April 30th, 2008

I have been following the discussion of Jon Armstrong’s post exploring the apprehension of 463 children from the FLDS compound at El Dorado, Texas. I also did some research into the fundamental religion, and the practices that still go on to this day. Go read the post and comments, they are fascinating. I’ll start dinner while I wait for you to come back. You will come back, won’t you?

The commenters are articulate and present interesting viewpoints. My one track mind, however, grasped onto the lead sentence of commenter #39, bookratt:

Freedom brings with it an obligation to responsibly follow the laws of the land and to respect the rights of others.

All I could think is that Americans don’t have any stinking freedom. They go overseas to fight for freedom when they don’t have it in their own country.

And if anybody doubts this, I invite you to read the Patriot Act.

You don’t need to be a terrorist or suspected terrorist for the gubmint to be all in your business. All you need is for someone to notice you. Telephone conversations, emails, blog posts, financial records, health records, ad infinitum, are all fair game. No warrants are needed, no notification is necessary. Secret searches can be performed, and the searchee may never know.

I’m not so naive to think that Canada is not involved in this. The FBI already has access to Canadian databases because of a technicality where the database administration is outsourced.

The Liberal leadership race in Canada stunk to high heaven. We had a most excellent Liberal leadership candidate in the person of Ken Dryden. Ken is upright, honest, smart, and personable. He is a hockey hero to old timers who saw him tend goal in Stanley Cup and Olympic games. (Winning, of course.) He was so very electable.

Ken was eliminated early on. Who did they choose as leader of the Liberal party? The most ineffectual human on the planet. Stephane Dion. The man with no chin. Inarticulate in two languages. Not even close to playing on the world stage, or even electable. Explain please, how that makes any sense at all.

Who was elected Prime Minister of Canada? Stephen Harper. Looks like a Ken doll, but not a Ken Dryden doll, no, the kind with helmet hair. He runs his Conservative party with an iron fist. The media has extremely limited access to him, and none to his caucus members. Why? He has forbidden them to talk to the media.

But, hey! Him and Dubya are good buddies, even though Dubya committed the cardinal sin of calling him Steve. (We like to joke that his wife calls him Mr. Harper)

I just can’t shake the sneaky suspicion that the folks behind Dubya did a little diddling behind the scenes at the Liberal leadership to ensure that Harper had no competition. I have never entertained the fairy tale that politicians have MY best interests at heart.

I’ve always been very proud to be Canadian.

Now I feel as if our country has been violated.

If you think Canada is not following suit, check this out. And this too. If the first one passes, I may have to take down my post about medical marijuana or I could be prosecuted. Skeery.

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19 Responses to “Freedom’s Just Another Word”

iamthediva Says:

it’s all rather frustrating isn’t it?? i mean, when you’re constantly told that your voice matters and your vote counts – and really, anyone anywhere can be bought or sold for the right price… it can be oh so fucking paralyzing to realize our impotence. (’scuse the language).

I’ve also never been one to believe that the government has my best interests at heart, especially when you’re informed about things such as Bill C-51. And us canucks have always taken pride in the fact that “At least we aren’t Americans” (No offense at all intended to my lovely Yankee friends).

I was watching The Hour with George Strombouloupoulos last night, and his guest was Dr. Sue Johanson, the infamous sex lady of Canadian (and now American) late night television. She said that in the states, no public school will recieve any kind of funding if they teach any other form of sex-ed than “Abstinance”. Y’know what “Abstinance” Sex Ed gets you?? An abundance of Teen Pregnancies, Un-Wed Mothers and a crazy hodgepodge of S.T.D.s and S.T.I.s

The future of our two countries is a very scary thing.

iamthediva Says:

Also, having grown up Mormon (just the regular joe kind, not the fundamentalist kind) and having to do some of my own de-programming, i can only imagine – and have the greatest love and sympathy for everyone who is trying to get out of those fundamentalist situations. Some of the goings on there are not only disgusting and illegal, but so very very sad.

The Over-Thinker Says:

Skeeeery is right. As an American citizen (and not always a proud one, let me get that right out of the way), I’ve pondered getting the heck out of dodge and swinging it Canadian style. But I hear what you’re saying, Witchy. Grass is not always greener right?

I wonder if Dubya would like some ball-bearings attached to his nether-regions for a parting gift? Maybe he could share them with Steve-O? Hmm? Who’s with me?

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Angella Says:

Politics are WAY over my head.

As for the situation in Texas, it just sickens me. It also sickens me that we have a similar “Ranch” in BC that nobody is doing anything about.

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warriorwoman Says:

there’s a song, think it’s Me and Bobby MGee, or something.

“freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” or words to that effect.

canada, the states, is there any difference anymore?

am I free to say the word “shit” anymore?

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iamthediva Says:

i know some people who’ve escaped from that “ranch” in BC. i used to live in the neigbouring town.

Memarie Lane Says:

Most Americans would vehemently disagree with you, but I’m not one of them. Why would they disagree? Because they’ve been programmed not to look any further than the little antenna flag bouncing on the front of their minivan on their way to Wal-Mart. Little batteries to feed the machine.

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witchypoo Says:

Warrior Woman Your PMS must be killer, because I thought that the title was a very obvious reference to the line in “Bobby McGee”. Heh. I have booby on the brain, had to correct it to Bobby.

Talina Says:

We are free to act and choose what the majority feel is okay.. Nice huh? This is why I am fighting tooth and nail for a womans right to choose (yep I am referring to abortion)..

I don’t enjoy having to conform or follow the wishes of the majority, that is not freedom!

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teeni Says:

I know my country is messed up and I wonder sometimes if it can ever be fixed. I don’t have faith in the people that run for office and everything seems based on the love of the almighty dollar. Freedoms? I see them disappearing every day from the privacy at the airports (in a false pretense of creating a feeling of security) to denials of health care. It disgusts me.

teeni’s last blog post..I’m Outta Here!

B'dum B'dum Says:

ireland was heavily catholic pretty much up until maybe even my generation, but the whole thing went the second the country started doing well.

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Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter Says:

I understand being raised in a religion and taught what to think, you can go along with it or you can question it and de-brainwash yerself and get out when you can. I have no sympathy for anyone who chooses to get into cults obviously they are easily lead and not too bright to start with.

So much harm has been done in the name of God be it rape, child abuse or murder, send these people to face their God and let him decide, it they are innocent he’ll bring them back to life or off to heaven, win win, I’m sure they’d jump at the chance to meet their maker.

Why is it that fundies aren’t in any particular hurry to meet the Lord? you’d think they would be.

You know what word I’m sick of hearing? “Freedom” maybe in Braveheart it means something but people ‘especially yanks’ bandy it about like its a right, they have some strange form of democracy not anarchy for that is freedom. Social security numbers and laws means you are only as free as the government allow you to be like a dog on a long lead.

Give yanks freedom and they vote for Clintons and Bushes, maybe they should use the word ‘education’ more than freedom and I don’t mean inflated feel good grades and a PHD for turning up and not stabbing someone.

The UK is becoming more like the US which means instead of being honest about things you get fat and sue each other for fake whiplash and mental anguish.

I don’t know too much about how things work in Canada as they don’t make the world stage until Yanks bomb them by mistake but I know its getting bad there too.

Parents have a duty to their children first, to do them no harm in anyway no matter what any God says. God isn’t the best role model as a father, ask Jesus about that one. There is right and wrong and using religion as an excuse to do wrong is dugusting.

What kind of God wants you to lob off foreskins on a baby without an anesthetic ? What kind of God wants you to refuse life saving blood transfusions you yer children? And what kind of God wants the mothers to dress up their daughters in wedding dresses so the father can rape them?

This is no God that I would want to know it sounds more evil than good or men on a power trip as they are the ones at the heads of most churches.

Follow yer heart and not yer ego.

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter’s last blog post..Let Slip The Dolphins Of War

Tracy Says:

These religious compounds are a small group of older men controlling a larger group of individuals to their whims. The women on the news trying to win their children back are obviously so uneducated they could barely answer the easiest questions. And even then the answers were obviously brainwashed in.
The young boys either learn to conform or get booted out into a world they are not prepared for and usually fail in.
The young girls well I do not even need to go into this one.
These perves need to have their personal brothels in the disguise of a religion shut down!

AssBurgerBoy Says:

Just another reason I’m eager to leave this damned country. considering there’s no limit on how long this prick can stay in power. I hate the way that governments are pursuing their own interests and shafting the people with little to no recourse. It is this kind of thing that makes people hate their government in the first place. Hence why I always vote NDP. if for nothing else than to stick it to the conservatives and howdy effing doody.

Marie in Maine Says:

Religious freedom. What they say our ancestors came here for.

I was accosted on the street by two Latter Day Saints peddling their brand of religion. It was a little amusing tweaking their tails (hey, they came up to me), and a little frightening to hear them tell me with earnest conviction that the current dude who said he was a True Prophet told them that all other prophets are false. Their proof? The Bible says “beware of false prophets.” Huh.

Mormonism seems to draw a lot of nutbars, who then start these odd sects, and get enough insecure women to join in for the brainwashing. I don’t think religious beliefs include the right to sexually molest children, if that’s what was going on there. That is why we have statutory rape laws here.

Old Knudsen: we do not vote for our presidents. That is a myth. They are voted for by the electoral college. We can have a “popular vote” for one candidate but if the electoral college votes override that, the wishes of the people will not be adhered to. Also, they have screwed with the voting mechanisms so much (very blatantly in the past 2 elections) over the years, I doubt anything but palm-greasing wins the presidential election. You watch, whoever wins will appoint their buddies and pass laws and have policies to help themselves and their friends get richer. The Democrats are just more polite about stealing from us. We not only have $200 toilet seats being bought by the govt, we have a nifty $2 Million dollar outhouse in a state park in Virginia, courtesy of some pork given to the Virginia representative to spend how he pleases in his district. Now that’s a load of shit!

Great post, Witchypoo, keep ‘em coming!

Marie in Maine’s last blog post..More Dating Research

Jenny Says:

I’m completely confused by this post, so now I have to come out of the closet and put myself out there as an idiot. Won’t be the first time. But I can’t figure it out, so I’ll just ask.

We’re talking about the old men impregnating the teenage girls, right? The ones who have a BED at the altar in the church, so the congregation can watch the consummation of the teenage girl + old guy marriage, right? In the same post as “American’s have no freedom”?

I’m lost. Are we SUPPOSED to do nothing? As a product of sexual abuse as a child, I think it’s this country’s responsibility to stop this. It’s just really unfortunate that the mothers are so friggin’ brainwashed that they’ve let their children be removed, when they were given the opportunity to go WITH the children.

I agree that American’s have no freedom, being the fact that we have more laws than most countries.

Jenny’s last blog post..Kickin’ Butt and Takin’ Names…and a Meme

witchypoo Says:

Jenny: I can understand why you are confused. I rambled. What got the freedom thing stuck in my craw was the post I referred to, and the commenter I highlighted.
Yes, the post I was following was about the FLDS, the old men raping the young girls in a bed in the temple, and I am all for stopping this kind of abuse with whatever powers can be called upon.
BUT, one commenter was talking about freedom, and the responsibilities it brought, and I could not get it out of my head that there is really no such thing in America as freedom, it’s just another word for nothing left to lose.
That’s when I rambled and lost you I think.

Jenny Says:

AWE! I went over to the link, and read his post, but didn’t get through the comments.

Thanks for the clarification.

Jenny’s last blog post..Kickin’ Butt and Takin’ Names…and a Meme

I Want Hope Says:

[...] so much apathy in the federal election three weeks ago, it was pitiful. The major opposition had no real leadership, and voters felt that a vote for the New Democratic Party was a vote for the present ruling party. [...]