September 1st, 2009

Grace In Small Things is the brainchild of the awesome Schmutzie, who devised it as a way to battle embitterment, and immediately shared it with the internet. Thank you, Schmutzie!

  • Finding a previously stashed nutty chocolate bar by accident *burp*
  • Fitting into older clothes that I thought were too small.
  • Pain management via physiotherapy. Yay!
  • Not smacking my blog in the piehole as it whines for an update
  • Realizing that at the rate I am doing GIST, it will take me years to finish 365 of them. Blog fodder for the truly desperate!

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8 Responses to “Grace the Fourteenth”

Nan Says:

Hello! You Graceful one. So good to catch up with you. Yay for physiotherapy!
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iamthediva Says:

i do my GIST at about the same rate…

Angella Says:

I’m the same. I think I’ve done sixteen of them total…
Angella´s last blog ..In One Ear And Out The Other My ComLuv Profile

Krissa Says:

I already told you what to post about, woman! You weren’t kidding when you said you refuse to follow direction, were you? ;-)
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Cat Says:

YAY for long lost candy!

(PS – You’re right, I have much to learn from you about anal leakage.)
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lceel Says:

Yay for effective pain management. BUT. You might gain some freedom from the back pain if your were to trap the girls in an appropriate BRA. It’s hard on your back when you do that spin move, come to a stop, but a substantial portion of you keeps on moving. I’m just sayin’.
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Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

I need me some of your grace.

Hyphen Mama Says:

And here I keep thinking that all this bra wearin’ is what’s killing my back. Is it sad that I think of you every time I take mine off and go without?

Wait…when did your post turn to bras? Oh, right…when Lou came over.
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