November 14th, 2008

Considering that when I’m logged in to the psychic power network, I check my status in the queue before I go for a poop, and I plan meals as a relay event with Ass Burger Boy, in case I get a call mid cooking (NOTE: I have actually had to SPIT OUT a mouthful of food to answer a call when logged in), and considering that I am working from a laptop and a desktop computer in the same room, I am now considering taking on some more projects using said machines. I’m also considering that I am beginning to sound like a lawyer wannabe.

Project the first involves taking on an additional psychic network line. It involves a process of three evaluation readings, two of which I have already completed. The third will be Saturday. Keeping everything I have two of crossed. Knowing full well it could be painful in some cases.

Project the second is installing CommentLuv on my best blogging buddy’s blogspot blog. It’s a birthday present for her. The rest of you lazy buggers want me to do it for you, it’ll cost you forty bux. That is cheaper than a year’s hosting fees, so there. And you will still have time to get into the CommentLuv contest. Plus, I expect there will be more of these contests in future.

Project the third is updating my rotating image blogroll. This is where I need your input. If I am on your blogroll, I would like to provide a reciprocal link. Or, Lord help me, if you have changed your blog design and would like the new look reflected here, I am willing to do that too. For this project (and the second) you will need to contact me via my handy dandy contact form. That way I can organize a folder and check each off my list as it is done.

I had considered messing with my theme some more, but settled on getting a new feed icon and colour co-ordinating my comments and search box with the fall header. And the rollover of my navigation bar. If you click on the original theme in the footer, it’s practically unrecognizable from how it looks now. So I have been known to do the odd bit of CSS wrangling. The price is forty bux an hour. I do my own for free though. And Angella? She had NO IDEA what I really charge.

Could CSS wrangling be Project the Fourth?

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26 Responses to “How to stay busy while chained to the phone lines”

Cat Says:

GOOD LUCK! Man. You’re very ambitious, I’m exhausted from reading all the things you plan to do. Going to nap now.

Cats last blog post..I’ve Never Had Unpaid Confidants

Ree Says:

I’ll keep things crossed for you, too.

Rees last blog post..Cars – Past in Polaroids 12

Theresa Says:

FORTY BUX???? Good Lord. I guess I have to ask hubby to do it for me then. bleh.

Spookygirl Says:

You are FAR more ambitious then me, LOL! Most of the time when I am tethered to the phone, I am just trying not to get killed by my children ;)

Spookygirls last blog post..My God! It’s full of

Jenny Says:

Crossing both of everything for you. Dear lord… could you have another cuppa coffee and maybe get something done? Sheesh! Lazy people. =)

Jennys last blog post..Things I found in my bra at the end of the day…

Talina Says:

Keeping busy is a good thing, CSS wrangling is not… Sounds like you are having a blast keeping busy though!

Talinas last blog post..Stale cigarette lady has been here, again.

Krissa Says:

I tried the “contact” link but I can’t tell if it sent or not. Freaky things been hapnin on this pooter lately…
You are going to need a vacation soon. I’m not psychic, but consider it foretold!
As far as the having to spit out a mouth full of food to run off and do your job, it sucks!
Well, at least you don’t have to stop eating to deal with poop! It makes going back to what you were eating not nearly so enjoyable… ;-)

Krissas last blog post..Major NaBloPoMo Update: I washed my hair today.

witchypoo Says:

Anybody else having trouble with the contact page?

witchypoos last blog post..How to stay busy while chained to the phone lines

Spookygirl Says:

25 years old?? NO WAY! I have a soon to be 18 year old ;) I can’t wait till mine are self sufficient ;)

Spookygirls last blog post..My God! It’s full of

Memarie Lane Says:

wow i got a pretty good deal then, eh?

Memarie Lanes last blog post..The List

Sire Says:

It’s good to see that you are keeping yourself busy. I popped in here after reading the comment you left in Dennis’ blog about your dofollow plugin not working. I’m glad to see that you got it working. :)

Sires last blog post..Wassup’s Bloggers Forum Adding To The Blogging Experience

old knudsen Says:

$40 ? thats a box of ammo for me gun. Thats 20 zombies I can kill at the end of the world. I don’t know what CSS is but I haven’t caught it so far.

old knudsens last blog post..Big Mike Gets Out Of The Big Hoose

Coast Rat Says:

You ARE busy, of that there is no question. Get so rest while you are accomplishing all these wonderful projects, OK?


Coast Rats last blog post..“TRAIN RAN OVER MY TRIKE, MOMMY.”

rummuser Says:

Forty bucks! Andy Bailey will have apoplexy!

rummusers last blog post..Movie Scenes That Have Stayed With Me.

witchypoo Says:

I don’t think Andy will freak. Somebody has to do it. And this service is just for lazy buggers. There ARE instructions.

witchypoos last blog post..How to stay busy while chained to the phone lines

Nan Says:

I think that comment luv is a really nice thing to do for your commenters. Maybe one of these days, when I am not so inundated!

How, HOW, can you be doing so many things all at the same time? Do you have unplugged time? Like having a walk? Sleep doesn’t count, yo! You amaze me.

Nans last blog post..C’est La Vie….

Kelley Says:

Crossing my internal bits for you. Cause I kinda need my fingers and I will save time if I cross my intestines, you know missing out on all those pesky bodily functions…

Kelleys last blog post..Dammit. I knew there was something missing from Boo’s party. And keeping with the tradition of freakishly long blog post titles, something about Christmas too.

DutchBitch Says:

Wow! You’re a busssy girl!

DutchBitchs last blog post..Chuffed

Larry Says:

I say you make hay while the sunshines — not everyone is a techno-nerd so time is money etc. etc. and all the rest of the cliches out there. I think we often undervalue our talent and give away too much of our time too freely (at least I do).
YIKES — I think I just won a prize with this comment on CommentLuv — am off to check!

Larrys last blog post..CommentLuv Winner Notification. Comment author just won a prize!

Larry Says:

Maybe it does pay off to follow in your comment wake my friend! It looks like I just won the Vmoda Vibe Headphones.
Luv ya all Commentluv-ers!

Larrys last blog post..Matrix passport

Andy Bailey Says:

win confirmed!

well done, I can see you’ve been a busy commenter today, thanks for not spamming and leaving quality comments.

psychic geek, your jamminess knows no end.

Andy Baileys last blog : Featured Site

witchypoo Says:

Yay! Congratulations, Larry. What are the rest of you waiting for? Sign up for the contest at

witchypoos last blog post..How to stay busy while chained to the phone lines

Carol Says:

Aren’t cordless phones made so you can go poop without losing your train of thought? ;) Just press MUTE if you’re talking to me!

Carols last blog post..Now More CommentLuv For All Of Us

The Over-Thinker Says:

I must know…are you crossing your boobs?

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Sometimes…All I need is the air that I breath and to driii-ink.

Connie Says:

I’m not even in the running for the CL contest since my feed is destroyed by some weird who knows what. So when I leave comments CL doesn’t work for me. No, not paying you to fix it!