January 16th, 2008

I wanted to share some tips I have discovered. I like to invent things, like new words, new recipes, you get the picture, but I thought just tips would be boring, so it’s now my first made up meme.


Write your tip(s) with a link to who sent the meme to you, along with the instructions. They are better if they are your own discovery, or not widely known. Still, tips that make a difference to you are all good. After your tips, you will want to tag some friends who may even be hard up for blog fodder. (As I am today) Perhaps some of your newest bloggy friends. I have several new friends who I would like to know more about.


  • A great cat repellent is citrus oil. Go ahead, peel an orange in front of your cat and watch it scramoose. They hate it. For those who are worried about cats destroying their plants, christmas tree, furniture, just spray with a bit of citrus oil. Heck, I’d rub an orange peel on my furniture. It smells nice and all. I used to put orange peels in my garden as well, to keep neighbourhood kitties from using it as their litterbox. Just tuck the peel under the plant so it isn’t unsightly. Replace after a rain. Or, bury it for compost. Now, I’m wondering why lemon is so popular to serve with fish.
  • If you have sinus problems like I do, you have probably discovered the fabulous neti pot. What if you are travelling, or like me, just plain cheap? I picked up a one-cup teapot at the dollar store. Works great!
  • A sure-fire cure for bloating and menstrual cramps is an infusion of common yarrow in your bathwater. It grows everywhere here from June to September here. Be sure to research what it looks like exactly (leaves and flowers, habitat) before you use. A handful of the leaves and flowers stuffed in a mesh bag or pantyhose foot will act as the teabag for your infusion. I loved this remedy so much, I gave every woman I knew presents of yarrow I had gathered. Note to self: check for spiders before gifting.

I would like to tag







Have fun with this, don’t hate me, I’m in a sugar coma because I made my English toffee.
And don’t forget to vote for me. Cause I’m shameless that way.

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27 Responses to “Meme on Good Household Tips”

cricket Says:

i’ve never been anywhere for the birth of a meme…very exciting! :) now if only i had any household tips, i’d totally swipe this and send it on its way around the blogiverse…. :D

Lis Says:

This is the second time today I’ve read about snot factory overflows and neti pots…

Psst. I installed CommentLuv!

Lis’s last blog post..Sonnet for a Stick Chick

Ree Says:

Snirk. Thank goodness you didn’t tag me because I’m useless with household tips. But I’ll go read about everyone elses! ;-)

And then pass them along to Mr. H.

Ree’s last blog post..The Meeting

kailani Says:

Since I’m such a domestic goddess, you know I have tons of tips! *yeah right*

I’ll try to come up with a few. Thanks for the tag!

kailani’s last blog post..WW: Winter in Hawaii

Zhu Says:

I like the sinus ip and I’ll definitely try that one!

Let me see… man, I must be pretty at household tips can I can’t even think of one!

Okay, gotta work on my domestic goddess skills I guess…

Zhu’s last blog post..Supper’s Ready

teeni Says:

Oh, cool. This is a neat meme. I will definitely participate. I actually have posted a lot of tips at my site for my nieces and nephews’ benefit. And I’m sure I can add at least one more to this list! I’ll have to keep following this one too so I can benefit from all the tips we gather myself! ;)

teeni’s last blog post..Pretty Search Terms

nan Says:

Yup, I am certain that your “cats hate citrus” tip saved my Christmas tree from total destruction! My cat hates you.

nan’s last blog post..default recipe

kaylee Says:

I actually think thats a neat idea :P

kaylee’s last blog post..Awards for me?

mommyknows Says:

WOW! To the NetiPot … I so so so need that!


mommyknows’s last blog post..Still Walking … Well it’s Forty Below …

witchypoo Says:

cricket: It was a surprise to me as well! I wanted to share those tips, but thought 3 tips, no matter how useful, was boring. So I made it into a meme, memely because I wanted to see what other people found useful. I love the lavender oil idea, you got right on it!
lys: It’ snot always like this here, honest. I’ve had a sinus infection that has only gotten worse, so snot seems to be on my mind ;) Good move on CommentLuv! Watch your comments increase. And remember, I was commenting before heh, heh.
Ree: Did you look at the people I tagged? These people read your blog. Best be interviewing Mr. Hot for his sure-fire tips.
Kailani: I know you will! Make em up if you have to.
Zhu:I’m not a domestic goddess so much, as I like to find things that make life easier. Whatever works for you!
teeni: I remember Diva saying she met you through a meme, so I figured you woudn’t hate it.
Nan: Your cat doesn’t hate me. I’m allergic, and I’m the first that cats come to, even the skittish ones.

witchypoo Says:

Kaylee:Which one? Oh, heck, they all rock. That’s why I wanted to share them.
mommyknows: Just make sure it isn’t a teapot with a short spout. That can get messy. Tried that. Wound up using my pretty little dollar store teapot, since we are coffee drinkers all the way here.

Moolahking Says:


I never done a meme before..Nonetheless, i wish i never been tagged with this meme thingy.. :)

Hey Poo, never knew that citrus oil can cast the cat away..!!! My neighbour’s cat always spray their *you-know-what* and made my garden smells like men’s toilet. In this case, cat’s toilet. I hate it.. And I should used the citrus oil by now. If it’s work, I’ll update you..

About the menstrual cramps, hmm… I don’t have one.. Hahahaha that’s the good thing being a guy..!! Muahahahaha :)

Moolahking’s last blog post..Making Money Blogs Rules Blogosphere?

Marie Says:

You are a witchy woman indeed. I did it.

Marie’s last blog post..Marie’s Handy Dandy Household Hints

witchypoo Says:

Jeremy, you MoolahKing you: I’m happy to learn that you don’t suffer from menstrual cramps, but perhaps you can help some suffering woman in your life?
Marie: Don’t fear me. I mostly use my powers for good, and not for evil. Your post was awesome! I stumbled it.

cookiebitch Says:

I’m so glad you didn’t tag me. Because my only household tip is that when you have a household problem, or just don’t want to deal with housework, to take a good book, and a bottle of wine and sit in your tub for a good hour or two. Hey, it works for me!

cookiebitch’s last blog post..VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR

Veronica Says:

You tagged me? Sigh. I guess I will have to do this one. Not like the countless other memes that I have forgotten I was tagged with. Ooops.

Veronica’s last blog post..The Toddler

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Dawn Says:

wonder if I can be as funny as Marie?

Dawn’s last blog post..Search results

Veronica Says:

Sorry, last nights comment sounded a bit down. I’m not upset about the tag, truly.

Like Dawn said, I wonder if I can make it like Marie’s?

Veronica’s last blog post..Do Teenage Boys Brains Not Compute?

Moolahking Says:


Yeah, i do help her, by listening and pampering when she had one. Or else, get scolded by her with no reason..That goes to my precious love..Huhuhuhu :(

But that’s not stopping me to bear with it. In fact, that’s the most happy time to be together. You digg? :)

Moolahking’s last blog post..Does Spending Credits On High Ranking EntreCard Members Gave You Good Damn Traffics?

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zoe Says:

i noticed you didn’t tag me…is that cause you are aware of my domestic zeroism??? are you mind traveling through my laundry again???

zoe’s last blog post..TFT: One, Two Freddy’s coming for you…

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teeni Says:

Finally did my meme! Sorry so late! http://vtroom.wordpress.com/2008/01/20/the-good-household-tip-meme/

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Unruly Duckling Says:

You didn’t tag me, but I stole your meme anyway. Ha ha ha!

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