December 5th, 2008

I confess. I’m a lurker. Some blogs I read are a guilty pleasure that I know I don’t have to comment on. Just a sight-seer. Not yours, of course, because you comment on mine. Really, even though I work at home, there is only so much time, you know? Some of it has to include, oh, actual work.

One of my favourite lurky blogs is Oh! The Joys!. Jessica is funny, and kind of deep, too. She writes pithy posts that sometimes make me pith my panth. Nice combination. Also, she hosts the ROFL awards once a month.

This month, I was wiping my eyes and gasping at a blog that I do comment on, because she is all hilarious in her comments here. And I thought, I just have to share all of this laughy, bloggy goodness because it is totally too good to keep to myself.

The funniest post I read all month was written by The Overthinker and her husband jointly. It’s a total must read. Arm yourself with tissues and step away from the hot beverages. You might just pee a little. I think I did. Where? Here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Behold the beauteous button which she gets to proudly display on her sidebar, or wherever else she wants to put it. I think a T-shirt would be lovely.

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12 Responses to “I’m Not Worthy”

Marti Says:

Now that was hilarious. I love me some good wit.
thanks for the link.
Sorry I have been MIA! I am back now. I hope.

teeni Says:

That was awesome. Great find and thanks for sharing. I know I’ve seen OT around before. I’ll be paying closer attention now and checking in on her place!

Memarie Lane Says:

i love the ot, she always makes me el oh el.

Memarie Lanes last blog post..He Speaks: OMG it’s the Snip-n’-Sizzle

Angella Says:

That girl cracks me up. I love Jess too :)

Ree Says:

OT is awesome wrapped in a bow.

Rees last blog post..Haiku Friday – Yuck

Nan Says:

Oh no! You can’t introduce me to more great bloggers, I am already having a hard time keeping up! Love the husband/wife interview…

Nans last blog post..Crash Test Dummies

old knudsen Says:

I have decided to be less humourous just to give everyone else a chance at this award. No need to thank me.

old knudsens last blog post..Can You See Me Now?

The Over-Thinker Says:

All of this love is turning me into a steaming pile of goo :)
Thanks for nominating me for this award, Witchy–you are truly the mittens to my shit :-)


The Over-Thinkers last blog post..30 Days of NaBloPoMo….minus the partridge in a pear tree. Who the hell would want that, anyhow?

Talina Says:

I am guilty too, lurking is okay though. I try to comment when I can but sometimes I only get as far as reading these days.

Talinas last blog post..Poo, featured articles and twitter- Oh my!

moo Says:

I find myself lurking more than posting these days, myself.

Must. Correct. Bad. Behavior.

moos last blog post..the first sign of bulimia? Or gagging on the commercialism of the holiday season?

rummuser Says:

I inevitably comment on blogs that I visit. Sometimes, this results in reciprocal visits and comments but not all the time.

Thank you for the link. I found it hilarious.

rummusers last blog post..BlogCrash – Community Forum

Cat Says:

SO FUNNY! Thanks for sharing that ROLF (which always reminds me of rawlf, which is much less pleasant)

Cats last blog post..Arkansas: The Final Chapter