November 6th, 2008

I confess that I shed a tear or three during Obama’s speech. I also imagined that the G(reedy) O(ld) P(ricks) were rubbing their hands in glee at the mess they have left for the president elect to clean up. (Robbing Old Age Security to the tune of three trillion dollars to fund an illegal war comes to mind) It evokes images of the Agean Stables. For those of you who forget your Greek Mythology, Hercules had to clean up a never-ending pile of horseshit. Remove one shovelful, two more appear. I would have fed them cheese, but I understand that constipation is fatal for horses.

What struck me vividly, and left me weepy,was the sense of leadership that this man exuded. He knows what a mess has been made of the country, and he is calling upon Americans to help with the task of returning it to greatness. He is a force for unification.

My country isn’t quite fed up enough yet. We showed so much apathy in the federal election three weeks ago, it was pitiful. The major opposition had no real leadership, and voters felt that a vote for the New Democratic Party was a vote for the present ruling party. It was. A minority government was formed, a Conservative coaliton with the New Democratic Party. The bum sniffer is still in power.

I can’t see any way to vote that will give us a good government, that will give our people hope.

I’m feeling jealous of you folk.

I want a Canadian leader who will stir the hearts and minds of our people the way Obama has.

The liberal leadership machine is gearing up to replace the un-electable Stephane Dion. It’s already spitting out party machine soldiers. The hope of our country, Frank McKenna, is a man of his word. He gave his word to his family that he would leave politics after ten years. He kept his word. To address the clamouring for his candidate status, he announced that he was not prepared to devote the time it would take to resurrect the Liberal party and the country. Disappointing, but not unexpected, from a man of his word. We all looked up to him.

I want a leader who is not spit out by the machine.

I want hope.

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20 Responses to “I Want Hope”

Memarie Lane Says:

change is usually contagious, maybe it will spread northward.

Memarie Lanes last blog post..Sam’s Flub

Ree Says:

What Marie said. Or maybe you can just move south???

Rees last blog post..WW – Chicago 11/05/2008

lceel Says:

Ya. You can come live with us.

lceels last blog post..The day after the night before

teeni Says:

I still have my spare room ready for you. :)

Laurel Says:

We have such a mess going on, I hope Obama’s leadership can straighten things out. I pray it is not just eloquent words but eloquent actions also. Only time will tell.

Laurels last blog post..What Has Touched My Heart This Morning…

Ree Says:

And maybe ABB can fix my garage door that Shortman broke this morning?!?

Rees last blog post..WW – Chicago 11/05/2008

Jacki Says:

All I will say is, no matter what party affiliation, I believe that most politicians are greedy and in it for selfish reasons. When I vote, I am voting for whom I consider the “lesser of two evils.”

Jackis last blog post..I dunno

Cat Says:

Until Tuesday, I didn’t truly believe we were fed up enough either. Perhaps change for the better will spread to you as well?

Cats last blog post..You Asked For It, You Got It: Not Toyota

Theresa Says:

Same way I feel about Trinidad. But let’s hope anyway.

Theresas last blog post..And now I hope.

Arwyn Skye Says:

A woman after my own heart. As a fellow Canadian I feel exactly the same! I want to be inspired to help do great things in my our country, a leader who is stands firm and solid with a foundation that calls us to stand with them. I want to hear a speech and feel it to my soul that its true and that this leader will leads us to many great things.

But alas, as you so aptly put it, the bum sniffer is still in power….perhaps our fellow country men and women will feel empowered by what has happened south of the border. We can only hope!

Arwyn Skyes last blog post..100th Post…Silly Corn Post

Krissa Says:

I can certainly relate to feeling like change,(almost anything) is badly needed.
I feel like the entire nation is riveted in to the spot waiting for something to happen about this economy. If it doesn’t happen soon, I don’t know what’s going to happen to all of us middle class folks.

Krissas last blog post..NaBloPoMo is a bit of a pain.

warriorwoman Says:

You don’t want much!!!

warriorwomans last blog post..Jabba has left the building

The Over-Thinker Says:

If you come down here, you can DEFINITELY sleep in my car :-) wink-wink

A fellow-blogger’s fiance said something pretty spot-on about Tuesday’s voting:

“Last time we were voting against Bush. Now we’re voting for someone.”

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Who woulda thunk it!? All I needed to do was offer up something Pink and Mysterious and my Traffic goes through the roof!!

Witchypoo Says:

How funny! I was going to write a letter to Obama too!
And look! My name is Witchypoo and I’m Canadian too!
‘Course, your site’s way prettier than mine but that’s all the more reason to come back and visit when I have more time to look around. In the meantime though, good to meet you, Witchypoo!

Witchypoos last blog post..non stick pans

Karen Says:

Obama is expecting us all to pull together for the change that will make great things happen. He has never said he will or can do it alone. What is very appealing to me is that he can inspire the people to do it.

Karens last blog post..El Rancho Restaurante

boloo Says:

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boloos last blog post..Como aumentar el PageRank

old knudsen Says:

You had it good under the King thats for sure. I just hope that Obama lives up to it all and doesn’t do a Clinton.

old knudsens last blog post..Talking Heads

Larry Says:

ditto from me about your thoughts on the need for someone to really lead our country — and sending some Commentluv back at ya…

Larrys last blog post..Commentluv contest more than a peck on the cheek

Talina Says:

The last time we had hope similar to Obama was in the days of JFK and I wasn’t even alive then… The power and impact of such a leader wouldn’t be as momentous if they were as readily available.

Keep your hope, the time will come and when it does you’ll be elated. Or cross the border and stay with us, lord knows I have debated moving to where you are.

Talinas last blog post..It is finally friday yay! And tots rock, mmmm

zoe Says:

well you can’t have him! we fought too hard to get him! but you can come live with me!