October 24th, 2008

Nan has challenged me to write a true ghost story. Which to choose? I have plenty.

I have slept in the deathbed of two different people. Different beds. The second was completely uneventful.

The first was old Dan Coakley’s deathbed. Yes, the bed came with the house. It was an estate sale. That worked for us because we had sold our house and everything too expensive to move, and used what we could in the death house located right next door to the house where I was born.

They look too happy to be near a haunted house, don’t they? One time, my pyro brother, the one on the left, saw something that made his eyes go very wide, and his face go white. He was too young to talk then. We can only guess.

My mildly amusing OCD stepmother often heard a baby cry in this house.

I could live with that. What got me was this one night, (at band camp?) when I had prepared myself for sleep with my beauty routine of putting my hair in rollers, and tying a scarf around my head to keep said rollers in place, I noticed a buzzing in my ears.

A very loud buzzing.

I extracted a beetle from my headgear.

Still buzzing.

Went to the mirror, saw that my head was covered in beetles. And my bed as well.

Imagine the freaking out. Head slapping and screaming ensued.

I think old Dan was objecting to a female in his bed wearing hair rollers. Maybe it pissed him off when his wife did that. Because nothing says no nookie like a woman wearing painful bristley rollers on her head. Unless of course, she sews the hem of her nightgown shut.

He got his way. I never wore hair rollers to bed again.

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18 Responses to “Ghost Story”

lceel Says:

SWMBO doesn’t own any rollers. And she sleeps naked. She DOES cross her legs a lot, though.

lceels last blog post..Internet Impotence

Jacki Says:

You should talk to my parents about the haunted farm house we lived in in West Virginia. Whatever lived in that house did not like anyone living there. Slamming doors, cupboard doors flying open. Voices telling them to get out. The works.

One night my Dad was working shift work, and my mom went to check on me in my crib. She couldn’t get the door open and there was a glow. When she finally got the door open, a woman was standing at my crib.

Freaky shit.

Come to find out later on (after talking to the old couple that owned the house as they moved out), a school teacher had lived in the house right before them, and she literally left all of her stuff there one night and never came back.

It’s true, I totally believe my parents.

Jackis last blog post..F-F-F-Fallin

Linda Says:

Interesting about your pyro brother. Did he ever develop pychic abilities? Or continue with them?

Are you the only sensitive in the family? Maybe I’ve missed a post where you discussed this.

Just bein nosey.

La la love Southern Comfort, haven’t had it in years. I’ll have to revisit that joy.

Lindas last blog post..Pug Costumes

Memarie Lane Says:

OMG. I was just wondering about trying hair rollers, I think I’ll pass.

Memarie Lanes last blog post..Guns n’ Baseball

old knudsen Says:

old Dan Coakley’s place when you put old in the title its bound to be haunted. On my blog I get mysterious comments telling me to die and pictures of obscenities get posted a lot…………. very spooky.

old knudsens last blog post..Friday Ramble

Ree Says:

I would have freaked the hell out. I can handle one or two insects…but bunches? congregated? Oh..No..Way.

Rees last blog post..Three – Past in Polaroids 11

warriorwoman Says:

Were you chanting,


by any chance?

warriorwomans last blog post..suckers

Talina Says:

I would have totally freaked out! and how do you sleep in rollers? I can’t even get all my hair in rollers and sleeping in them? Yeah right, seems freaking impossible.

Talinas last blog post..5 weeks pregnant and light pink spotting…

Jenny Says:

I would really, really, really have had to move. Okay, so you were a kid and didn’t really have a choice but to stay, but still! Beetles all over my bed and body? OH HELL NO!

Jennys last blog post..Change of Plans

Nan Says:

OOOH, good one! Definitely spooky. I had forgotten all about the Ghost Story do, it’s a good thing you reminded me or I would have suddenly remembered on Halloween Night and been totally disorganized. Wait… I am always disorganized. Oh well! I will remind everyone tomorrow to write their stories!

Nans last blog post..Thursday… Um… Friday Thirteen!

teeni Says:

Yikes! Scary to be sleeping in an old dead guy’s bed, scary to be hallucinating about bugs and even scarier trying to sleep in rollers. Ugh – hated those things.

More ghost stories! More ghost stories!

christy Says:

What about getting a perm?


Andy Bailey Says:

I saw a ghost when I was 4 or so, before I started school anyhow. it looked just like Casper and was floating in the corner of my parents bedroom.

it was at least a few years before I saw casper the friendly ghost cartoon and I instantly recognized it as ‘my’ ghost.

parents never beleived me either!

Andy Baileys last blog post..Learn a Language by Osmosis

Cat Says:

My boyfriend’s father’s ghost showed himself to some of my boyfriend’s friends years ago. I think he always wished it could have been him to see his dad’s ghost. Maybe someday…

My apartment is infested with those damned Asian beetles (masquerading as lady bugs) so I’m afraid this may well happen to me this winter. Yuck!

Cats last blog post..I Haven’t Always Been This Creepy…No, Wait…I’m Remembering Someone Else

zoe Says:

damn it witchy. now my head is itching like a son of a bitch!

zoes last blog post..Must Know Monday: To Be or not to Be

Theresa Says:

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I would have pooped my pants.

Theresas last blog post..Thursday Thirteen… on turning 30

Marsha Says:

I can just imagine me freaking out if I saw all the bugs all over my head.
I would definitely hit the wall with my head.
And again
Until one of us – either the bees or me, would fall dead to the ground.

Something tells me I would be the first one to hit the ground :)

Marshas last blog post..Cheap Beauty Salon Equipment

Gigi Says:


I would totally freak out!!!

I never had much experience with paranormal, but I’m not complaining either – it’s too freaky for me :)

Gigis last blog post..Salon Equipment Packages