June 16th, 2009
  • Help! I have this truncated feed that I can’t change because of all the Feedburner takeover by Google. If I activate a google ad sense account, can I change my feed settings from there? Because, I would hate to go to all that trouble and still not be able to do anything about it.
  • I have been also trying to change my BlogHer Ad settings to exclude flash. It slows page load time,(actually, the javascript involved is the main culprit) and I am not a fan of those survey bars that chase you all over the page until you close them. Not really having much luck with that one. I’m wondering if I should just suck it up and get rid of the ads. Any thoughts? They pay for my hosting, and some headers, but those amounts are deductible anyway, since this blog brings me bidness. It’s not as if I actually need the income from the ads. I’ve found I have been giving it away to various (non-deductible) people in need of funds or prezzies anyway.
  • My readings site server is going wonky since it is no longer on a static IP address. Which I understand, since it costs my buddy, the host, over 200 smackeroos a month, but I need a plan B. He offered to point my site to my blog server, which is great, except how can you do any pointing if the server that points is unaccessible on a regular basis? Any ideas?
  • Also, my readings site needs a major overhaul. When you land on the home page, it’s all about the healing, and nothing much about readings.Yet I have all these business cards out there that have the spotty access address. Also? The header is a lovely photo, but it kind of reminds me of The Vagina Rocks.
  • I am logged off today until I get some resolution from my telephone provider. My business line is all crackly and staticy. The phones I bought to use on that same line are less than six months old. The other phones sound the same way on that line. What is going on? Mercury retrograde is SO over.

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14 Responses to “Housekeeping Issues”

MidLifeMama Says:

Well, I don’t know what is up Mercury or not, but the universe is decidely wonky this week. I have had more odd and frustrating conversations this week. I am going to blam sun spots messing with the magnetic fields and making people be butt heads.
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Krissa Says:

OK, I am SURE I have the answer to ALL your pooter problems.
First of all let me say that I cannot see any way your adorable header could possibly remind anyone of The Vagina Rocks.
Now this next part is going to require a bit of thought, so I will get back to you on that. NO! REALLY! WITH ANSWERS!
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Krissa Says:

OK,I’ve figured it out. You know, meditation and all that shit.
I find that when all the stuff is sawing on my nerves I can almost always fix it all by unloading the dishwasher completely and just reloading it in a different configuration. Go wild. Put the plates where you normally put the glasses. Lay the flatware in the upper rack and stuff your rubber flip flops in the flatware basket.
This effectively “resets” the whatchadoodle thingy and fixes the whole thing.
You’re welcome.
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Old Knudsen Says:

You have computer tweak OCD.
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warriorwoman Says:

shitty. and stating the state of your situation – is no help. and neither am i.

i love my new feed thingie guy.
i love you.
i knew you would be good for me.
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Jess Says:

Crap! Did I not write you back??

Yes, I truncated my feed with Blogger – and did something with Bloglines, but I’m not sure that will affect anything for you. The line on my truncated posts comes from my Blogger account. There’s a setting on the post editor that switches it.
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Hyphen Mama Says:

Oh dear gawd, I just realized that it’s been even LONGER than I’d thought since my last webbidy-htmlish-something-or-other classes. At this point I’m just so proud of myself for recognizing and understanding “static IP address”.

Could you have your ISP host your readings site? Back when I had half a brain I recall that my ISP also gave me a certain sized website hosting for free with my subscription. It would have been static.

If I were you, I’d keep the ads. If they make a little money, all the better. I don’t think they’re offensive.

I HATE it when phone lines get all staticky. Usually means somebody with a ditch digger cut a line somewhere and used electrical tape to repair it.
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Ree Says:

I wish I could help you, but I’m completely stumped. Do you get my feed truncated? Because I think I have the same shit installed that you do. (Except I’m still on an old version of wordpress…because I keep hearing night-marish stories about the new versions.

I don’t see your site loading slowly…really.

Maybe Venus is in retrograde now? (She who knows nothing about this asks…)
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Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

Seems technology has your lovely arse in a sling babe…

No help from me. I just cry until someone fixes it for me or I get distracted by the shiny.

Nan Says:

I wish I could help! You’ve helped me…. The “breathe” meditation? I did it several times and visualized all our paperwork coming through wonderfully, and today we got CONFIRMATION EMAILS BABY! I have one child who is a full British Citizen, and two children and a husband with residential status which will become citizenship after a few years once they behave nicely. So we are organized! Thank you, Witchypoo! You’ve been such a big part of my journey recently. I love you.
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Coast Rat Says:

You probably need to talk with my oldest son; he knows all that tech stuff. Let me know, and I will email you his cell number & email address…
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lceel Says:

Plan B. Dynamic DNS. Using dynamic DNS, your server updates the DNS server (nameserver, for the Internet, that translates your URL to an ip address) with your current ip address, no matter what it is. So you can use DHCP for your server, which normally isn’t the way you WANT to go – but if you’re forced to go that way, then you have recourse. Just google DynamicDNS. Might cost 5 or 6 bucks a month.
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FreedomFirst Says:

I can’t stand Java. It is SOOOOO slow. I just had to update it this morning and it took forever.

You know what else is a pain? Verizon’s virus program. I have got to get rid of it. It slows my startup time down so badly.

Cat Says:

I’m sorry, but all I understood was “blah blah blah Bars, blah blah blah Vagina”. Good luck with your technical issues!
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