June 16th, 2008

I got a call from Warrior Woman a few minutes ago.

WW: “What’s wrong?”

WP: “Whaddya mean, what’s wrong?”

WW: “I’ve been checking your site all day, nothing.”

WP: “I didn’t write anything today. If you subscribed in a reader, you wouldn’t have to check, you’d be notified when I update.”

WW: “I know that. But why?”

WP: “I just don’t have anything to say today.”

WW: “Like PMS?”

WP: “I don’t get PMS. Never have. More like laziness.”

So, if anyone is worried, I’m just lazy and slightly antisocial today. But also, slightly bloated.

The End.

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13 Responses to “Just Lazy”

Unruly Duckling Says:

I don’t think I could take the pressure if I thought people would get anxious if I didn’t post everyday. My strategy of keeping expectations low is apparently working.

Unruly Ducklings last blog post..Ireland: Day 3

Ree Says:

I just have writer’s block. I feel your pain.

Rees last blog post..Need Your Help

warriorwoman Says:

whew, all is right with the world again.

you make me laugh even when you have nothing to say

warriorwomans last blog post..the other side of my mother

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! Says:

Very funny!!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!s last blog post..Mother Knows Best

moo Says:

I’ve come to embrace my laziness as a sign of adulthood and maturity.

moos last blog post..drowning

Kristabella Says:

I’m going through the same thing right now as I just keep staring at the blank screen thinking of something to write.

Kristabellas last blog post..I Just Love Saturday

nan Says:

And *I* just installed a hit counter last night and realised that PEOPLE are reading my blog! I mean apart from you and my immediate family! That always shuts me up for a while. Oh, the responsibility! Should I be educating these people? Amusing them? Should I remove all pictures of my beautiful children in case there are SICKOS? Do sickos comment? Will ANY of them comment? Do they like frogs?

I am glad you are fine and simply waxing with the moon. Hopefully you will be less bloated as the week progresses. Surely if anything happened Ass Burger Boy would hack in and let us know? I know Sean would.

nans last blog post..Miss Blog Frog 2008 Contest: This Week!

The Over-Thinker Says:

I’m glad that WW stays on your ass though :) Even this makes me smile. You’ve got blog-magic, Witchy. xoxo

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Did you know that an entire post can be about suspenders?

Melsie Says:

Lazy days are nice. I tend to get them too often when it comes to blogging though. Hope you enjoyed your day.

Melsies last blog post..Kevin S (5/365)

Christy Says:

I have blog-arrhea. Every time I do anything it seems blog-worthy.

Then I READ it, and it’s like cyber-anesthesia.

Oh Jesus. Now I want to blog about my blog bulemia….


Christys last blog post..Sometimes the "Man" holding me down is me…..

Angella Says:

I can’t top Christy. That was comment GOLD.

Angellas last blog post..Casing The Joint

mp Says:

I’ve had a post in my head ALL morning long but I’ve been too lazy to write it..

mps last blog post..Lots Of Loving Blogging Bling

zoe Says:

lmao. i haven’t posted in a week. it just seems to take too much energy right now. i’ll think “oh! i need to blog that”….then “yeah, not really”. no pms? so jealous. i have premenstrual psychosis.

zoes last blog post..Fat Ass Friday: Free at last