May 25th, 2009

I know I’m way slow on these Grace in Small Things posts. I’ve been an absent blogger. Don’t judge. You, too, may have long, extended brain farts, and agonies over what to reveal so as not to get other family members in trouble.

I do have some lovely things to be grateful for, however:

  • The place will be filled with the scent of lilacs today, as they are ready for cutting.
  • I got to see my Grammie while I was away. I love my Grammie.
  • She knew who I was.
  • Warrior Woman will be home soon. I miss her.
  • Flowers in the garden are blooming, including a columbine, which didn’t make the effort last year.

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9 Responses to “Grace The Eleventh”

Cat Says:

Mmmmm lilacs. Enjoy those for me, would ya?

Cats last blog post..Tastes Like Teen Spirit

iamthediva Says:

mmm, i can’t wait for my lilacs to bloom. hands down, they are my favourite flower. right now my plum tree is in bloom and it smells heavenly.

iamthedivas last blog post..A few words on Vomit and Poop

Coast Rat Says:

Those things are definitely worth bring grateful for! And, I am grateful that YOU are there, my friend! Thank you!

Coast Rats last blog post..From Blue Birds, Family, Katrina, to CIVIL WAR BUFF

Krissa Says:

Your grateful heart seems to be thrilled with spring and all things floral. Including the the flowers of family and friendship, of course.
I’m so glad you are home from your trip now, and that I can call you my friend. Love you Witchypoo!

Krissas last blog post..I swear I’m not really dead.

Ree Says:

Your lilacs are about 10 days behind ours – enjoy!!!

Grammies are awesome.


Rees last blog post..Mute Monday – Trip

lceel Says:

I miss her, too.

lceels last blog post..Memorial Day

Dean Saliba Says:

The only thing I am greatful for is that I still have a job.

Nothing else is going right but at least I’m not unemployed!

Dean Salibas last blog post..Follow Me On Twitter

Nan Says:

Lilacs make me think of MY Gran.

Nans last blog post..The Weekend In Brief

Hyphen Mama Says:

I hope your Grammie is well.

My peonies are on the verge of blooming, and I am SO glad I didn’t miss it while I was away.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Hitch up the team, Ethel! We’re headin’ to Grandma’s house!!