELP!!!

From Smite Me

Ass Burger Boy

I just want to tell you that his microphone would be a Suppository if he smacked me and refused to get it out of my face. Can’t stand people like that.


I just wanna tellya, Oh Lord, that made me giggle. And Lo, now I can stop feeling sorry for myself and go to sleep, yea, and possibly not wake up with the flu tomorrow, Oh Lord. Cause I just wanna tellya, Jesus, laughter is the best medicine. AMEN!

And the winnah is…

Texas Poppet

And the male congregates awoke with much oogling and gaping with awe as they beheld the sight of Witchypoos ta-tas and the just and righteous hands of their good wives did smite them in the pews. Praise be.

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15 Responses to “More June Peeps”

Jenny Says:

That’s it.

$4 per gallon gas; 4 million acres of crop land destroyed by flooding; my husband’s work industry fixin’ to fold; 3 days straight with no sleep. All of these things I can get a handle on. But no pithy comments from Old Knudsen? It really IS the apocalypse!

I no longer have faith in humanity.

p.s. Oh, and thanks for the honorable mention!

Jennys last blog post..Karma…She’s a Royal Biotch

ABB Says:

And here I thought it was intentionally fixed so I wasn’t on the mention list. Me and my needing to sleep keeping me from winning. I’ll get you next time my pretties… NEXT TIME!
and your little dog TOO…

teeni Says:

Nice job, Texas Poppet! Congrats!

mp Says:

You got some funny people that read your blog!

mps last blog post..Men! You can’t shoot ‘em.

Talina Says:

It is true you do have the best commenters EVER! I always get good laugh time out of reading your peeps posts!
Praise be! LOL…

Talinas last blog post..Ah, happy Wednesday!

warriorwoman Says:

congradulations Texas Poppet

warriorwomans last blog post..puerto rico

Mylifeasmomma Says:

I am LOL at the comments you got! Why is poop so interesting?

Christy Says:

I’m honored to be on your list!

And I only had to reference diarrhea and vomiting to get there!

My status as low-brow is secure…

Christys last blog post..Is it me, or does Yoga Man need a full body implant?

Andy Bailey Says:

hehe, this is a really good type of post to have.. your readers are nuts! (he says with a wink which is supposed to mean wink wink not nerr nerr)

Andy Baileys last blog post..A great book for wordpress theme design

Krissa Says:

Well, congratulations to Texas Poppet! Funny stuff! And thanks for the mention. I have to say that reading your posts turns on my funny switch. You know how contagious laughter is…
Thanks again.

Krissas last blog post..Sucky caregiver provider

TX Poppet Says:

Aw, shucks. Thank you.

TX Poppets last blog post..WFMW-Quick Dill Pickles

Cool Things Says:

[...] me “Nobody likes a smart mouth.”, apparently you were mistaken.  Witchypoo over at Psychicgeek gave me a Peep of the Week award for my comment on her post about her unfortunate incident with [...]

nan Says:

All Right Texas Poppet! That was indeed perfect and peep-worthy. The rest of us will have to try harder!

nans last blog post..Chickens I’ve Found In Pockets!

Jacki Says:

I am gonna have to visit Texas Poppets blog….that was a LOL comment.

Jackis last blog post..You know you are old when….

frogpondsrock Says:

yay for texas poppet… actually that should be