December 26th, 2008

Freedom! I can smell it, just around the corner.

Speaking of smells, I’m simmering turkey carcass to make stock. I made so many mashed potatoes for yesterday’s feast for two that I’m also fixing to freeze me a shepherd’s pie. Because, really, how often can you face left over mashed potatoes?

I was very happy this year that Ass Burger Boy chose to stay at home for the celebratory meal. There was a wee glitch when I upended his wine glass while reaching for the cranberry sauce. His meal was swimming in wine. He wouldn’t allow me to replace it, and even said the extra wine was quite yummy. (He had two more helpings, with only wine in his glass, not on his plate)

He ended up rather intoxicated.

I shouldn’t have refilled his glass.

I hope that you had a lovely, cosy, holiday meal, and happy family times.

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16 Responses to “Freedom”

Christy Says:

Freedom is really everything.

(Forget what Janis Joplin said……)

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Em Says:

I hope you enjoy your freedom! I love mashed potatoes, send them over here if you get sick of them! LOL

Ems last blog post..It might be cold….

Talina Says:

Freedom rocks and I can’t believe he ate his dinner swimming in wine… I would be drunk too!

Talinas last blog post..The day after Christmas, the aftermath.

Karen Says:

FabGrandpa and I went over to the Christmas tree lot and cooked out some gigantic rib eye steaks and some shrimp, and spent the day with our friends, Charlie and Lynn. It was a very loverly day, even if it did rain buckets.

Karens last blog post..Gluten Free Baking Classics

teeni Says:

YAY! The new network sounds wonderful – I hope it serves you even better than you expect! LOL @ ABB. I totally understand not wanting to let good food or wine go to waste. :)

old knudsen Says:

I really don’t need to hear about Christmas leftovers , I thought my blog was disgusting.

old knudsens last blog post..Scotland Where The Weemen Are Smokin

Ree Says:

That’s GREAT!

Poor ABB. How was he the next day?

Rees last blog post..Haiku Friday – The Day After

Krissa Says:

I am so happy that you had a lovely Christmas dinner and ABB, too. How cool is that?… Having your mom get you snookered? And he can tell his friends you made him lap it up from a plate. Or, you mixed it with his food.
He’ll probably think of a better story, though.
Happy New Year!

Krissas last blog post..Where to buy ass meat to cook for Christmas…

lceel Says:

Christmas leftovers – is that anything like sloppy seconds?

lceels last blog post..Down to 4

Nan Says:

If you mash leftover fish into your leftover potatoes, and add whatever else you have left over, and then make patties and fry ‘em up, TA-DAAA! Fishcakes! I wonder if it would work with turkey? Turkey Ckaes? I am the Leftovers Queen Of The Universe.

Nans last blog post..Hello Again

Cat Says:

DAMN! Why didn’t I think of shepherd’s pie? What a waste of perfectly good (no, seriously, they had butter and heavy cream in them!) mashed potatoes. EGAD! Maybe next time. Sigh.

Cats last blog post..Guess What? Answer

Cat Says:

Just FYI Miss Poo – your blogger ID is not set up so that people can email replies to your comments. :)

Cats last blog post..Death to "No Reply-Comment"

teeni Says:

A very wonderful new year to you, Witchypoo! May 2009 only bring you good things! Thanks for being such a good blog buddy this past year (and beyond). I appreciate it. :)

yanicka Says:

eh!!! happy to know that things are going great!!! I hope you are having a great new year day and wish you the best with 2009.

Krissa Says:

Wow, how refreshing! I will certainly try to realign my attitude concerning 2008. Up until now all I’ve been able to come up with is, “at least it’s over…”

Krissa Says:

Oh! And I loves the new masthead!