December 14th, 2009

Grace In Small Things is the brainchild of the awesome Schmutzie, who devised it as a way to battle embitterment, and immediately shared it with the internet. Thank you, Schmutzie!

  • New Christmas lights.
  • Online shopping

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10 Responses to “Grace In Small Things”

lceel Says:

What does it say about me that i have never contributed to her ‘Good news’ posts? And I know I should have.

I’ m a bad boy. :(
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iamthediva Says:

Oh man, without Cold FX or Advil Cold and Sinus – i would never have left my house in over a month.

Nan Says:

INTERNET SHOPPING ROCKS! Can you tell I’m a newbie?
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Krissa Says:

Oh? The pimpage is going well? That’s wonnerful. Now, I have got to get out and find the freakin’ Christmas lights cause we’re running out of time.
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schmutzie Says:

You’re welcome!

teeni Says:

I feel awful – I haven’t logged into GIST for so long. But it ISN’T because I haven’t been grateful – just so you know! ;) And yes, thank you, Schmutzie! :)
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mommyknows Says:

Explain –> successful pimpage

I am grateful for central heating :)
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Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

online shopping is wonderful if THE ARSEHATS WOULD DELIVER TO AUSTRALIA!


That felt better. Thanks babe.

Zubair Khan Says:

oh nice post and good comments! i am new to this site its a good site liked it a lot and i hope i will carry on in the future as well thanks!
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