June 9th, 2008

From Peep Award

The Overthinker quips:

This is easily my most favoritest blog to comment on. I seriously love your readers, Witchy–I’m jealous :) Congrats, Kristabella!! You dirty woman, you. P.S. I’m fairly certain the boob-shock wasn’t the weirdest part of the moment. Moreover, it was probably the odd butt-clenching that it prompted. Yup–naked cleaning with boob shock and involuntary butt-clenching is mighty-fine. Mighty-fine.

Talina admits:

Well, I missed quite a bit while I was away huh? House cleaning naked? Sounds good to me! I already blog naked. What? I need to air dry after the shower keeps my skin from drying out! :-o

From Dollhouse

The Over Thinker waxes on her childhood:

Unreal! The time it must take to put something like that together! Listing with the Realtor? Smart cookie, that one. Growing up, I always wanted a Barbie Dream House. My parents wanted me to be more resourceful. Clearly, they hated me. They gave me five empty shoe boxes and some scotch tape and cotton balls and said, “Build It.” Oh…and I built it. Logistically, I turned all the boxes on their wide sides so the rooms could be large (not high ceiling-ed). Each room looked like a snow-storm. Because furniture and carpet made out of cotton balls? Yeah–each room looked like a snow drift out of The Shining. So, Barbie’s “tall” (about 10″?) and the ceiling height of my “rooms” was about 4″… Basically, it looked like I had created about 9 themed coffins for Barbie—all taped together. Does she want a snack? Barbie can go lay down in the kitchen-coffin! Is Barbie tired? She can head to her boudoir and have an (eternal) slumber in the bedroom-coffin!

Warrior Woman:

Question: did that plastic cat in the kitchen give you an allergic reaction when you played with it?


Reading your post made me think of the doll house I had as a child. My family wasn’t well off but my mother was very creative and resourceful. She found an old bookcase with two shelves and turned it into my openfaced dollhouse. Never mind that there weren’t any stairs, my dolls hung out in style in either the kitchen, living room or the bedroom. She also made me homemade furniture out of jewelry boxes and scraps of old clothing. It was one of my favorite toys for many many years until we passed it on to another lucky little girl.


Wow – that really is amazing. I don’t think I could convince Doug to play dollhouse with me. He would probably be busy watering the dirt or something…

Catatonickid may have a buyer:

That’s too cool! Such delicate work, all those miniature accouterments of a past gone by. It makes me want to invite someone round for High Tea or some similar nonsense. I may have to put my friend’s moderately mad Mother onto that doll house. She big time collects and makes them, and she’d go bananas in purest adoration.

From The Queen:

Knudsey quips:

Its yer birthday today? I did ask you when it was ha! now i know. I’d send you a present but i don’t do giving presents I’m a taker not a giver. You were a wild one back in the day, when I was that age I was doon pit or digging ditches to support a family of 10. I hardly knew the family but they threatened to break my legs if I didn’t do it. I suppose being called a Queen is better than being called a mother.

Angella says:

Holy hotness, Batman! And how does everyone else know it’s your birthday? I think I need to cut back my Diet Coke consumption. Happy Birthday!!

Warrior Woman, always witty:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You’re older than dirt now, and like all real-estate, you appreciate with age. You’re not closer to the grave, you’re more valuable now than you ever were. I’m glad to know you. You look hot in that picture by the way, good to see that you haven’t changed much since then. And great story.

From Bingo:


I adore BINGO! and I go with my mom. We mock everyone else there and yes, we get the Stare Of Death from those around us … which just makes us laugh even more. When you go consistenly to bingo and don’t win, it’s extremely frustrating. But whenever we DO win, it’s SUPER exciting!

More from Knudsey:

I saw a sign for ‘extreme bingo’ I wonder just how dangerous it is.

Coast Rat says:

TOO FUNNY! Plums, prunes… at least you added some excitement to the place that evening. It’s pretty neat that ABB volunteered to accompany you.

And the winnah is… (cracked me up big time with the visual)

Ree, aka Hot:

I remember when I was constipated, my mother used to feed me plums while I was sitting on the toilet!

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12 Responses to “June Peep”

warriorwoman Says:

The coveted peep,
how much do I want thee,
let me count the ways:
1. badly
2. competively
3. compulsively
4. yearningly

Oh peep, one day you will be mine.
Mine, mine, all mine

warriorwomans last blog post..out of the closet

teeni Says:

Congrats to Ree! Anyone who can combine the words, “mother”, “constipated” and “feed” in a sentence deserves the award. ;)

teenis last blog post..I’m Nominated??!!!??

lceel Says:

How far the mighty have fallen. I didn’t even rate a mention. And to think that at one time, I was actually the Winner! I must be losing it – whatever ‘it’ is. Maybe it’s the fact I’ve been having my period for the last two months and my hormones are off.

lceels last blog post..In Explanation – Part One of Sunday Fill

mp Says:

Leave it to Ree.. (mp smirks and shakes head)

mps last blog post..Take me to McDonalds!

Mylifeasmomma Says:

Y’all are killing me over here. I bet those old people at Bingo were jealous. I hear when you get old that the highlight of your day is when you go poop.
You stole their moment.

Angella Says:

I made the short list!

It’s a pleasure to even be nominated…

Angellas last blog post..The iPhone Is Coming To Canada!

Krissa Says:

Hey, I can relate to all poop stories, as living with an 86 year old, constipated, invalid, woman has taught me that EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND THE POOP.
By the way, you keep me in stitches…even with all the, ahem, shit going on over here. (pardon the pun)

The Over-Thinker Says:

CONGRATULATIONS, REE!!!!!!!! Totally deserved. You’re the PRUNE of the WEEK! :)

Thanks for the nominations, Witchy–it’s always an honor for reals.


The Over-Thinkers last blog post..For all the Moms who read this non-Mom Blog–here is some guidance. Nearly wet myself. Hope you do, too!

Coast Rat Says:

WOW! THANK YOU, WITCHY! I feel so privileged to make it on your PEEP short list. Congrats to REE – The AWESOME WINNER!

While I was slumming at Barnes & Noble this evening, I was perusing a book on AS; very interesting stuff. In what little I was able to read, so many of the actions that our beautiful AS clients exhibit now make sense to me.

Thanks again! I LOVE YOUR SITE!

Coast Rats last blog post..ANOTHER YEAR GONE – BIRTHDAY TIME!

Jenny Says:

Mylifeasmomma says . “I hear when you get old that the highlight of your day is when you go poop.”

Are you kidding? The highlight to MY day is when I poop!!! When I’m 86 having a bm will probably move me to complete enlightenment.

And I hear eating baked apples has a similar affect.

Jennys last blog post..Bless You!

moo Says:

You just mentioned me because of the BINGO! right? Because BINGO! is awesome, yo.

moos last blog post..photo challenge, peekaboo & dirty

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