July 27th, 2009

I went shopping yesterday. I did not buy pajamas. Those who know me in real life are all gaspy, because I bought jeans. To, like, go out of the house in. I couldn’t find a top other than oversized t-shirts to reach the low rise waistband. (Is it even a waistband when it is so far below the waist? Never mind.) Anyway, no cute tops, just oversized t-shirts.

So I’m feeling kind of not so huge and fat today, getting ready for my physio appointment, even putting on makeup and A BRA. I break out the new jeans, and search for something that isn’t a hundred sizes too big.

I don’t realize how wildly inappropriate my choice of regular sized t-shirts is until I am on the way to my appointment.

I realize that the green shirt has Ho Ho Ho in red and white letters. It’s what I wear with my matching Christmas pajama bottoms.

I’m either celebrating Christmas in July or advertising that I’m an aging skank.

I really need to get out more.

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19 Responses to “HoHoHo”

Old Knudsen Says:

Wear a Mu mu and say yer a yank. Wouldn’t the world be a better place without skinny attractive people and reflective surfaces?
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iamthediva Says:


Dean Says:

I don’t think spreading the cheer that goes along with christmas is a bad thing…..even in July! I’d wear my easter gear….but don’t want to hasten the second coming!

lceel Says:

If you wear that to the wrong neighborhood, it COULD be considered advertising.
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Krissa Says:

OH, OH! Can I choose? I definitely want you to be an skank! As a matter of fact I’ve got some red and green jingle bell earrings that I’ll send you. Klassy-assy!
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Hyphen Mama Says:

LOL!! And the expression on other peoples’ faces would have been TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I bet they thought you were a raging crack whore who didn’t know it’s July.

See, don’t you feel better?
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Ree Says:

See, lceel and I think alike. I was going to ask if it was advertising.

Geez. Late to the party again.

PLR Videos Says:

Don’t worry, people don’t in fact mind. But we always want to have some sort of fashion sense and chicness in all that we do. Never mind though, our fashion sense falters at some point, we all do! ;)

Nan Says:

You must invest in a full-length mirror! Or not, of course. Are high-waisted jeans un-Canadian or something? You need to go shopping with my aunty Claudie, she’ll straighten you out! “What do you need?” “Oh, nothing, I wasn’t planning on shopping” “Oh yes you were!” and then you end up with a whole new colour-coordinated wardrobe. Yay!
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Nan Says:

Or skinny bitch could take you shopping?
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ABB Says:

Maybe we could call stacy and clinton if worse comes to worse. She could tell you what she thinks of “ho ho ho” tee shirts… lol

warriorwoman Says:

i confirm it peoples. she does own such a shirt, i has seen it.

(and she is a ho)
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Mortgage Modification Says:

We have various fashion sense, so why bother what others think of what you wear? If you’re comfortable and can carry that outfit, then, go for it! :)

Herbal Fiberblend Says:

I hate getting ‘dressed’ up and even more going shopping – but sometimes once you’ve made the effort it makes you feel good once you’ve got your new clothes on.
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kel Says:

Good for you for owning your Whoredom, sister!

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

Oh God how I laughed at that babe.

Thanks. I so needed that.

AND I am laughing WITH you. You believe me right?

witchypoo Says:

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bird feeders Says:

I find your honesty so refreshing! your saying what most people think – perhaps you should host an xmas in July party!

Theresa Says:

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