September 8th, 2009

I may have mentioned that I brushed the dirt off the bathroom scales a while back and was surprised to discover that I had lost 25 pounds. You may have wondered “How the hell does that even happen?” to a woman who spends most of her days in pajamas. Because, clearly, elastic waistbands just beg for expansion of the waist. And really, who knows? Physio means more exercise, less pain=MUCH less wine to manage pain. Like none. Wine is strictly recreational now, as it should be.

So I got mildly giddy and got me some of those mid-rise jeans and a few tops to go with them, so I could have something non-elastic to wear outside the house on errands, and of late, on twitter meetups in my local area. Enough of the pajamas for me, yessir.

I was proud to be shopping and to forgo the purchase of pajamas, which has been my favourite article of clothing to buy. Working apparel. Business attire. Gotta look good on the phone, you know?

That plan pleased me.


I was in the kitchen in front of the fridge. This would be the kitchen with a bigass window, which was open to all the social goings on of the neighbours in the back yard. Can you see where this might be heading? No? I so suck at foreshadowing. Let me put you out of your misery.

My drawahs fell down to my ankles as I was standing there with my hands full of dinner ingredients. And my glorious, white bread, flat arse was exposed to all and sundry who were hanging out in the yard, or even possibly passing by on the sidewalk.

I mean, aren’t elastic waisted pajama bottoms supposed to be self-adjusting? I hadn’t given it much thought until the waistband FAIL.

The drawahs were stepped out of, laundered, and put aside with others I immediately drop tested. My awesomely warm polar fleece jammies with the periwinkle background and all the cute sleepy moons and stars on them. A goofy pair of red polar fleece with penguins. Warrior Woman agreed to give them a home. When she travels, her colleagues have these goofy pajama contests, and she thought these might qualify. She was really holding out for the jobbies with big honking frogs on a pink background, a pair that even makes me wince with the fugly.

So a few days ago, she accompanied me on my quest for polar fleece jammies THAT WOULD NOT FALL DOWN EXPOSING MY BARE ARSE. And lo, it was good, for I bought many pairs.

And I presented Warrior Woman with the freshly laundered fugly green frog jammies, because, oh, how she coveted them in the work fugly jammie competition.

I caught her hints for my green, red, and white HOHOHO jammies, but I’m holding out on those bad boys. They have the drawstring type waist. Totally adjustable.

Back away from the HOHOS, beetch.

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20 Responses to “Mah Drawahs”

Angella Says:

Oh, they totally loved the show. I know it.
Angella´s last blog ..Seasons Change My ComLuv Profile

Chibi Jeebs Says:

I *wish* I could wear my jammies to work! Hell, I’d settle for my yoga pants…

Congrats on the weight loss, pain management, and new clothes!
Chibi Jeebs´s last blog ..School Daze My ComLuv Profile

Krissa Says:

“…drop tested”. BWAHAHAHA!
You know it may get me in hot water with WW to tell you this, but you can just snip a tiny hole on the inside of the waistband and haul out as much elastic as you you are no longer in need of, cut it off, safety-pin it back together and stretch out the waist to pull the whole safety-pinned secret back in.
PLEASE don’t tell her I told you so… she ain’t never gonna get a hold of those HOHOHO’s…
Krissa´s last blog ..My Aunts, part two. My ComLuv Profile

iamthediva Says:

“And lo, it was good, for I bought many pairs.” …hee hee hee

teeni Says:

LOL – I see the Diva and I loved that same line! She has good taste if I do say so myself! Anyway, congratulations to you on the weight loss! That is great news! And now the wine is back to just for fun which is wonderful too! I’m glad you found the exercises you need to help manage your pain – I hope you will share some of your secrets because I know many can benefit from that. Also, future post idea is for you and your friends to do a fugly pajama fashion show contest on your blog. Don’t have to show faces if you don’t want to, but gotta show those fugly PJs!
teeni´s last blog ..Too Asinine for Words Really My ComLuv Profile

Ree Says:

Just tell me you haven’t pissed off any gypsys. Did you see Thinner?
Ree´s last blog ..PSA – 10 Things You Didn’t Know My ComLuv Profile

mommyknows Says:

I think I have the same PJ pants. Only I am packing on the pounds!
mommyknows´s last blog ..A Daily Reminder … My ComLuv Profile

Cat Says:

Lord, how I love me some polar fleece jammie bottoms!

I love that you didn’t realize you’d lost 25lbs until you got on the scale, and then your pants seemed magically to sense you’d become aware of your new size, and thus began acting up by falling down. Were not they loose before you stepped on the scale?

If you can write a book about the Sitting Down Jammie diet, you’d be a very rich woman.
Cat´s last blog ..9/9/9 Is Really Just An Upside Down 666 My ComLuv Profile

lceel Says:

Oh man. I would have paid good money to have been out there in that back yard. With a camera. And the ability to Live Blog. because I believe in sharing.
lceel´s last blog ..Sing Alma Mater My ComLuv Profile

Old Knudsen Says:

No wonder there are always hairs in the margarine. Thats good news about yer loss, its usually ‘I’m sorry for yer loss’ but not this time.
Old Knudsen´s last blog ..The Devil Of Mendes Returns My ComLuv Profile

Hyphen Mama Says:

So let me get this straight…. getting off one’s arse and moving, COMBINED with giving up the wine, results in fallen drawers?

Am making a note.

Congratulations on the weight loss. And I agree with Krissa, snip-snip and the jammie pants keep on keepin’ on.
Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..How to guarantee Potty Training Success…. My ComLuv Profile

Neil Says:

You can never have enough PJ bottoms.

teeni Says:

Holy crap. I commented over here after the Diva did because I mentioned that I loved the same line that she did. But now my comment is gone. I must have screwed something up. Anyway, just wanted you to know I’ve been by to check on you and congrats on the weight loss! My original comment was a lot wittier. Really!
teeni´s last blog ..Boxes and Meezes and Things of That Sort My ComLuv Profile

warriorwitch Says:

Krissa no hot water but if your hair starts falling out by the handful – it was me.
Just kidding (not)
And I am enjoying them jammies.

LiLu Says:

I would gladly take an accidental mooning to lose 20+ pounds!
LiLu´s last blog ..This Is How We Do Iiiiit. (Apparently.) My ComLuv Profile

Krissa Says:

Accidental, shit! I would moon the poor unsuspecting public once a day, everyday for a month to lose 20 pounds!
Krissa´s last blog ..If I say I’m sorry now does it really count? My ComLuv Profile

talina Says:

I don’t even bother to wear pants sometimes… and with the breastfeeding I’ve always got a boob hanging out. I say if they are looking in your windows they’ve gotta be prepared for whatever they might see. It’s their own bad for peeping!
talina´s last blog ..Ah, the insanity of football season and being a mommy. My ComLuv Profile

Linda Says:

I love it! Sounds like it’s time for some change.
Linda´s last blog ..Happy Birthday Roses!! My ComLuv Profile

Andy Bailey Says:

haha for showing your unbaked buns to the world!
My missus has been walking around semi naked for the past few weeks until I told her that the net curtains don’t block anything if it’s dark outside and the lights are on inside. the look of horror on her face still hasn’t gone hehehe
Andy Bailey´s last blog ..2 weeks without sucking a fag My ComLuv Profile

Karen Says:

Girl, I would LOVE for my jammies to fall to the floor unassisted. I would even love to give away my pink polka dot flannel pj’s. If only I could lose that much weight without thinking about it.
Karen´s last blog ..Scenic Sunday My ComLuv Profile