April 23rd, 2008

Today is the day of the brain fog. Trying to find a story that would magically tell itself did not happen. So while cruising other blogs, I came across the Queen of Memes, Candy. She’s the Queen because she says they fill her with happiness. I know who to tag when I have a meme to unload, by golly.


Not as easy as you might think.
Remember: one word answers.

1.Where is your mobile phone? non-existant

2.Your significant other? Ditto

3.Your hair? Drying

4.Your mother? Dead

5.Your father? Not

6.Your favorite thing? Computer

7.Your dream last night? Forgettable

8.Your favorite drink? Merlot

9.Your dream/goal? Attainable

10.The room you’re in? Huge

11.Your ex? Forsaken

12.Your fear? Pain

13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here

14.Where were you last night? Home

15.What you’re not? Gullible

16.Muffins? No

17.One of your wish list items? Camera

18.Where you grew up? Canada

19.The last thing you did? Showered

20.What are you wearing? Jammies

21.Your TV? Old

22.Your pets? Imaginary

23.Your computer? Plaything

24.Your life? Boring

25.Your mood? Crappy

26.Missing someone? Mom

27.Your car? Imaginary

28.Something you’re not wearing? Bra

29.Favorite Store? Hiltribe

30.Your summer? Travelling

31.Like someone? Most

32.Your favorite color? Green

33.When is the last time you laughed? Today

34.Last time you cried? Dunno.

Anybody who is hard up for a story? Feel free to use this. I’d tag Candy, but I already stole this one from her

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15 Responses to “Just One Word”

B'dum B'dum Says:

why not just put up some random youtube video?

i’ve a whole load of reserve blogs built up(thats a normal thing to do isn’t it?)… but now I’m afraid to use them and probably never will.

B’dum B’dum’s last blog post..Greeks and Geeks

mp Says:

That is a GREAT meme.. and you could tell you were crabby when you answered..it’s odd I could hear it in your answers…and what I just said..THAT could be the answer, “how do you know when you’ve read too many blog posts in one day”..

mp’s last blog post..Photo Contest

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter Says:

I just came from Frogs pond rock and she had this up too and what do you know she isn’t wearing a bra either. I miss Barack Obama but I didn’t miss JFK, woops said too much. Cheer up it may never happen……….. don’t you just hate people who say that?

I’m no wearing a bra.

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter’s last blog post..One Of Our Priests Is Missing

lceel Says:

Like I said – I LUVZ me some no-bra-wearin’ wimmin. But I have a more important question – can you help my son Zach?

lceel’s last blog post..Bardsville on Avon

Kristabella Says:

I actually like this meme.

Kristabella’s last blog post..She’s BOSSY

B'dum B'dum Says:

was saved by the bells zach spelt “zack”?

B’dum B’dum’s last blog post..Greeks and Geeks

warriorwoman Says:

I got one word for ya – misery

it’s been a day!

warriorwoman’s last blog post..grandma is dead

Loralee Says:

Pretty much with warrior woman. :S

Loralee’s last blog post..You know what? Reunion.com CAN FREAKING BITE ME!

Just Beachy Says:

Someone else I know does these one word meme’s. she lets us cut and paste them in her comments. It is awesome because then we get to know her commenters :)

As a side can you tell if COURT is in my near future….lol.

Just Beachy’s last blog post..Toughness or Inner Strength or…

frogpondsrock Says:

hehehehe We are the braless ones woohoo

frogpondsrock’s last blog post..Shameful Destruction

Talina Says:

Only one word? I am too long winded… :(

Talina’s last blog post..My bulbs are in bloom, April 2008.

teeni Says:

Oh, this is a cool meme. Might have to steal this soon!

teeni’s last blog post..Earth Day Speech

Jenny Says:

No bra? I would get SO tired of stepping on my boobs all day. I’m borrowing…thank you!

Jenny’s last blog post..The Great Cookie Debacle

Heidi Says:


Linda Says:


Right on!

Me too! By birth. Left when I was 4, thank gad. Cold. Me no like the cold.

Linda’s last blog post..Holy Smoley