May 24th, 2008

My Giveaway for a $100 American Airlines voucher has a winner. I went to because I just could not pick a winner without it. In the course of this giveaway, I discovered a new blog or two that I subscribed to. selected The Over Thinker. I’ll just shoot you an email, darlin, and I have a US stamp all ready to put that puppy in the mail.

Congratulations, and thanks to all who entered.

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9 Responses to “Giveaway Winner”

Old Knudsen soon to be 3 time award winning commenter Says:

I can comment again and actually see how many comments you have however yer big cockroll is covering an inch of the comment box but that won’t stop me from winning my peeps oh no, well done over thinker, doesn’t she look cute with those glasses and winning smile, so anyway witchy how are you? I still have the pic of you on the bog burned into my skull thanks for that one, I will be buying a purple plate and hopefully that should help me with that and me clap.

Old Knudsen soon to be 3 time award winning commenters last blog post..A Victim Of Inflation

witchypoo Says:

Knudsey: I am viewing the site in IE6, which to my way of thinking is an obsolete, nasty browser, but it renders just fine. What are you using?

witchypoos last blog post..Giveaway Winner

Loralee Says:

Yay! The overthinker is AWESOME!

Loralees last blog post..Sideblog:Scarlett, please don’t quit your day job

warriorwoman Says:

congradulations to the Overthinker,

and ‘clap clap’ for Knudsen,
hope it all works out for you

warriorwomans last blog post..hello world

Ree Says:

Congratulations Over Thinker! Hope American does good by you!

Rees last blog post..In Which I Solicit Your Opinion

Talina Says:

Congrats, Over Thinker! Winning stuff is FUN! Woot!

Talinas last blog post..Baby chicks, a video!

The Over-Thinker Says:

Thank you, Witchy! (And thank you, readers of Witchy, for all of the congratulations!) I still can’t get over that I won something! xoxo

P.S. Knudsey, thanks for saying that my smile was “winning”–well, no shit, huh? :) Just kidding. Talk about luck, right?

P.P.S. Why do I swear so much in my comments?

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barbe Says:

Hi, I just came across you thru reading link from a link from a link!

Anyway, I think its SUCH a wonderfully generous and sweet thing for you to do. I a big believer in the more you give from the heart the more you will have to give, the universe pays attention to these things.

so big hug to you for being nice JUST to be nice. Its a rare things these days!

barbes last blog post..Buggy Rainbow

Old Knudsen soon to be 3 time award winning commenter Says:

Well there goes my comments again. I suggest you get up and fill a bowl with salt water and go around yer flat sprinkling 3 times in ever room and saying a prayer. Get that good luck back. Sorry everything seems dark right now I know what thats like.

Old Knudsen soon to be 3 time award winning commenters last blog post..Toad Lickers Beware!