February 3rd, 2009

The past few days, I’ve been practically addicted to Facebook. I can’t wait to see what is coming down the pike next on the live feed. Strangely enough, I only just discovered the live feed because I had largely ignored Facebook for the most part. Just busy working, but relying mostly on Twitter to get family updates, like which of the old folks was joyriding to the hospital in the ambulance. Thanks, liddle sis, for your updates, by the way.
That all changed with a call from my brother, Dizzee. Strangely enough, I had just logged onto Facebook and saw he had reactivated his account, and made a proclamation that his status was clearly married. I almost made a comment on that to the effect that his kids would be so pleased that he could no longer call them little bastards, because I’m all insanely witty and fabulous like that.
Before I could make that comment, he called and there was something so momentous in his energy he could barely speak.
He told me that he had been contacted by a daughter he had fathered some thirty-odd years ago, and I was all, I sure hope your wife knew about this because it might be a surprise she wouldn’t take to. And he croaked “yeah” and I was all good boy, because while he was practically speechless, I’m all about the speechiness, even if I do talk to strangers on the phone all day. In fact, my throat is sore, and I still can’t shut up.
So we’re all excited because hey, he has a daughter, and his kids have another sister, and I have another niece, and I’m searching her profile and holy shit, she looks so much like me, I’m frigging mesmerized. I’m thinking if my brother isn’t really her father, then I must be her mother, and wouldn’t I have remembered that? Of course I would, I’m just all excited and jabbery and run on sentence-y, and can’t even write in my own voice.
So in between shifts, I’m chatting with her, and telling her that there should be some stories and old pictures and things on my blog because I can’t label and organize my images well enough to email them to her.
I ask her what she wants her blog name to be because I usually offer people I write about that choice. After asking if I can write about them, of course, because who needs their family all grumbly because of a blog?
She leaves it up to me to come up with her blog name, and I ran a few through my tiny little brain like Surprise and The Daughter I Never Had and all I could come up with is Mini Me. I have a feeling she is tall, so maybe not so mini, but I don’t know much about her yet, except of course she is gorgeous. Smirk.
I’m open for suggestions.
All of this blathering is leading up to what I am grateful for and wanted to share. My niece has found her family, and her family has found her.
Thank you, universe. Oh, and thanks to Facebook, too.
UPDATE: I have consulted with my niece and we have agreed her blog name should be Hidden Treasure.

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18 Responses to “Grace The Forth”

Talina Says:

How cool! Myspace is how my step aunt on my long lost father’s side found me. I haven’t seen or heard from the long lost father in about 20 years, maybe one day we’ll find each other huh?

I bet you are super stoked! How exciting, can’t wait to hear more!

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zoe Says:

how cool! amonte found out he had an older sister through myspace. crazy. i’m addicted to facebook too. it’s the ultimate time suck.

zoes last blog post..Ready For My Close Up

liddle sister Says:

This is pretty exciting isn’t it?? I look at her pictures and I feel like I know her! Probably because it’s like looking at you! :P

And yes, she is Gorgeous!


Hyphen Mama Says:

WOW! You got a sister-in-law and a niece all in one day!!

That is fabulous!

Did you ask your niece if she’s psychic?

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Dear Mother Nature…. What Gives?

iamthediva Says:

that’s so exciting! what a lot of catching up you’ll all have to do!

iamthedivas last blog post..365 Days of Grace – 12

Krissa Says:

Well, congratulations on the latest member of the family! Why do I feel like throwing you a shower? ;-)
On the name issue how about “Wee Witchypoo”, or just WW?

Krissas last blog post..Urine for it now.

Karen Says:

I wrote a guest blog post last year, a tribute to my mother, that led my long lost cousin to find us. My mother’s sister had died when my cousin was 10, and she had been searching for her family for years. When I wrote that post, I mentioned my mother’s maiden name, a very rare last name apparently, because when the cousin googled it yet again, that blog post is the only thing that came up.

We found my brother’s daughter on Myspace, too.

so, do you want to be my friend on Facebook?

what about Psychic Twin for her blog name?

Karens last blog post..A Little Advice About Cooking

Jess Says:

What a wonderful thing!

Jesss last blog post..croutons

Cat Says:

That is AMAZING! Huh. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. All Facebook has given me is highschool flashbacks.

Congratulations on the “new” addition to your family!

Cats last blog post..Eleven’s End

Joie at Canned Laughter Says:

Whoa. I wrote a Facebook rant today and now here you are writing about happy Facebook news. Is the bloggy universe balancing itself today?

Joie at Canned Laughters last blog post..Facebook Creeps Me Out

Theresa Says:

Oopsy Daisy… her bloggy name.

Theresas last blog post..To boob or not to boob

Linda Says:

Oh that’s just wonderful!

Congrats! The universe just threw you a happy event!

Lindas last blog post..Surprise!!!

Ree Says:

THAT is so cool. I hooked up with my ex-college-roommate this week. Not as exciting as an unexpected niece, but still. ;-)

Rees last blog post..Hotel Living…

Old Knudsen Says:

On Facebook I’m a friend of Matt Damon and Mel Gibson, it keeps me in touch with my famous mates. Call yer niece Lost and found gurl. Well done on more family or sorry you found more family.

Old Knudsens last blog post..The Peta Hypocrisy

Coast Rat Says:

How cool your week has been! Congratulations, Auntie!!!

Coast Rats last blog post..Midnight Mayhem on the Mississippi River Bridge at Memphis

teeni Says:

Wow – that is pretty cool. It’s neat that she looks like you. I have a cousin who I looked more like than my own sisters. Family is freaky but it’s nice to have some. I hope you all have a blast getting to know each other better.

Nan Says:

Welcome, Hidden Treasure!

I am still anti-facebook. Where would I find the time?

Nans last blog post..Friday, I Love You….