December 10th, 2007

My sister has a friend that I always remember two ways: her excellent stories, and by a lasting visual image of her.

It is around this time of year, long before most of you were born. I’m at my sister’s apartment, and down the hall we hear quite a commotion. We rush to her friend’s door, and holler “Are you okay?” We are answered with a laughing “Ye-e-ess”, and then a giggled “Come in. I might need help.”

Inside, in all of her glory, is my sister’s friend. Flat on her back, unable to move. Why? The christmas tree has fallen on her. And she is shaking with laughter.

It’s so burned into my memory it could be a cartoon.

This is the same woman who objected to the roast her mother was thawing because she saw the blood. Her mother indignantly said: “That’s not blood. That’s MEAT JUICE.”If that weren’t enough, meat juice girl grew up to work in a supermarket. You guessed it. The meat department. There was a big spill of blood, and it made the floor slippery and hazardous. Another employee warned her to avoid the pool of blood.

What did she say?

Why yes, she said “That’s not blood. It’s meat juice!”

She was 20 years old at the time, and still blushes when she recounts the incident in the meat department.

I hope you are like me and remember a laughing friend every time you thaw a roast.

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11 Responses to “Meat Juice”

daysgoby Says:

Hey, where’d you go?

You disappeared off my blogrolls list – if you get no comments today, that might be the reason – had to google to find you.

Bwa ha – meat juice!

I like the new design!

daysgoby’s last blog post..images of me

Let’s hope the disappearance was confined to you. I don’t use my blogroll to visit sites, I bookmark em. I don’t think I could stand the pressure of having a huge amount of posts in my feed reader. Good to see you back!

Just Beachy Says:

reminds me of the time my dad threw the tree out the front door into the front yard.. yeah, that was hilarious…not. meat juice is funny though…in an I’m going to become a vegetarian kind of way. ;)

Just Beachy’s last blog post..Swimming Down Stream

witchypoo sez: Anything with a face is going to bleed when you cut it. Dooce wore a t-shirt I giggled over. It said “Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty, murder.” I’m there. What I have a problem with is all the crud and antibiotics we feed our domestic critters to raise them for slaughter. Game and organic makes so much more sense to me. But hey, I’m a Maritimer. We eat wild meat.

Jenny Says:

Oh yes! For years I’ve convinced myself that the liquid that comes with meat is NOT blood, but “juices”. Otherwise I’d be too grossed out to eat it.

We had a cat climb to the top of our Christmas tree once…with similar results. Very, very funny, indeed.

p.s. I really liked the picture looking out your front door in your header. Very welcoming. It said a hundred things without using a word. Is it gone forever?

Jenny’s last blog post..And Then It Hits Me

witchypoo sez: Don’t worry about the front door picture. I still have it, but it will show a winter scene after Christmas. The format is gone, where all the yadda yadda was beside the image. I’m still working on the banner thingie.

Marie Says:

So what’s clam juice then?

Marie’s last blog post..Whichcraft?

witchypoo sez: That was priceless! I’m thinking…ummmm…spit? It isn’t going to stop me from enjoying bloody caesars.

josey Says:

hehehe! you are all cracking me up! MEAT JUICE is definitely something my mamaw (grandma) would have said! LOL! im serious, im honestly ROTFL here…

and as far as the christmas tree goes…our family has a classic story of how we finally got a REAL tree one year…and my dad was laying on his stomach with his head underneath it to water it. (guess what happens next? LOL)

suddenly we heard him hollerin and we went in and just saw his feet sticking out from underneath it! (he’s short!) me, mom and my little sister were ROLLING and he was swearing and getting so mad at my mom because he was getting pretty prickled up by it. it was CLASSIC.

now he has the nickname–Mr. Christmas Tree USA! HA!!

witchypoo sez: Hee! You don’t happen to have a picture of that I could borrow, would you?

Sarcastic Mom Says:


That sounds dirty.

Sarcastic Mom’s last blog post..Here’s Your Chance

josey Says:

witchyp–no, i wish i did tho!!! LOL, that would be a riot. sorry!

zoe Says:

meat juice? i think i just threw up a bit.

zoe’s last blog post..Show some Love

teeni Says:

Okay, you got my vote – you are now tied with someone else at 35 votes. I tried to stumble you too but stumbleupon is out of business for a while according to the note so I’ll have to come back for that. Good luck! Love the meat juice story.

teeni’s last blog post..I?m Dreaming of a Cheap Christmas

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