July 13th, 2009

I used to make fun of my mother all the time. Shaddap, it was a mutual thing we did, lots of fun. I was sharper of wit, but she was big on schadenfreude. Which is German for ‘I enjoy your misfortune’ or ‘I’m afraid of my own shadow’. You decide. So, ma would go for the kill, and then you would hear the dirtiest laugh, which would be the creak on the hinges of hell. Ma took great pleasure in her evil ways.

We got along just great. We ‘got’ one another. I visited her most every day, so some of her evil ways rubbed off on me. When I was younger, they did not, because I was snottily superior. At age ten. She loved me anyway and I grew out of it. We were good friends in my adult years. Ma provided an excellent model for friendship. If you didn’t mind the whole mockery-with-a-dirty-laugh thing. Well, I dropped the mockery, and used my madd diplomatic skillz. The laugh? Not when I’m working.

Of many things, I would mock her failing eyesight. She would grin because she knew the same fate awaited me.

And you know what?

I have this little netbook, because it doesn’t hurt me to carry it. My neck has gotten even with me after years of poor posture at a desktop computer. The screen is so tiny that I keep a magnifying glass nearby to decipher the html, where punctuation completely counts.

Now who’s having the last laugh? Shaddap, Ma.

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20 Responses to “Mocking my Dead Mother”

Angella Says:

What goes around comes around…

lceel Says:

I hear heavenly cackling.
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Krissa Says:

So she, for sure, had and has the last laugh! Don’t worry I am sure she can feel you poking her from beyond the grave. ;-)
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iamthediva Says:

hee hee hee….
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karen Says:

We all turn into our mothers, I think.
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Dean Saliba Says:

Yes I too can hear a really dirty laugh from high above!

teeni Says:

As teenagers, we used to call our menstrual periods “the curse,” as if it were some holy hell that every mother passes on to her daughters. Now I know there is a lot more truth to that than I ever imagined, and it encompasses much more than the menstrual cycle. LOL.
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Nan Says:

Is there a setting to big-ify your screen font? (Look who’s giving the advice NOW!!) The blackberry had a setting to magnify for easier reading, I’m sure your notebook will have something like that. Cunningly hidden. You may have to call an expert.
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Joie Says:

Every so often I will terrify myself by channeling my (very much alive) mother. This is how I know God is a woman. Only a woman could appreciate the sublime justice in turning us all into our mothers one day.
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talina Says:

I hate fussing with html and missing some tiny punctuation, it RUINS everything and is a hair puller trying to fix.

Now how big is that magnifying glass?
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warriorwoman Says:

mothers, we all have one.
i have one too.
would anyone like to have her?
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Hyphen Mama Says:

I passed straight over my mother and became my grandmother. Soon… I’ll be my cantankerous old great grandmother!
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Torch Says:

I remember your mom’s laugh very well – seems like she was “laughing” at us all the time (or, most of the time!)

Cat Says:

I can totally hear the laugh – sounds like a cackle. She’s probably laughing down at you right now.
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tom-Affiliate Link Cloaker Says:

I wish i had a mother like that, he he. :)

Spine Care Says:

A very provocative yet warm post, we always have fond memories of our mommies and their peculiar ways are forever embedded in our hearts of hearts. Even if they go ahead of us, they will remain loved and cherished. :)

FreedomFirst Says:

That’s cute. I don’t need a mocking mother to know my eyesight will go eventually. I could really use some glasses. Congrats on your tiny screen, hehe.
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Evelyn Lim Says:

Hi there, it is my first time on this site and I am enjoying a number of your posts. They are hilarious! Thanks for the laughter!

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Sam Says:

I saw your comment on Bad Mother’s Basement regarding pot and chronic pain and I needed to come here for some reason. I think I need a reading of some sort but I’m still processing what I am feeling. Does this make any sense? Probably more to you than to me at the moment.
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