April 21st, 2008

Contest is now over!

Knudsey likes to accuse me of trying to make money or getting votes, and I’m not saying he is wrong. This time, though, I’m all about the giving. I know! I’m fabulous that way. So I decided to enter the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival

bloggy carnival

Here’s what you do: Leave an actual comment, not a cut and paste thingie like “Count me in”. If you’ve never been here before, tell me that I smell nice or something. That reminds me. I totally need to hose myself off. Each comment you leave between now and Friday will go into the random number generator to come up with the winnah. One comment per entry, and that gives everyone five chances to win!

If you are really smart, you could subscribe to my feed. See the big shiny button thing in the sidebar? That one. I’m posting tomorrow about Skinny Bitch’s Boob job. You wouldn’t want to miss that would you? And then you can comment and get another crack at the prize. Bonus! I highlight my clever commenters each Sunday, and one of them gets an award. I have the best commenters evah. Be one of the cool kids.

Here’s what you get:

The artist, Doris Muise, made a series of this woodcut print especially for me, and hand coloured each of them. She did it to honour my totem vision of whale and eagle. She asked what about eagle was significant to me, and I replied that it was the eye, the seeing from a great height with clear vision. I only have four left of the series of 50. I will ship the print without a frame, as the framing is a personal choice. If you feel affinity for whale or eagle, or if you just appreciate powerful art, this is a must-have print.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to my feed and tell me you love me. By the time you read this, I should be smellng nice.

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66 Responses to “Free Stuff!”

Memarie Lane Says:

You smell like a budding pink jasmine vine on a perky Spring morning.

I had a dream last night that the baby died and I had to have a D&C. Then I had another dream that the baby was born, but it was a boy. Then I had another dream that Jessamine and the baby boy were having a tea party on the edge of a very steep cliff. But with both Max and Jessamine I always dreamt the baby was the opposite gender, and I always dreamt that I’d forgotten Max somewhere.

Memarie Lane’s last blog post..Starbucks!

daysgoby Says:

Wow, you smell great!

But you always do.

You know, that’s what I think I would like best about flying (If I could fly – not announcing any superpowers or anything)
is seeing everything, not necessarily the sensation of flight.

daysgoby’s last blog post..bouquets on the desk-top

Suzanne Lewis Says:

I’ve never been here before, but the prize really caught my eye. It’s awesome! Oh yeah, you smell nice too!

Ree Says:

Sniff. Lovely. You smell lovely!

Ree’s last blog post..I Can’t Even Do a One-Word Meme

teeni Says:

I’m not new here so you don’t have to count me in for the prize – although it IS beautiful. You have some talented friends! But I did want to tell you that I figured out how to create my email me tab that was holding me up from going live with my new site. The answer was that I didn’t have to create one! D’uh! I guess it converted over fine from the free blog but I didn’t know it because all I could see was this: [form] or soemthing like that and I couldn’t see it unless I viewed the page instead of looking at it from inside the dashboard. D’uh again. LOL. So I should be going live soon! Just thought I’d share cuz I’m all happy and thankful for your offer of assistance. :)

teeni’s last blog post..Broaching the Subject of Brooches

Heidi Says:

(Sniff sniff) Do I detect a whiff of lavender? Lovely!

The block print is truly spectacular and I’d love to give it a home.

lceel Says:

Just as I was reading your post someone walked past my office and her scent drifted in the door. It is a very nice scent. One of those musky, heady things that just drive me crazy. Co-incidence? I think not. Love you. I have to go chase that woman now. Bye.

lceel’s last blog post..Spring has sprung

Jessica Says:

Hiya! I really loved the two choices that you left for the thrift store name. I have passed those along to the decision maker. I love when I get new readers! I came to check you out and love what I see. Count me in from here on out.

Jessica’s last blog post..Being Creative is MUCH More Fun!

Mylifeasmomma Says:

I will def subscribe to your blog. I come here almost every day.
I never noticed your smell. Oh wait! That’s casue I smell so darn good!

Mylifeasmomma’s last blog post..Prayers needed

Kim Says:

Wow you smell like…..hmmmm is that tuna? Weird – anyway….the link you have from the Bloggy giveaway is incorrect – takes me to a cat wrapped in Christmas garland? That’s weird too – but kinda cute :)

Kim’s last blog post..Spring Bloggy Giveaway – Tote Bag

savia Says:

I found you through La Diva.

I think you’re purdy.

savia’s last blog post..Just get a Rock Chick already

Michele Says:

I love woodcuts and that is a beautiful one. Thanks

Nicole Says:

What a gorgeous print! Does the artist have a website?

Karmyn R Says:

Anyone who writes about a Skinny Bitch Boob Job has to be cool. I am so back here tomorrow to read. Oh yeah….and “Count me in” on the beautiful print.

Karmyn R’s last blog post..Overheard Conversation………

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter Says:

No need to count me in on this as the only eagle I need is the one tattooed on my shoulder but I feel I need to comment so you feel loved you altruistic giver you and I need all my good luck for my court date on Thursday which I can’t talk about so I’ll guess you’ll have to read about it in the paper but I’m innocent I tell ya, well ish.

I always assumed you smelled like alcohol and deep heat.

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter’s last blog post..Neighbour Watch Out For Jokers

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter Says:

I’ll look forward to the boob job pictures.

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter’s last blog post..Neighbour Watch Out For Jokers

Just Beachy Says:

i think you smell like pizza and wine and maybe smokes.

So, if we don’t want to be entered in the contest does that mean we shouldn’t comment for five days? just checking.

Just Beachy’s last blog post..Danger, Danger

Johannah B Says:

Well, just think of it, every minute that goes by is one less minute you might actually stink…. and well, that will give everyone hope. Cannot wait to see skinny bitch with actual boobs.

Dotti Says:

ooo I like it! very pretty witchypoo!

Dotti’s last blog post..let’s have a contest!

warriorwoman Says:

Beachy, you stole my line

warriorwoman’s last blog post..the full brazillian

Piseco Says:

Okay, I have to say you smell great from here! Yes, I’m entranced by your wacky sense of humor and have signed up for your feed via google reader. Thanks for the contest too.

Piseco’s last blog post..Sharp-Shinned Hawk and Fossils

earth heart Says:

Despite the smell, I went ahead and subscribed, so I expect to win the giveaway, understood?

Seriously, I really love your blog!

earth heart’s last blog post..Growing Challenge…goodbye winter!

Jenny Says:

You smell like tuna? There’s an ointment for that.

I super-duper <3 you…. tuna and all!

No wonder my cats love it when I’m reading your blog. I thought it was me they loved. Apparently not.

Jenny’s last blog post..It’s Go Time

frogpondsrock Says:

mmm all I can smell is my coffee.. I still haven’t sent off the ceramic platter that I offered as a prize last bloggy give away time.. Well I still haven’t made it either.. Oh dear ..

I will say that you smell really really noice… like incense and firemen……..

frogpondsrock’s last blog post..Weekly Winners.. WooHoo!!!!

Whitney Says:

I big-heart love the print. It would be georgous in my living room!

Just FYI, you’re freaking hilarious. Your post titled ‘You Can See Your Farts’ had me rolling!

MJ Says:

Don’t count me in. Just visiting.

You smell suspiciously of Old Knudsen.

MJ’s last blog post..Honk If You Love Old Knudsen

B'dum B'dum Says:

I think I should be entered cos then you’d have to post it to ireland.

Mary Says:

I don’t recall if I’ve commented here before, I’m a faithful reader and a bad commenter. I’m working on it though!!! The print is absolutely beautiful!

And you smell divine!

ChristiS Says:

What an absolutely beautiful piece of art! Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t believe you’re giving it away! :D

And you DO smell nice…like sweet peas, maybe?!

Check out my giveaway too!

ChristiS’s last blog post..It’s Bloggy Giveaways Carnival time!

poopsy Says:

my house is filled with the smell of curry. still, i dig the print!

poopsy’s last blog post..Might I recommend?

nan Says:

Skinny Bitch is getting a boob job??? Doesn’t she know that is SO last week? Right NOW, hangy-down boobies are IT! We hangy-downies are so cool, and we have somewhere to keep our pencils. We are cuter, smarter, and we smell nice too. And we can use our cash to go visiting our loved ones all over the planet! Instead of making our dumb boobies look all expensively 90’s. So there.

nan’s last blog post..Sunday morning

Kelsey Smith Says:

Beautiful! I love your blog thanks for entering my giveaway too!

Smellyann Says:

Hm, you DO smell very nice. And I like things smelly.

You’ve actually convinced me to add you to my Google Reader, something I rarely do anymore and have yet to do today! Good on ya.

What a great giveaway – thanks, I’d love to win! Please stop by and visit mine, too!

Smellyann’s last blog post..A Dream Deferred

Veronica Says:

Heh, I didn’t even know it was bloggy give away time! Thanks for the heads up, I’m off to think of something to give away.

Veronica’s last blog post..What You Need

Mylifeasmomma Says:

Refereing to the search strings. How can you find out what your blog come up as?

Mylifeasmomma’s last blog post..Update on friend

iamthediva Says:

Y’know, with all that posting about farts and stuff, i’m not so sure you should be demanding that people tell you that you smell perdy. LOL.

My aunt was adopted, she’s Haida, and her grandfather did some of the totem poles at Stanley Park in Vancouver, anyway, when she was researching her family she was visited by her totem, an Orca whale. Since then, i’ve been extremely curious what my totem is, and envious of those who know theirs.

mp Says:

I really want that..it’s purdy…
And you totally smell like tulips!

mp’s last blog post..Recap Yet Again??

ALF Says:

I don’t need any free stuff – I just wanted to say hi!

ALF’s last blog post..You Want To Put The Marshmallows In Concetric Circles

Jenna Says:

It is beautiful! And the picture on your blog with the cat and Christmas decorations is adorable and horrible all at the same time!

Jenna’s last blog post..Neglectful…

Phil Says:

You know that I am in on this.


Still breathing.

Phil’s last blog post..Today has been rather fubar

Marcia Says:

Wow that’s beautiful! I made some tile stamp patterns like this. One was an eagle with the flag and another with a bear cub! They’re so much fun to make!

Marcia’s last blog post..Woo Woo Bloggy Carnival!!!

Kristi Says:

I’m sure you smell wonderful but I will instead compliment you on your header…it is very elegant. Thanks for the entry.

Kristi’s last blog post..Mystery Plant Week 3

Jessica Says:

That print is really beautiful! I love woodblock prints – I wish I was that talented!

Ginny Says:

Love that print. What a fun blog, I’m subscribing to your feed :)

Ginny’s last blog post..GIVEAWAY ~ Win a $25 Gift Card to Target

Patti Says:

What a great woodcut! I wish mine looked that good!

Debbie Says:

Just yesterday my 14 year old son got in the car and said “Have you ever noticed that all families have their own smell?” He then went on to list several of our friends and their smells: dogs, musty things, etc. Made me very, very nervous. So, I don’t know what you, or I for that matter, smell like. But, I’m trying to find out!!

Valerie Says:

Well, I love drawing and therefore really appreciate art. This is a very lovely piece. Whale and eagle-how interesting (I didn’t really see the whale until it was mentioned though). Printmaking is kinda hard though, right? I did a cat one-and it turned out like crap!

Rachel Says:

GREAT giveaway!

It looks like we may be kindred spirits. :) I really enjoyed checking out your sites. Especially the one on readings. :)

But I really am glad I started poking around because I found the link to the Asperger’s site, and I needed to send that information to somebody today. So, thanks for having that up there.

Hey, if you have a chance, please stop by and visit my contest page too!

my email is:
racoo.smith at gmail dot com

Thanks and have a lovely day!

Rachel’s last blog post..Gee, MORE FREE Stuff

Nicole RJ Says:

Well I can’t smell anything, but that woodcut is stunning! I majored in printmaking and really miss it!

Chrysa Says:

Wow – that’s a beautiful woodcut. I have to say I also love your blog header!

Chrysa’s last blog post..Announcing Our Newsletter Subscriber Contest

Rita A. Says:

You smell ripe. Take a nice hot bubble bath instead of a quick shower. That sounds like a great idea.

Tisha Says:

That is a cool print! I would love to put that in my apartment!


Tracey Chambers Says:

Im going to assume you smell wonderful. like honeysuckle. thats my favorite smell.

Talina Says:

How cool! I think the eagle is very captivating… There is just something about it that grabs me. The blog give away idea is fun also.. I think I may need to give something away!

Talina’s last blog post..Fair Credit Billing Act, do you know your rights?

Teri Meairs Says:

I was born into a family with ‘abilities’, but something we don’t talk about much to ‘Outsiders’. People tend to think your nuts….. Any way, whats the deal withthe Rose Quartz Crystal. Why would you pass it on? Does it have yucky aura? If not, Its way cool. Thanks for the visit.

Angela Says:

beautiful! I was actually just at the zoo and we have a brand new bald eagle exibit where our zoo’s eagle can overlook the lake.. its really pretty and actually really nice for a small zoo.. I just love visiting him.

I am hosting my own bloggy carnival over at Seven Dogs right now!! Connor’s First Birthday Blog Bash is featuring over $530 in prizes. Come check it out!!

Angela’s last blog post..Connor’s First Birthday Blog Bash!

Bailey's Leaf Says:

I have my degree in printmaking! I’ve done a number of woodcuts myself! Thank you for offering this one!

Bloggy Giveaway- Mesage in a bottle gift | Harvest of Daily Life Says:

[...] I was tempted to host my own giveaway after entering Witchypoo’s giveaway. So here I go joining the Bloggy Giveaways [...]

reeva Says:

hey i like your wit :) and honestly, i dont wanna know what u smell like :P

Thanks for a great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner :)

reeva’s last blog post..mommies need fitness too! check out this great site

Scarlett Says:

I love the pictures on your blog.

Jane Says:

Why do you need to hose yourself off?

Jane’s last blog post..Hole in One

gail Says:

The woodcut is beautiful, apparently just like you smell . . . my computer isn’t quite fast enough to pick up the scent but I love you, anyway.

Valmg Says:

I’d love to win this contest. My Dad loves eagles. Thanks.

Valmg’s last blog post..Bloggy giveaways – My Fruit Rollups

Whitney Says:

It’s beautiful! I love the colors. It reminds me of the lino prints I made in high school of starry night…I sould pull those out and make some more…*off to do some printing*

Whitney’s last blog post..Fairy Fun

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