October 15th, 2008

I used to be a great first date. My first husband and I went to a big do where he worked, and we smuggled cafeteria trays out of the cafeteria, and used them to coast down a hill outside. It was summer, but the grass was wet. It was all kinds of fun. Of course, we had smuggled our drinks outside, and going downhill on a cafeteria tray is not the optimum method of getting the liquid on the inside of you, rather than the outside.

Afterwards, we changed into jeans and comfy wear (just like the prom after party) and went for a drive in the country. I thought it might be a good idea to go horseback riding by moonlight. The idea was born as we had stopped to commune with some rather friendly horses in a pasture.

Dang, those horses were tall, but we found a stump to climb aboard from, and away we went, sans saddle, sans bridle, just us and the horses. In the moonlight. Some folks might call that romantic, but we were mainly just laughing. At ourselves.

Ass Burger Boy? Close your eyes now.

But the real reason I was a great first date with my first husband is because I slept with him that night.

Too much information?


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13 Responses to “Great First Date”

John Edwards Says:

It always seems that the spontaneous and unplanned dates are always the most memorable.

John Edwardss last blog post..Heritage Harbour Real Estate

Krissa Says:

You slut! BAHAHAHA! No!
Of course that’s too much information! That’s why it was so much fun to get and you couldn’t help but include it! I rely on you for unbridled honesty.
“Unbridled”? heh heh.

Angella Says:

Ha! You crack me up.

Angellas last blog post..Two

old knudsen Says:

You loose woman!

old knudsens last blog post..I Have A Dream

warriorwoman Says:

You card reading, homecooking, wine drinking, furniture giving SLUT.

I like you – to bits.

christy c Says:

Too much info? Naw.

Too much info would be if you’d slept with the horse.

Ree Says:

Um. I slept with my first husband on our first date. Except it wasn’t a date. It was a dorm party. And I puked before hand.

Somehow, Everclear and grape Kool-Aid got me married.


Rees last blog post..Rambly (or is it rambley?)

teeni Says:

Wow – what a hussy! I can’t believe you went bareback on the first date! Naaaaay, I don’t believe it. Whoa Nellie! ;)

lceel Says:

TMI would have been a lurid description of the whole process – start to glorious finish. On the other hand ….

lceels last blog post..Number 326

Jacki Says:

Shoot….I think I got you beat. I got pregnant for Emma within the first month Peter and I started dating. I liked him that much.

old knudsen Says:

A peck on the cheek on the first date, holding hands on the third and anything (including rimjobs) after that, what can I say I’m a gentleman.

old knudsens last blog post..Why Isn’t The Earth Opening Up And Swallowing Me?

Marti Says:

Heh. Maybe it was the horseback riding part that turned you on.

Jenny Says:

hahahaha….yes, that DOES give new meaning to riding bare back.

Jennys last blog post..Prayer Circle