December 18th, 2008

Sometimes, it’s tough to dredge up a post involving search terms for me, because a lot of them are similar. So when I see one that is mildly intriguing, why I just paste it into my editor and save it until I get a few I can reply to. Here is the current crop. Do you notice a theme?

i fart a lot never poop A fart is your body’s signal that a poop is imminent. Ignore it at your peril, and periodically produce painful, rock-like waste matter.

punishment for farting See above. That? Is punishment.

funny poopy It must be the 10 year old boy in all of us, but yes.

does colonic irrigation stop me farting No, it doesn’t. But it does make your magnificent farts visible

“hair in rollers” Just don’t sleep in them. Painful.

cleaning the house naked Yes. But no cooking with hot oil or bacon. Ouch.

“sex with shoes” How would you obtain the consent of said shoes? And what kind of a fit would that be anyway? (Tab A, Slot B, I don’t think so)

skinny bitch real? One hundred percent real. I read the stories to her and she congratulated me on my excellent memory. Only thing changed is the name.

i know i can be a bitch Don’t worry. Even bitches have friends. Usually people who enjoy being pushed around and yelled at for no reason.

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17 Responses to “Look What Google Brought”

Angella Says:

Oh, search posts never fail to amuse me. Yours take the cake :)

Angellas last blog post..Breaking Down Barriers

Nan Says:

I’ve been farting a lot lately. But the poop is okay, so all is well.

Nans last blog post..Happy Campers

teeni Says:

LOL. I collect mine the same way you do – just pick the interesting ones and past them into the editor until I have enough to post. None of mine seem to be about poop or farts though. Yet, anyway. LOL. Anyway, this was a fun batch. I wish you many more interesting search terms. And just to help you out, I’ll add an interesting word to your comments and we can see if it helps any.


lceel Says:

This is way too much information.

lceels last blog post..Just Random Shiz

old knudsen Says:

I guess not all of us have lived a full and rich life, you need to get out more has the lower gas prices made astral travel any cheaper?

old knudsens last blog post..Hitler Stole My Camel Toe

iamthediva Says:

LOL, i always get a kick outta the Google Search results.

iamthedivas last blog post..Giveaway: Secret obsessions…. oh yeah, the good stuff

Ree Says:

Is it the cleaner that should be naked, or is the house cleaned until it is naked?

I think that’s what they meant to search for. ;-)

Rees last blog post..Christmas ‘07 – Past in Polaroids 13

Goddess in the Groove Says:

LOL…I need to start doing this :) .

Goddess in the Grooves last blog post..Energia!

Talina Says:

I never follow through with my search term posts. I want to but like you they are all the same and don’t surprise or amuse me much anymore. I need to spice up my search terms!

Talinas last blog post..Testing for mold and sending presents, yippie!

Coast Rat Says:

Yes, even bitches have friends, and I guess I am one of those friends…

Coast Rats last blog post..TUESDAY MEME

Krissa Says:

Poop? Did somebody say, “poop… fart”? Cause it’s a daily conversation over here. I’m very much at home with this post…
Sad, sad commentary on my life…;-)

Krissas last blog post..Unconscious Mutterings, Fun, Free Ecards and Award!

warriorwoman Says:

You know cleaning houses naked is an actual job. People will pay you to clean up the place in your birthday suit.

Think about it.

warriorwomans last blog I love Christmas

Cat Says:

With all the poop talk, you and my little brother would get along GREAT! You could team up to design the world’s first Scented Oil Diffuser Transformer, poop scented of course.

Cats last blog post..Vindicated

Jenny Says:

Note to the googler of the first one, one word: LAXATIVE!! Sheesh, was it that hard? Oh, I guess it was.

Jennys last blog post..Fair ‘n Square

Kelley Says:

Nothing funnier than poop.

Just ask my kids.

Kelleys last blog post..Show us your Crazy. Christmas Crazy that is.

Miss Ash Says:

I get searched for “gooey holes” a lot.
Whoda thunk it.
There’s relatively low porn on my site, too.

Uh oh, now you’re going to come up in google’s search for porn.

Hmm. Forgive me?

Miss Ashs last blog post..I am

Lawn Says:

In Star Trek terms: A fart is a turd’s beam down team!

Lawns last blog post..DIY Lawn Care and Pro Lawn Care: Combined