June 18th, 2009

The ever-loquacious Krissa had tons of questions she didn’t want to bother me with in regular emails, so I got her to include them in a separate email, so I could cobble a post from them. Thanks, sis.

  • When did you first realize you were gifted in “seeing”? Or however you put it? The first indication I had was when I was practicing palm reading on family members. I thought I knew them inside and out. Turns out I found out new stuff about them by reading their palms.
  • Is it a hereditary thing in your family? Dad used to dowse for well water. None of the other family members actually charged money for their various psychic talents. It’s what sets me apart as a Tool of Satan.
  • Can you just look at people and get feelings about them? Oh, yeah. My creep-o-meter even operates on photographs. Although I had one client who presented as normal, but stressed, and progressed to bat-shit crazy.
  • How much of the things that one see’s on TV, i.e. Medium, is accurate? Most of my information comes in trance, rather than sleep. I like to have some kind of control over what I get and when I get it. Allison Dubois is a real woman, and the series was based on her. Some psychics get their information solely in dreams. Clients don’t like having to wait overnight. They want the goods NOW.
  • Is “woman’s intuition”, kind of the same thing except not as advanced and/or accurate? It’s just as advanced and accurate. The trick is that people don’t trust the information they are given. I do.
  • Do you have telling dreams? When I bother to write my dreams down, they are loaded with information. Mostly, I just let them go. Too much information. Not enough ambition.
  • What do you do when jokers ask you for lottery numbers? I explain that if I could get the lottery numbers, I would be rich. However, getting any information in trance requires a calm attitude. I defy you not to get excited when looking for lottery win numbers. Same goes for picking mens. Psychic information needs a relaxed attitude. Horny ain’t relaxed.
  • What’s your best psychic reading story? The funniest is http://psychicgeek.com/bad-psychic
  • What are the differences in Clairvoyant, Medium, and Psychic? A clairvoyant gets visions, usually loaded with information, a medium connects with dead people, and psychic is a catchall that includes clairvoyance and mediumship.

Do you have questions? Send me an email through my contact form, so I can keep track of them, and I will try to address them.

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12 Responses to “More Ask Witchypoo”

Ree Says:

I wondered why you were a Tool of Satan!
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Krissa Says:

And so now, in addition to seeing clearly that you are a tool of Satan, I also have answers to many other questions.
Now, do all the work on MY next post! ;-)
Krissa´s last blog ..Henrietta’s night in hell… at 74 degrees. My ComLuv Profile

warriorwoman Says:

i have a question:

the images i see in my crystal ball, can i upload them onto facebook?
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FreedomFirst Says:

Mark’s always complaining about the stuff that comes to him in dreams. I didn’t know that about psychics.

Does it bother you to know about things you can’t fix? That’s something I really hate. Although I’m starting to understand that many of these things I thought were some kind of supernatural knowledge were actually just victim/victim comprehension (or whatever the actual term for it is). I’m not sure if that makes me feel better or not because I still can’t do much about it….
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FreedomFirst Says:

Oh, and Lol @ WarriorWoman. That was funny.
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Krissa Says:

From a psychic point of view…. how do penguins “do it”? ;-)
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Dean Says:

Cool. So will I ?

We’ll chat soon…..got some news for ya….

Hyphen Mama Says:

Oh yeah. I can totally see how making money from your given talent would make you a tool of satan!

Like the way some people make money doing things THEY are good at… like athletes. Can you imagine calling a major league athlete a Tool of Satan because they make money doing what they do best?

People who think that way deserve to be laughed at on our blogs.
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witchypoo Says:

Sports don’t usurp the authority of the church. Only “God’s anointed” shall have access to the mysteries. Not at all for the great unwashed. They need to tithe to consult those who have access. So maybe they think I’m stealing money from the church.
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HalfAsstic.com » All. In. One. Paragraph. Says:

[...] Witchypoo, has got me spilling my guts in emails to her AND since she had me be an active part in her post I thought, hey, I can at least pull something together from an email I sent her.  We do a lot of [...]

iamthediva Says:

how very informative and also entertaining as always…

just trying to catch up on my reads. vacationing takes a lot out of a person. :D
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Old Knudsen Says:

I can upload my bitter balls to facebook.

I am heading towards batshit but sometimes you just have to unleash against the foolies.
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