December 3rd, 2008

I’ve been meaning to comb through my comments for gems quite a while now, because some of them are wicked good. The winner gets to display this awesome award, painstakingly crafted by Loralee and she only used it like twice, probably when she realized how time consuming it was to go through comments, cut and paste comments and links. It is. But I loves you all.

Ree comments:

Cute new header lady. ;-)

And I’m not sure how Mrs. Andy would feel about you telling the world that Andy’s horn is tootable, but I think it’s pretty tootable, too.

Andy responds to my numerology post:

I used to have a friend who swore by numerology..

she used to say ,”oh 14!, my 54 stupid **@!ss 12266?

Knudsey has his say on numerology:

And then you do the hokey pokey, numbers are for the weak learn how to get the winning lotto numbers then I’ll be impressed.

She has to give them to me in order for me to be impressed by the way.

The Overthinker reports on my Thanksgiving post:

I ate so much yesterday, I’m fairly certain I saw a drip of gravy come out the corner of my eye.

Kelly gets me giggling:

THat is why I am too scared to check for updates. Cause if my blog goes down I am certain that that is the day that Dooce will come and declare her undying love for me and I can go all ‘meh, I don’t care for your Dooceyness’

But looking good here chicky babe

The Overthinker, once more:

Shut UP! ShutupShutupShutupShutup!!! I am so blown away by your dedication!! Do you get some letters to put after your name now? Like MD, DDS, RN? But maybe Grace, PWIYR (poop-won’t-interrupt-your-reading)

Honourable Mention goes to Christy, who left no blog address:

Sometimes when doody calls duty calls….

The clear winner is Nan, responding to my poop post

“I see the seven of swords… no wait… *wipe, wipe* make that six…”

It’s always about poop, innit?

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13 Responses to “Luv My Peeps”

Cat Says:

Everything worthwhile, that’s for sure.

teeni Says:

Congrats to Nan! I love these Peep awards. The comments are the best! Well, the posts are great too. You know what I mean!

Theresa Says:

BWHAHAHAHA. Nan is too funny!

Theresas last blog post..The baby bit my boob and other fun tales.

Andy Bailey Says:

I am making a comment on a post about a comment I made on another post that is on this post.


Andy Baileys last blog post..Dont get crushed in the traffic / look what I can do (go)daddy!

lceel Says:


lceels last blog post..Wordy Wednesday – Playing the game …

Julie Says:

I love poop.

Julies last blog post..Working From Bed – Day 5

Krissa Says:

Very funny stuff, and yes! As a matter of fact H is on the bedpan right this very minute and it is AAAALL ABOUT THE POOP!
Now she’s ringing the effin’ bell and it’s all about getting the poop off of her… sigh
What grisly timing you have. Or is it me? Or Henrietta? ;-)

Krissas last blog post..Who’s the turkey now? OK, ham?

The Over-Thinker Says:

Dude–Nan, you take the poop. For reals. That had me laughing so damn hard.

Thanks for the shout-outs, Witchy!!

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..30 Days of NaBloPoMo….minus the partridge in a pear tree. Who the hell would want that, anyhow?

Jenny Says:

“sometimes when doody calls duty calls”


your peeps make me laugh!

Jennys last blog post..I’d like to teach the world to blog… in perfect harmony

Ree Says:

The Overthinker always makes me snort – but that winning comment – OMFG.

Rees last blog post..Conversation #2,387,273

Nan Says:

*BOWS* Thank you, thankyouverymuch! Sometimes I think my beloved commenters (of which you are one)are better than my original post. Isn’t that weird? They make my day. So I am really happy it works for you too!!!

Nans last blog post..He’s Leeeeaving, On A Jet Plane….

Talina Says:

Poop posts are the best… Poop ans swords? Hmm… At least is isn’t being compared to a 5 foot snake though. Ugh.

I’m Not Worthy Says:

[...] was wiping my eyes and gasping at a blog that I do comment on, because she is all hilarious in her comments here. And I thought, I just have to share all of this laughy, bloggy goodness because it is totally [...]