January 14th, 2009

I was talking with Talina, who had tagged me for a meme, and expressed the thought that I have exhausted all information about myself, if indeed, any of my readers were at all interested in more crap about me.

She was all “What? You never had a gay boyfriend?”

From that question was born the six non-important things about me:

  • I had a boyfriend that didn’t know he was gay until long after we broke up. We stayed friends because we always made each other laugh our holes out. The weird thing? My sister married his uncle, who came out of the closet early in the marriage. He used to call his uncle “Aunt Bobby”.
  • I have to have a new photograph taken for the psychic network that I am forbidden to name. I’m freaking out about it. I need a photographer with a soft lens. Angella, can you teleport that lensbaby to me?
  • I usually get ideas for blog stories by drinking wine and recalling them to Warrior Woman. The stories are all true.
  • I have a fabulous visual memory, but am essentially dyslexic when it comes to all things auditory. I can barely remember a well-known voice over the phone, and I totally can’t remember a tune. Nobody wants to hear me sing. Nobody.
  • I don’t bite my nails.
  • I used to be a clean freak. You would never suspect it now.

I put this out there to everyone who is stuck for blog fodder. I had thought about making up my own meme, but I suspect it would include devious ways to get your spouse to do domestic chores, or the fabulousness of my neti pot, and really, who needs that?

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19 Responses to “I, Too, Had a Gay Boyfriend”

warriorwoman Says:

Really? Clean freak!


warriorwomans last blog post..blah blah blah

Talina Says:

I am a clean freak now and am glad I am not the only one with a gay ex… Mine was expecting me to let him experiment while I waited around so he could be sure about it all. I was supposed to agree to be his back up… Sorry dude you are not that special!

That was an inevitable bad end to the relationship. Glad you came up with a few things to share and blog about! ;-)

Talinas last blog post..Better late than never- Delurking Day 2009

christy Says:

I think I had 2 gay boyfriends. We all kinda dated each other at roughly the same time. All in denial, I guess, one way or another.

Whew. I have a pretty racy story about that….I don’t come out looking good in it.

So nevermind.

Imagine the worst and you’re probably right…..

christys last blog post..Out of lockdown, out of lock-step into freedom and just strolling into eternity

Just Beachy Says:

I think I had a gay husband. seriously. all this fabulousness and he just wasn’t interested…gotta be gay… right?

Just Beachys last blog post..Drivel

Ree Says:

Oh mah holy hell, I love WarriorWoman’s comment.

One of these days, though, I’m going to show up at your door with a bottle of wine and demand you make me a pizza.

Rees last blog post..When you’re a famous blogger, you get interviewed*

iamthediva Says:

i once made out with a dude who – i’m fairly certain – is gay… Did you ever see the Non-Gay Catholic-Gay-Couple from This Hour has 22 Minutes?? The dude is super femme, and the chick is uber butch? Well, the dude i made out with is now living with Uber Butch lady….

time will tell.

of course, they are Catholic, so maybe they’ll just end up married with a bunch of kids…

iamthedivas last blog post..Tasty Red Lentil Curry

zoe Says:

haha. i still have a gay boyfriend. he rocks. but we both know he is gay. he is way out. i have an x however that i KNOW is gay…he however doesn’t know it yet.

zoes last blog post..Frag this

Coast Rat Says:

I have a lens,……or 12, or whatever…


Goddess in the Groove Says:

I had a gay boyfriend once…he was also the best hairdresser ever. We were together during the Madonna era, and he made me the best pink razor stripes ever!!! I knew he was gay before he did, I think that is why I liked him so much :) .

Goddess in the Grooves last blog post..My Gawd!!!! A winner, the Mercury Retrograde, and other miscellaneous mishaps!!

Katrina Says:

i need ! i need ! i need on getting a spouse to do domestic chores. (keeping in mind i’m 25 weeks pregnant and am already withholding sex.)

old knudsen Says:

I have never had a ghey boyfriend. I did go out with a gurl that turner into a leezer. I don’t think it was me who turned her.

old knudsens last blog post..A Mild Cigar By Hamlet

lceel Says:

I had a gay girlfriend, once. Ohhhhh. Thanks for reminding me. Ohhhhh. Really. Thanks for reminding me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmm. Thanks for reminding me.

lceels last blog post..One Lucky Guy – Not Me

lceel Says:

@old knudsen — you’ve obviously never looked in the mirror.

lceels last blog post..One Lucky Guy – Not Me

Theresa Says:

I never had a gay boyfriend.. as far as I know. I did wonder if I was gay though. Just wondered though. never had the balls to experiment. And i’m pretty happy as is now anyway.

Theresas last blog post..I have found the Hole Grail of parenting and want to give it to you!

Krissa Says:

First of all, netti pots are wonderful!
Secondly, so are you!
Thirdly, I have the EXACT opposite problem with my memory. I have great audio recall, but visually, I stink. I can always identify voices of celebrities on TV and really, anyone I hear often. Also one classroom lecture at school always did me tons more good than hours of studying from the text or notes. Yes, I’m weird like THAT. ;-)

Krissas last blog post..Picture purge

Dean Saliba Says:

I personally don’t believe in dyslexia. It is a made up condition given to people who are not too bright so they have an excuse to fail in life.

Jenny Says:

Oh how I WISH I had a gay boyfriend. That would solve everything.

Jennys last blog post..To Stifle the Creativity? Seeking Advice– Installment 2

teeni Says:

I can’t say I’ve ever had a gay boyfriend. And if any had later found out they were gay I would have heard about it by now. But I probably only had about 8 or 9 boyfriends in my life.

Kelley Says:

I have every intention of being a clean freak. I love clean surfaces just don’t have the will to actually make it happen.

So this guy, he had another girlfriend after you but before he came out right?

Kelleys last blog post..At least I am not as stupid as her. I know what an Ewok is. I had one stuck to my shoe the other day.